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21.05.2013 10:56
you can't guarantee." antworten

Guangzhou first trade fleet procurement of goods inventory and cost list: hire local personnel and Government Liaison pilot and 10 two 100 two 20 two water bribery official handover is silver 5000 two to Guangzhou station to transfer cash advance 3000 two to Wei biaoju as investment (extracted from the exalted the receivable money in all) Guangzhou days travel to spend 100 to two of the purchase Lolita, teenage boy and their mother and father were 500 two (including fees) total: one hundred and seventy-six. (read novels to vertex novel nets) (Note: back to ninety-eight people) and all kinds of vegetables and spices seeds each 20 kg of total 10 two from foreign purchase of the Brazil tobacco a roll of 100 pounds 30 Spanish dollars each carriage of goods totaled 3 two "-- that's my financial report." Xiao Zishan in the conference room, facing the serious people finish the report,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, finally he also superfluous with one sentence: "I promise not grasping a penny!" "There are no problems such as financial, financial department after the audit will know, you can't guarantee." Ma Qianzhu vowed that the free heart certificate does not trust. If there is no corruption, it is because it is not necessary to corruption. "Now I come to talk about the current progress of the various departments, their needs and problems." Ma Qianzhu took out a notebook. As of today: in November 10, 1628, D+71 has been the work progress of runner is: Communication: basically completed to 100 Ren City as the center of the wireless communication network, covering the range of 35km to 40km. Remote radio station set up in Guangzhou, in the saltworks village set up 15W radio station. The next step: complete Bo Pu Hong Kong - 100 yards City, big beautiful village - 100 Ren City, Salt Village - 100 Ren City telephone cable erection, setting up the Telephone Bureau in the city. Existing problems: lack of wire and insulation equipment. Department and the communications sector industry through joint consultations, that can be produced from the telephone line,Nike Jordan 10 Shoes, the premise is to get the raw materials: iron or copper wire. As for the insulation of equipment, can be used to replace the glass. Energy: complete the power installed capacity of 630KW,oakley sunglasses sale, the power 200KW, power 420KW (Bo Pu, Bai Ren City has 1 sets of 213KW steam engine power). Other energy 10KW. The shop Bo - 100 yards City transmission and distribution network. The wind power generation system is arranged in the saltworks village. The next step: a hundred yards Ertan hydropower station two, increase 1 200KW generating units. Existing problems: building materials and labor shortage. Construction: 16 holes roller kiln 1, lime kiln 1, combined brick machine 2, indigenous electric grinding machine 1. The maximum annual production capacity of thirty million pieces of brick and tile. Another volcano ash Nissan 1 tons of cement. Vertical cement kiln 1, the progress of the project after the completion of 85%, Nissan 55 tons of Portland cement. Existing problems: lack of manufacturing must cement coal, iron ore. The lack of cement and steel, cannot use concrete construction. Traffic: construction completed shop Bo - 100 yards city - the Lingao County Highway simple. The next step: to build 100 Ren beach bridge, opened the saltworks village - 100 Ren City easy road, remediation Wenlan River Bo shop of 100 yards flat River >

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