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Survivors of the global antworten

\> Red list and recommended tickets! ! Short of the 100 votes more than the person in front, to 100 Liangshan heroes, help me kill on the recommended list! ! ! ... "That's your captain ..." Xi Hong Yue Heng glanced at the wall, feeling a little like, then look to the the Zhuge where, from the face of the boy slightly childish, see no leader temperament, not help the eyes look to the rear Mo Feng, Ye Chen, who eyebrows Weicu,Coach Handbags Sale, in thinking about which one is. the WWW quanbeN, COM White Dragon pointed leaves morning, said: "This is our captain." Hong Xi could not help carefully looked a leaf morning, I saw this man lasts about 23 years old, black hair free to let loose with a few points undisciplined, British eyebrow as knives, deep eyes, with a kind of quiet calm and confident, aquiline nose, thin lips, extremely handsome, body with indifference temperament, such as the lonely prince, with a bit aloof melancholy. Rao is the eve of Hong seen a lot of good-looking man, nor by the absence of the moment, but soon reaction over, after all, she has not superficial to judge by appearances, smiled and said: "Hello, thank you all come to the rescue!" Ye Chen a slight nod, the man looked at that arm was scratched saw his face sè is already slightly washed out a little bit green sè of light is gradually increased in the eye pupil, could not help frowned and said: "he is about to To become a zombie, you'd better kill him and make him the crowd hesitated and have to look to the man. A man with short hair, plain odd, hands clutching his wound on his forehead cold sweat dripping hear the leaf morning, the reigning raised his head, to see all the people looking at him, which was originally familiar and friendly eyes, actually become was a bit strange. Heart, it is so profoundly sank. Most lonely, is not alone a person, abandoned by all? "The Eling ...... evening incense light Huanliaoyisheng, a trace of sadness in the eyes. Jiao Eling man smiled bitterly and said: "I know that, while we still can not zombies, your hands!" Miserable he smiled and closed his eyes. When to know their fate is doomed, which is kind of sad? "No, do not kill him!" That flutter in the boy was crying woman heard the crowd, quickly getting up from the ground, washed Eling's arms, crying to the crowd: "I beg you, do not kill him, Eling will not become a zombie, he would not! "the people have silence. Eling gently looked at the arms of the woman, a warm heart, gazing at this years accompanied many rì sub woman passing the past light yīn in the eyes: skipping primary school together ...... high school to the the window of her home white paper cranes ...... high school Valentine's Day give her a bunch of wild rose ... that had shrouded ear, laughter, smile in mind, such as skimming over the surface 11 flash heart trace of painful, He Qingtu breath, then closed his eyes. The whole world is dark down. Quite a while before slowly opened. Perseverance saw the arms of a woman, whispered: "Take care!" All of a sudden she pushed back for a refund, the body, the hands of the the melon quickly Maguo neck and fell to the ground killed. The people watching this scene, fell silent. Ye Chen deadpan, although he has a way to clean up the virus in the body of this man, but the side did not take hot water, liquor and other aids, was powerless to change. Such a tragedy in every place in the world. Before I, Ye Chen lost sister leaf bamboo, so clearly know the kind of pain to lose the closest person. However, the end of the world is so cruel. The frail woman eyes black, collapsed down, Xi Hong surprise, hurried supports her view his forehead, saw that there was no cause illness, was relieved, and exclaimed: "make life difficult for her, one day, the loss brother and childhood boyfriend, hit too much. "Ye Chen looked at them and said:" In another month, Běijīng will the military to set up the base city, you can go to, rely on the base city, the hope of survival "Xi Hong Yi Zheng, regarded each other, a soon as wry smile, said:" From here to the capital, the road so far, I'm afraid has not yet arrived, they die in the middle. "the leaves morning God sè, some indifferent. , said: "in the body of the zombie, white sè flesh and blood, suet, cleaning can be eaten raw, you can increase you, we can do so much, you look out for themselves." Xi Xiang Qi said: "You can be so powerful, because to eat this kind of thing?" Ye Chen nodded. Next to White Dragon startled and said: "Did not you say this is a secret, can not give out what?" Ye Chen lightly said: "In the first month, does need to be kept confidential, as with this approach, we can rapidly increase strength, far far superior to other men but next month, such as the base city is established, the army received some notice of the Institute, to know the secret base of meat, when the secret is no secret that early to tell them nothing. " around the world took control of this secret to people, Ye Chen, the study of virus disciples and friends of the group of scientists, if only one person who knew the secret, can also be reached by virtue of strong point, never tell others. However, if there are seven or eight, or even dozens of people know this secret, confidentiality is a stupid way! For example ...... these secrets sold to the army, rich rewards and Principal position! After all, you do not say that does not mean others do not say, when the crab is the first person to eat the rest of the hands of the people to keep secret is worthless. And the reason why, Ye Chen told Xi Hong, et al, there is a reason. A later stage, all the zombies and monsters are born Euro RSCG, have since the formation of the respective forces that time, it has not separate personal battle, but involves a race of all mankind perish! Ye Chen does not feel like a good person. But do not want the people around him are killed off, the Earth's only remaining infinite monster, and he and his sister leaves bamboo, as another ten years, twenty years old so he can continue to fight monsters ? Survive the end of the world really peaceful down the only way - to defeat all monsters! Let the Earth again become the human world! Ye Chen intends to join the army's sake. With their pedestrian today's forces, in this end of the world, belonging to the "General"! The rest of the people,Oakley Scalpel Sale, is the "soldiers"! The human race is a big country! Human country! The monster big country! Dark Biological big country! When faced with the demise of the big country war, a general re-tyrannical, kill enemies? He had to let the men "soldiers" strong! Only strength lies in unity! Moreover,Oakley Fast Jacket clearance, Ye Chen, with the memory of the end of the world to survive 10 years, did not afraid of the secret base of meat tell others, it will be these people to catch up on their threat. Two people unity, with emotion! For ten people unity, with interest! Survivors of the global total of more than a billion, can with the interests of them together, into the hands of the weapons and power, this is the way of the ancient emperors ruled the country! Such as Xi Hong ordinary survivors, only linger in the last days, if you know where there is a little bit of interest, will be occupied alone, to live no future, no hope rì child. Live from day to day. Maybe someday he died in the hands of the zombie. Leaf morning team is extremely powerful, and can kill ordinary zombie, there is no need to linger, to live day to day "as the goal, but in order to kill all the monsters! After all, the land monster if it has been so much, wait for decades, they are old, they would die, but live a long time little. Not to mention the entire human race, the sake of their future, Ye Chen will never allow the elderly body recession monster kill this happens. Wherefore, all mankind are his tools. Kill monster Tools! Can not be a threat to their own situation, can help these people. "There are monsters to come, let's go!" Ye Chen feet suddenly felt the ground trembling slightly, could not help frowned Road. Xi Hong et al startled a little, suddenly face sè pale down, the eyes can not hide the panic, they know that the monsters are much stronger than the zombies, far from their resistance exist. "How do?" Hide? Very spirit of these monsters nose, the last almost ...... "a few people chaos into a group, help to see Ye Chen et al. Ye Chen did not see them, face sè dignified, looked up at the sky, just listen to "Boom", not far from the ringing sound of a building collapsed, followed by the outside ground slightly shocked, a very large figure, walked slowly in a small alley, eyes lifted his violent, cold looking at Ye Chen et al. The head monster height of four feet, there are three-storey building is so high, the body of Mao Famao dense, razor claws, eyes were blood red sè the two Sen white fangs hanging from the upper jaw, three meters long, is quite frightening. This is a monster of a tiger family! <

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