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in front of the leaf morning antworten

> White to the king went to the front of the leaf morning, snow Excalibur tied behind your back, exudes a touch of soft light, she stooped and bent over, Ningmu looked at, I saw leaves morning light eyes closed, fell into a coma in his brain at the that kind of black gas, have disappeared, like walking into the central core of the brain. The www! QUAnBen! Com This dark and the tower, and there are a little more desolate. White Jun surface sè white as a sheet, lips not a cent of the blood sè holding snow-Excalibur palm, trembling slightly, the whole handle on the snow Excalibur faint soft light flickering. Her youthful eyes like, reflecting the face of the leaf morning, staring for a long time, the suddenly raised his real estate broker, Ye Chen hold up. The brake her to speak, in the hands of this body, just like in kilograms of the mountains. Time seems to stop the flow after a long time, she slowly stood up silently, turned and walked unto the top of the nine-channel. c-0986 stars debris, the zhōngyāng position. Deep Wicked cave, two Guanghua emerge out of thin air, such as through the cracks in the nether, light dispersed two figure emerges, a white woman, carrying a snow-white sword, blade such as akishimo, glowing Ying pale light. In the hands of this woman, holding a whole body men braved Golden sè flame, thick eyebrows, such as a sword, a face sliced, the nose aquiline such as Yue, Pisan full head of black hair, with a sort of wild and bleak. Bai Jun, head down, not see the look, her figure a move, passing to go to the distant storm, a few flashes, then disappear, leaving this deep dark cave 0986 Starshards As c diameter one hundred million kilometers! In the northeast jungle, Bai Jun figure such as wind, jumping between ancient towering trees, broken pieces of blood-red light by dead wood twigs shining down this piece of earth covered with a layer of blood sè. This Starshards trees are baizhang tall, such as an Xiong Feng, roots disk Qiu staggered, in the bottom of the towering old trees, overgrown with weeds, few light shine, which is quite yīn the dark, faint burst array bloody gas filled the air, sometimes see a twelve Sen white skeleton. Suddenly thrust between the many trails in the White Yi-chun Road, below the jungle while shaking, sprang a brutal Wicked, open Xuepentaikou the unpleasant Xing Feng, he could feel the wind blowing past to swallow her bite. Bai Jun cheeks slightly cold, but not how she poises, behind the snow Excalibur were not used, just a little, raising his hand, one was golden sword-shaped, storm shè to go out that Wicked throughout the shattered skull, blood and brains burst open corpses were drawn to go far to throw off white to the king. Flyby did not take long, white to the king suddenly feel the hands of the leaf morning slightly struggling, help Yizheng, immediately joyful hearts, full of carefully and look forward to the eyes quickly looked down, there is a bit nervous. When she looked at Ye Chen slowly opened his eyes pupil of the eye slightly tired eyes opened his Qing-Xiu Zhang beautiful cheeks, will be greeted like a dreamland, the moment he could not help Zhengzhu until the ear Wow Wow whistling wind blowing, feel a coolness, only slightly awake, eyes a turn, they see around. Bai Jun quickly said: "I'll take you back, do not worry, wait until the gathering place, I'll send a message, so that the spacecraft to escorts, you only need a few five hours, you can carry you back to the thunderous Square, you must To shore! "Ye Chen stared at her, eyes dim, slowly and feebly shook his head and whispered:" I know my situation, can support up to 10 minutes, while I change into Lost Souls, when you kill it, looking for a place,oakley sunglasses store, I buried the body refrigeration. "Bai-jun clenched slightly lower lip the slightest bright red blood along the lips into the mouth, she wavefront glowing crystal tears Wuhu, choking back tears, said: "You will be able to stick to it, you have to see your sister, you have to give her one last time to see you, you have to shore!" Ye Chen suddenly feel face flow slightest, looked up and looked , I saw a few drops of crystal drops temporarily down the girl's white chin fall down, he slightly hesitated, then eyes softened down, warm channel: "No it is necessary, after you get me a keepsake went to see my sister, telling her that I am in a very distant place closed-door practice, may practice for a long time, and other off the ground, we will see her ...... Here, suddenly felt a surge of tingling body, throat itching, could not help but cough, immediately to emit one black sè blood, the pure concentrated as ink, there are a few points sprinkled on the white skirts, white to Jun shocking. Bai Jun anxious hearts, quickly said: "Do not speak, you then support will be here soon! "Ye morning feeling the line of sight is somewhat vague, the vitality of the body in a huge loss, it feels like a rebirth, but was he ......" You sing? "Ye Chen said suddenly. Bai Jun froze for a moment, immediately widened eyes looked startled leaf morning" you, what are you doing? "Ye Chen not see her face, but also surprised to hear