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> I saw in the distant building was smoke many black sè figure the head zombie ants, dense, about hundreds of thousands, at first glance, as if a black sè sea chá The o coming, it is Thriller. the WWW! Quanben com "run!" Ye Chen changed slightly sè low shouted. Black seen so many zombie ants, shocked, not to mention the blood-toothed tiger 500, whereas even if it is 1000, whereas the face of hundreds of thousands of head of zombie ants,Coach Outlet Sale, once surrounded up, is dead no dead end. Whoosh! Blood toothed tiger four legs slightly bent, suddenly rushed forward, figure flash, then at the end of the street, a few Pentium disappeared in this zone, At this time, the group of zombies flock that has not yet completely melted candy at the greedy scramble. Good insurance! "Ye morning sitting in the back of the tiger gallop, the ear only whistling wind, just think of that terrible scene, is still a lingering fear, the ants the beast cháo is one of the most terrifying few disasters, the path, littered with corpses, even if it is a physique far more than they did not dare to rush ahead in the hundreds of thousands of ants beast cháo of accidentally tie him to live, will immediately be submerged bones memory. Before I, the the ants beast cháo of Ye Chen seen the largest number of the hundreds of millions, under the command of an ant king of beasts, attack the top of a 10 base city, engaged in a desperate fight. In that war, numerous casualties, even Superman fifth-order peak of the strong fall a lot, a magnificent scene was terrible, but finally vote shè the great component of nuclear weapons before the ants herd blasted a channel, and finally several union bases City hard to get the victory. Half an hour later, blood-toothed tiger carrying a leaf morning returned to the Institute. Ye Chen body jumped ethereal falling from the back of the tiger, carrying the other end of the dying butterfly beast into the Institute, At this time, the White Dragon, YUE Heng, who have been up in grooming. "Why?" White Dragon surprised to see Ye Chen butterfly in the hands of the beast, said: "You go out so early?" Ye Chen four glanced casually asked: "Bamboo leaves it?" White Dragon refers to the kitchen , said: "still doing breakfast." "Oh." Ye Chen nodded, turned into the basement, suddenly they saw Mo Feng is what her and went to the door, butterfly beast on his work The stage, migraine glanced at him, I saw him holding a test tube, fill it add a white sè liquid. Hissing! The the white sè liquid just an added the test tube the original blue sè liquid, then boil up as Whitewater, followed quickly subsided down Yan sè also become a black sè. Mo Feng frowned, bottle cover, readily thrown into the trash can next to an other end butterfly beast turned and looked, frown, said: "Why?" Leaf morning light laugh: "to help the its genes extracted, I will be useful. "Mo Feng looked at him and said:" every time you face danger, into a strange state of affairs in that state, a pure black eyes, without any white sè , and on the forehead will grow two tentacles, if I am not mistaken, the last time you let me extract the other end of the ant gene fusion? "Ye Chen frankly said:" Yes, this state is known as Superman state, which doubled! "Mo Feng nodded, did not say anything, put on a white glove, toward the Butterfly beast, to start extracting the gene. Before long, the gene extraction is completed, installed in a test tube, Mo to leaf maple morning, then no one else to continue to study their own experiments. Ye Chen holding a test tube, to the living room, Jiandajiadu breakfast, porridge, milk, fried eggs, one a. "Brother!" Leaf bamboo saw him, smiled and said: "Come and have breakfast." Ye Chen nodded, went over to drink bowls of porridge, followed by sister leaves bamboo said: "You come with me." Bamboo leaves Somewhat taken aback, eyes some doubts, but I did not ask, got up and followed him around, next to the White Dragon et al looked at the countersunk continue eating their breakfast, although everyone together,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, but each still some little secret, leaves morning since it does not intend to say in front of their face, they asked also knocked. Went to the room, leaves morning off on the room and immediately looked at the sister leaf bamboo. "What?" Leaf bamboo puzzled. Ye Chen handed the hands of the butterfly animal gene in front of her, dignified and said: "Here is a butterfly genes of animal cells, I will wait for the next the Note shè into your body, once the integration, you have a very strong force , even if only one person you can to protect themselves. "leaf bamboo hesitated and said:" You want to leave me? "Ye Chen shook his head and said:" Next, we're going to a very dangerous place, Prior to this, your strength becomes stronger, I feel relieved. "" So this is. "bamboo leaves my heart relieved immediately between blinked, curious