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there were 300 physical antworten

"President!" Suddenly, a voice sounded from below, followed by a burst of whistling wind sounded, Yang Baiyu rushing from below, volley standing proudly the waist straight as a gun. The WWW! QUaNBEN! COM Ye Chen came here, the bottom of the war will stop, and therefore he was not free to come here. With a strong constitution, he naturally hear Tuo Geer's words, but also know this time to negotiate is significant, because negotiations are substandard, the two sides will ever outbreak, the largest human warfare! In short, we decided the life and death of millions of people! His slightly clenched hand guns, has always been proud of the head, slightly lower down, after a moment, whispered: "in the the Mr. Tuo Geer, xiōng mouth engraving text, is what I do, this gentleman had to leave the city door, big prank, the city a physically very weak the innocent fù female, a 10-year-old children under the age of cruel kill me angry, however, that they are so. "his life never humble the spoken moment feel as if all eyes around, sarcasm, countless humiliation superimposed on the soil of the body, his arm tremble slightly, wait for the red soil to kill Tuo Geer, but know their abilities, Sam Hitt strong in the next, difficult to succeed. Moreover, once this is done, the negotiations will be to crack, the outbreak of World War II, the millions of xìng life, will be with the passing of the war ...... think! He grew up listening to mother taught, man can not be obtained to save the world, but not harm others! This sentence, he grew up deep in mind. But sad at the moment thought, if I die, can and stability in the world would not Yoshiya? I just died, and who would heartache? Who would have for my tears, sad for me? And other many years later, some people still remember me? The thought here, could not help feeling frustrated. Of Sam Hitt God sè, calm, saw Yang Baiyu one said: "I did not expect the President leaves your hands, is so Changkuang, Fortunately, the President leaves you clearly knows, I believe you will never order single-handedly sī to be the world expense? "The implication, if not kill Yang Baiyu, will have to go to war to the people caught in the fire and water, are caused by you! Ye Chen did not answer the rise of see Tuo Geer, God sè indifference, said: "You kill the base city of the general population?" Tuo Geer saw the leaf morning merciless eyes, hearts Yi Chan, strong self-smiles: "Which some things are the two untouchables on their own initiative laugh at me, I, as the gods Alliance dispatched messenger of negotiations, how can the contents being laughed at, intention shot Correctional some, turned out not here with careful manslaughter. "Ye Chen nodded slightly , is not mentioned. Sam Hitt see Ye Chen did not stand, could not help frowning, said: "President leaves, you still hesitant what? If not bear to start the next can do it for you!" Leaf morning frowning, "what to do the job?" Sam Hitt hesitated for a second, the next all are surprised a moment, looked at the expression of leaf morning, sometimes I wonder if he is silly, or pretend. Sam Hitt Chen Sheng said: "You men who do such a thing, does the shield is not?" Ye Chen puzzled and said: "What did he do something?" Sam Hitt eyes of a flash of anger, said: "I sent messengers body soil carving abusive words, he is reproached me, but also insulted my god Union of millions of people,oakley for cheap, you are right or wrong" Ye Chen turned around and looked Yang Baiyu one. Yang Baiyu know the difficulties of leaf Chen, lament loudly in their hearts, hand over: "President of the adults, I willingly Lingzui, just hope that after my death, the body is able to keep it, do not spoil villain." Leaf Chen nodded slightly, said : "This thing, you do wrong!" heard this, Yang Baiyu's heart could not help sank, some cold, uphold the smile soon, I thought, Yang Baiyu ah Yang Baiyu, you count it, someone else how could for you and the other so powerful forces decorum skin? The Xu Tianguo yù words and the final Antan heard, say no more. Ye Chen walked in front of Yang Baiyu, patted him on the shoulder, indifference: "go back, and more practice your calligraphy!" Including Yang Baiyu, all everyone hesitated. Books, calligraphy? "Yang Baiyu some in a daze. Ye Chen nodded: "the next engraving the words written, do not let outsiders laugh at my Chinese culture!" Rao Yang Baiyu stupid, know the meaning grace of Ye Chen, the reigning cried jī move looked at him, touched and said: "Yes, I go back to some good practice!" Ye Chen waved, said: "I'll teach you!" turned, look unto Tuoge Er, eyes slightly narrowed, the figure of a move , such as a Phantom, Lightning Superman mode at the moment, Cyathea, had just been talking, everyone have different brains, actual soil but only a few words, it does not take time. Whoosh! Even the nearest Sam Hitt, did not see the figure of the leaf morning, will feel a gust of wind blowing, so he was aware the wind, it was too late helping hand. Suddenly, the breeze, the fleet leaves morning figure disappeared not long, right again to stand back on the ground, if it is his