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21.05.2013 10:50
a few change a place for a walk." antworten

Several people in addition to Xiao Zi Shan, have not done through trade, seeing that what "crystal Xia jade mirror" is obviously small commodity market in Wenzhou selling plastic frame, mirror, the best quality, but also ten yuan. . here actually sold one hundred and fifty-two! Guo Yi first saw so much money to buy glass mirror, Haide mouth stare, could not help but shake of his head. A time and some can not accept. Xiao Zishan whispered: "how? Have the confidence to. Guangzhou this place than in other regions,oakley sunglasses store, East Asia is the most fertile city this time." Yan Maoda nodded, infinite regrets say: "really did not expect Guangzhou will be so busy during this time, I to open jewelry company here also have confidence." This man comes over Hello, Yan Maoda want to touch the market, told him to take the Pearl out -- traveller from another time and space brought freshwater cultured pearl -- the man a lot of take out a few disc pearls from the cabinet, the biggest almost diameter size, but also the smallest pomegranate seeds, most very round, there are also long ovate. Even if the indoor light Co., still can feel the pan pearl s.. Small, each star in the Yiershiliang, heart of the biggest, even price four thousand two hundred. Yan Maoda used in the jewelry industry to understand a little Pearl's history, know the past dynasties in the Pearl of great value, but these are natural pearl, is very rare, but a big pearl can sell four thousand two hundred, he could not help but shockingly. But one of the most unusual, or a slightly long oval Purple Pearl, Yan Maoda carefully looked a long time, man said this is western come, because the color is rare, so much to sell two hundred and twenty a. After go out, go next to the alley, walked past, here people slightly thin. Yan Maoda said: "we put the one hundred kilograms of fresh water pearls sold can earn a lot of money." "Doesn't it so good-looking." Lu Rong said. Yan Maoda said, "the pearl color is not as good as it good. But this is no big deal. The problem is that purple pearl. This stuff is Australia to seawater pearl. I don't think Guangzhou will have." "There is about from mined come? From Southeast Asia to Australia is not too difficult." "Probably is. This shows that some people have been to Australia, at least to its offshore islands." "Development is good in australia......" A way of talking, have a pleasant talk together, and have a look the scenery. Lu Rong is interested in the street snacks, but again afraid after eating problems,Jordan UK sale, had to endure a road slobber. In front of the street is gradually left out in the cold, the road also often reveals the wasteland, but still the voice. Liu Gang stopped a step, said: "the front is personal, not good-looking, is all some discrete flesh scene, very sad, a few change a place for a walk." Xiao Zishan hesitated for a moment,jordan online cheap, before coming to Guangzhou, the Executive Committee had privately discussed purchase population things, Lingao local labor Co., would need to add some immigrants from outside. But now the problem is not this, but many riders gradually exposed the "physiological needs". The physiological need, is the natural instincts of man, man.

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