said:" This is a butterfly beast gene, I can fusion? "Ye Chen nodded his head, said:" in theory, but in practice it is extremely difficult, failure rate, once it fails, ranging into monsters, while death if successful, will get a huge strength to become a superhuman warrior! "so dangerous." leaf bamboo shocked. Ye Chen reluctantly said: "wealth insurance and, later in the end of the world, not to be superhuman warrior, basically very likely to die, far behind other person not killed by humans, is to be the monster to eat." Leaf bamboo shudder, but she also knows that with the development of the end of the world, the future will only become more brutal. Future ...... the thought of the word, her heart heavy, like the pressure of a good few stones. 'Yes! "Leaf bamboo roll up their sleeves, revealing a white jade arm, looks like a morally. Ye Chen smiled, pulled out from his trouser pockets Note shè, inhalation gene cells inside, and then Note shè the leaf bamboo arm. Although the process of awakening Superman is extremely dangerous,Coach Classic Online, the mortality rate as high as 80%! However, Ye Chen how to make sister adventure? So many days, has been the sister leaf bamboo anatomical zombie corpse is to exercise her courage, willpower, plus the head butterfly beast only 50, whereas the cells vulnerable than she was 30, whereas that is up to her cells back to bite off, then awakening failure, itself, were unhurt, will not become a monster, or death. "Do not sleep, do not let up." Ye Chen asked. Leaf bamboo nodded his head, sitting next to the bed, after a moment, into her body butterfly animal gene cells, began to play a role, like a virus into her body, and devouring her cell, an attempt to become masters. Two genes cells in the body battle! Not experienced, completely unable to imagine what kind of pain as a body millions of ants devour the flesh and blood, every inch of skin to rupture! Pain! Pain! Pain! Severe pain, enough to make anyone want crazy head against the wall fainted. The pale leaf bamboo face sè, clenching Yinya, cold sweat dripping, beautiful and painfully twisted in jīng cause pretty cheeks slightly somewhat distorted, people can not help but pity. Ye Chen holding her palm, meditation and said: "Come on! You will be able to refuel!" Maybe leaf morning, then played a role, or is her body butterfly animal gene tired, not long before, leaf bamboo face on the the pain sè instincts, the body is no longer trembling, managed to open his eyes eye looked in front of a never forsaken face, her mouth slightly, "Brother ..." Touyi Wai, faint in the past. Ye Chen viewed pulse, see a steady beat, and was relieved to put her in bed, covered with a futon, then out the door. ...... The next day. Bamboo leaves faint wake up from a coma to speak, dizziness, managed sat up in bed, I saw the clear cold room, but not a single soul, she startled quite a while, immediately shook head, ready to get up and go out . Squeak! Just then, the door is opened, leaf morning, carrying a bowl of porridge came in, looked at her face sè see has been restored rosy light laugh: "wake up?" Bamboo leaves my mind burst of warm, I think of what happened last night, and quickly looked at the body, I saw and did not grow anything strange was relieved, help and asked: "I am awakening success?" Ye Chen smiled and nodded and said : "very successful." leaf bamboo eyes light up, overjoyed and said: "Really?" leaf morning light laugh: "You is not felt, the body has a trace of strange, it seems a little too much anything, as long as the idea of ​​a move , you can make it up and running? "Ye bamboo feel, nodded," Well! doubt about it. "next encounter danger, you can cāo control this force to protect themselves, but to bear in mind that , less than a matter of life and death, do not open, because the only open every day for five minutes, if used, in case, wait for the next encounter any danger, there is no way to re-use. "" uh-huh! "leaf bamboo nodded . Next, Ye Chen Superman-speaking soldiers explain to her, she heard a stunned, said: "really strong." She blinked room sounded interesting, said: "That me? reached the fifth-order Superman, can be turned into a butterfly beast? "Ye Chen nodded his head. "That's usually how to do? Superman as you say, to achieve fifth-order need two genes fusion of 100%, it would mean that I would not butterfly monster look like?" Ye Chen smiled and said : "does not only into Superman mode will become the state of the butterfly beast, unlock superhuman mode, in turn restored to the human appearance." "if." genes of the human body is equal to two, Butterfly beast in vivo gene is equal to a 1 when a fusion you a Superman gene into a superhuman state is Superman gene covered your whole body has become a usual state human genome remaining 1 covered your body. "bamboo Sidongfeidong leaves nodded. ...... Seeking recommendations votes, you add the oil, and rushed to! ! <

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