extraordinary vision, saw the disappearance of 0.01 seconds, in others it seems like a untouched g Sam Hitt hearts suspect huò the next screams rang, the reigning turned around and looked, suddenly they saw the the Tuo Geer face bloody, and the pain wah-wah barking, but standing still is not full to Luangun. He looked down, only to find the Tuo Geer arm hanging soft skin, oozing blood, actually Nieduan other feet are two handle sharp knives throughout the body can not move, just stood there ,Crossbodys Coach UK, screams again and again. Everyone was shocked, the pig head absurd, all this is certainly leaves morning masterpiece. God palace in the bottom of many strong, hearts of horror, found their eyesight notice any leaf morning action not see more chilling is that I did not expect leaf morning could be so cruel! Ye Chen if nothing had happened, around Yang Baiyu Road: "You see his face soil word, how to write?" Yang Baiyu hearts surprised, quickly Ningmu looked, only to find the the Tuo Geer face blood, there are two characters : bastard! And when they heard the words of the leaf morning were found in the matter, just now saw Tuo Geer face blood, did not take a closer look, I did not expect to actually leaves morning in the face of soil carved the word! White Dragon reform package, coupled with soil to follow leaf morning for a long time, he was the enemy brutal methods used do not think that fear, hee hee laughs: "Oh, where's the bastard, this troubled world really changed , even the bastard so blatantly, for fear that other people do not know you bastard? "After listening to the crowd, could not help mouth lù a smile. The Xu Tianguo some of ignorant, not to negotiate it? He turned around and looked to leaf morning fleet the latter God sè of calm, did not agree. Ye Chen little finger stuck the Tuo Geer the instep of Liangbing knife turned into a strength, the revenue body. Sam Hitt waved his palm, a rich pneumatic every now and then, shrouded the Tuo Geer cheek, of a sudden, he heard the screams slowly crescendos weak, white pneumatic dissipated, Tuo Geer face soil blood has ended, the wound magical heal, but the scars left by the word a little while to erase. Tuo Geer looked to leaf morning, see the latter the God sè indifference, his eyes seem to not have any feelings, are not scared, I think had just gripped, did not dare to say it. Sam Hitt turned to look at Ye Chen, Shen the sèyīn of God as ice, said: "This is hands it?" Ye Chen nodded: "Yes, not to mention you in my bright base city homicide even trampled to death by an ant, I would not Qingrao I'll give you a chance, singled dare it? "were shocked at the good of all, I did not expect leaf morning meeting such requirements. God palace in the bottom of many strong stay was shocked, then look like an idiot, looking at the leaves morning, just leaves morning show of strength, so that they impressed with this force, but to challenge Sam Hitt, their view is still the strengths of the competitors, killed! Singled dare it? Sam Hitt Nuji anti-laugh, his life aspect, from the beginning of the end of the world, is virtuous and talented person, the outbreak of the virus, there were 300 physical fitness, even the tiger lion variation beast, his food, never 'm in front of him so arrogant! If not previously seen leaves morning strength is not weak, moving a loving heart, has long hands! He guffaw or two The sonic booms Barry, skyline ponley, groaning air clouds, trembling slightly, seems to dissipate around the thing that strikes the eardrum do faint pain, more horror, you know, the presence of and both are masters, even they are raw so eardrum, if ordinary people I'm afraid to shock the mind burst! I started laughing, Sam Hitt sound recovery, yīn Cece at Ye Chen, Sen Han said: "What are you seeking death!" The leaves morning God sè, as usual, said: "This is not a place we fight with me to turn around yù go. Sam Hitt sneer, "Do you want to lead yòu I left? Hum,Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses, well, then, if you wish, to let you know about, my god Union army, but also not to be underestimated!" Ye Chen surface expression, said: "So what?" figure of a move, he rushed away. The Tuo Geer see Ye Chen to leave the hearts of his indignation extreme, but why do not want to if he wished, quickly said: "Kingpin adults, careful to the other cheaters Sam Hitt proudly said:" fluff, but also the advantage of me? " the figure of a move, they rushed along. Everyone looked at the instant happened, some ignorant. The Xu Tianguo was somewhat taken aback, and thought to myself: "President adults This is why, he designed to distract Sam Hitt, must not grasp instantly killed, fear of this person hurry, rushed into the bright base city to blew to losses! However, he has gone away, which the other 500 million strong opponent? "his mind turning fast, and suddenly a flash," ah, the wisdom of the president, how did think of this? he certainly there FLAC! ​​"thought of this, the hearts of micro-wide, next to the White Dragon and other humanitarian:" kill these people! "Then, look down the bottom of many gods palace strong. @ <

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