this voice, he smiled, and said:" sing a song to listen to, let me in the last moment of death, your voice is heard. Bai Jun hesitated, then fell silent for a moment, only whispered: "I am only one, from the days tone civilization, called" Song Jun Do ". (Note: The Sounds of Heaven civilization of many prehistoric civilizations Zhuanshan music doorways, way of fighting more musical instruments, sound attack, extremely frightening, good illusion streams, focus on practicing the powers of the mind.) Morning whispered should Bai Jun clenched lips, slowly opening whispered softly singing a section of wonderful and sad singing in the dead of old trees, forest sounds echoed off,Oakley Radar Online, spread to the entire empty today, only the red blood round months without the slightest change, such as ice-cold eyes, looking out over the vast land. Bai Jun crooning side of the mouth, while tears water, edge wear in the jungle, not long before the After a majestic peaks, she stopped down, the figure jumped , they boarded this Koho top of the summit the faint mist misty around the mountainside, the peak of the cold and windy, looking ahead, simply shot the lights slices of white clouds, could see through the gap between the white clouds, towering mountains and rivers below. familiar Rao song of the ear, and without interruption, echoed in Ye Chen ear, he nestled in the arms of Bai Jun the God is a peaceful sè, mouth like a shallow smile, light eyes closed, immersed in the distant singing for a long time many people ...... Gu hands had never stops singing, instant stop down, the whole mountain peak silence, so still a bit frightening, I do not know how long that stop singing Journal of Dalian, with a mildly sad sad, tear-jerking, echoed in this Koho ...... clouds, deep silence between heaven and earth, it seems the only melancholy voice, slowly, but it sounded again, crooning until ten minutes later, at the cry like beast roaring interrupted, I saw the body of Bai Jun Ceremonial Dress stood up, backwards feet in front of her, Ye Chen originally lost their lives, have stood up and looked violent grim, blood-red eyes, bloodshot, bloodthirsty staring at the white to the king this face, reflected in whose eyes? Bai Jun Xianzhi shook gently clench the lower lip, looked at the familiar and unfamiliar face, that face, could not find the slightest bit familiar with the look, she was silent for a moment, slowly raised his hand. stretched, grip the hilt. bang which snow Excalibur like snow valley of death, from behind Ceremonial Dress scabbard, sword song resounded through the fieldwork, the vibration of the world, even the mountain breeze blowing like chopped breath. Bai Jun holding snow Excalibur, staring "Lost Souls Ye Chen, shimmering eyes, finally bite the red up the sword, such as rainbow head-on, pixia majestic Jian Qi with a bleak, runs through the void, tearing the sky, impacting head over to Ye Chen brake, time seems to stop the transfer of two people to each other into the distance who eventually shed tears? Poof! such as the snow Mountain Dew like Jian Qi, crashing impact, to burst abandon, in front of the leaf morning, suddenly an invisible barrier hindered. Bai Jun could not help Zhengzhu admitted to snow Excalibur, welcome as the looked I saw the look violent leaf before the morning, a small figure standing, whole body fluffy, Mao Fajie and white as snow, with two long ears, not white Free Who? moment, white rabbit black eyes, a slight became crimson, like drops of blood to grimace in pain staring at white to the king, and seems to hatred. Bai Jun hesitated, she had seen this white Free, pet know Ye Chen , did not think that this seemingly harmless little humans and animals, even so great Vaillant, able to withstand her attacks! want to know, just Jian Qi, although it is free to hew out, but also be able to kill the demigods. Higher strong! see small white rabbit white to the king no longer attack, stare at her, turned around immediately stolid to four feet slightly Charge, suddenly rushed, rushed at the neck of the leaf morning, all of a sudden become " Lost Souls "leaf the morning throwing himself to the ground. Shihun Ye Chen struggled a few times, but to get rid of is not open, the body seems to be an invisible force control, oppression difficult to move white Free lying on his chest, from mouth extends a sharp fangs, bite Lost Souls by Ye Chen chest. teeth like a sharp knife, and all of a sudden they pierce the skin of Lost Souls leaf morning Chuochu two bloody holes strange two blood hole and not out of the blood, only the the faint black sè the blood foam filters through small rabbit blood-red eyes staring at the two small holes, seems to have some dignified, and after a moment, it slowly open mouth, from the roots of sharp fangs slowly emerge out of the two gold sè spot along the tooth tip, dripping down from that two small blood hole, inflows into Bai Jun looked intently,Oakley Sport, faint hearts looking forward to what God the incredibly tight sè and carefully over the moment, the original Crazy struggling Lost Souls leaves morning, suddenly body stiff, then eyes closed, a crooked neck, no longer move... to address <

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