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21.05.2013 10:40
and I really don't understand antworten

He was not particularly deep impression of Zhuo Tianmin, remembered that he had a son, once the executive committee came to Xiao Zi Shan, to him the note to Wu Nanhai to give him an egg - son to eat -- egg now but most popular things, only three or four per day, generally only supply the sick. (read novels to vertex novel nets) his mid-30s looks, with limestone and clay training clothes, pressure tank pointed to the newly built well, the eyes do not look at anyone, said:"...... According to the design drawings: bottom water inlet chamber is higher than the floor. Now they made the same height." Project team of people around him, said nothing. Mei Wanyou impatient: "just a few centimeters high,Coach Satchels Sale, what's the big deal, everything to pull the design drawings. It is a bean curd dregs." "It is the lack of materials to substitute measures, no way around it," Zhuo Tianmin heard him say so, gas is not one to play, "the pressure tank cement stone sand did not use less, why not according to the drawings do?" "Project team of people do not understand the drawings, didn't notice......" Ice wind trying to smooth things over. "It makes no sense. The work is a novice, not professional workers, responsibility is not in them,UK Nike Air Jordan, that's true. We are eating rice engineering building, such mistakes have the nerve to say that?" All people around whispering. Some professionals are red in the face, Mei late't contradict him, had to say: "how do you say that?" "Hit off according to the size of the drawing to do." "This waste material does not say, but also delayed completion!" Mei late almost jumped out, "and you're not a hydropower professional background, know why the pool before and after make this level? Drawing on something is not right,oakley for cheap, so many things." "I really don't know, but because we do not understand, so the drawings did not vague." When someone found Wang Luobin, said: "the king Commissioner!" Zhuo Tianmin heard that Wang Luobin was coming, turned around, Wang Luobin was standing in the crowd, he politely nodded to Wang Luobin, not to say. "Zhuo, you continue to say." "I'm trying to say is finished, and I really don't understand the hydropower construction. Mr. Wang you decide." Zhuo Tianmin said coldly. He wants to have a look the executive members of how many levels. All eyes were focused on Wang Luobin. Wang Luobin walked a circle around the pool, with a ruler rod under each part of the depth measurement. Check finished, he asked Zhuo Tianmin for advice said: "well, you see how?" Zhuo Tianmin said: "not according to the construction drawings is unqualified, bluff is possible, but will cause problems later." Wang Luobin turned and asked Mei late: "you see?" Mei late thought for a moment, said: "there are indeed access and drawings, but now less material, and have to date, I will use! After a condition to change." This proposal has been a part of building groups agree. Wang Luobin nodded, said: "if the rework, to waste some cement, steel, will delay the generation time, but this is not on." He pointed to the pool: "pressure pool width and depth than the channel, in order to flow into the >

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