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21.05.2013 10:45
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Zhang Xingjiao has been back, he only went to three or four days. (read novels to vertex novel nets) is helping the XI Asian a favor: this cartoon, Xiong Buyou is now the indoorsman xiangbobo, as only a Lingao dialect translation, he will need to communicate everywhere, there are people to him the Lingao words training -- Xiong Buyou never dreamed that another time in the small dialect today will bring him success -- so much -- if it forced him to be justified. Zhang Xingjiao through all this out of their own culture translation talents be just perfect. When I come back, he took a pair of mother and daughter, Wu Nanhai saw them a scare, a moment thought saw two live corpse. Mother didn't see old, pale and thin, stooping, leaning on his stick, pulling a daughter. The little girl hair is yellow, because it is very thin, look great eyes, looks like a hungry cat. Two people have so little clothes like things,New Arrivals Coach Bags, already dirty not into shape, all a hideous mess hung. Some think this two people back to the Master Wu also useless,Air Jordan UK, Zhang Xingjiao apologetically said, the wife and daughter were really hungry for a long time, so this picture look scary, do not know the Lord will not take? Wu Nanhai gasped. Rely on, it is too scary. He may think that the maximum is a little poor nutrition, eat a meal is -- he had a little Chi read, think can take advantage of this opportunity to raise Lolita -- how to get to Ethiopia. Two people hungry even begged the efforts are not, just lower the head to stand silently. Wu south move sympathy: accept it. Zhang Xingjiao is very happy, after all the people he brought, if give back, the mother and daughter two people state, nive out of ten will die in the way, that hurt his gavel. Wu Sea shelter is again good however. It is this pair of mother and daughter about has been bitter days torture numb,Nike Jordan SC 1 Sale, nothing happens, until Zhang Xingjiao used to remind, reluctantly climbed on the ground kowtow. Wu Nanhai noticed her eyes shed tears, that is grateful, seems to be a very humiliating. This hippo is to want to Wu Nanhai, Zhang put education to salt team, Wu Nanhai took the opportunity to let him take the two person to health "purification" -- this is the acceptance of indigenous standard processing procedures, including hair, take a shower, anthelmintic, treatment of skin diseases. "But you have to send a nurse to do it," Wu Nanhai told the times, "the woman is very feudal, where you guys get people stripped cure skin diseases, the woman not Dutch act can not be." "Know." Hippo feel helpless smile, "you think we like to engage in 'clean'? When the doctor bitter ah -- "said the bat an eye:" the South China Sea, you! Keep the things you anticipate the lolita!" "This Lolita is tragic." He was thinking of the girl's appearance, vaguely seems to be pretty, but she is mostly don't know. He realized something: "hair shaved?" "Of course, you can't clean. Here the human scalp sore is very common, don't shave >

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