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the seal on the hole more antworten

Chapter 39: shock and awe Ye Chen drilled from the black hole, standing all the mummies surround, calm and said: "That being the case, you should fulfill its promise to open the third layer channel. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM" The Kabbah Hey smile, somewhat playing at Ye Chen, said: "Little brother, you too tender, do you think you rely on working in the seal of the Chen, conditions and I talk about it? Jiejie ...... I forgot to tell you, although I could not seal Chen, my puppet can not do nothing, however, when I personally use the puppet, the resistance of the seal of the Chen will greatly increase! "Ye Chen looked up, staring him quite a while, very calm voice, "so to speak, you are going to breach of contract?" Kabbah yawned, lazy said: "What is breach of contract? In my dictionary, never the word! little brother, as a reward your kindness, I'll let you see what my strongest combat power! "Then, fist grip, his head and brutal tsunami soon, the body turned into a blanket of darkness, rushed into the next to that handsome young man jade body . Kacha ~ ~ blanket of darkness shrink inside. "Ha ha ......" young mouth bent touch of curvature, looked haughty, overlooking the leaf morning, "I three false gods throughout puppet, with a special metal of the universe, not only flexibility, but also can automatically repair the body, as well as randomly changing form, where the place is too small, not open display, with the puppet human form, to deal with you is enough! "Then, fundus looming dangers. As a life long fox, he had the experience of Ye Chen Chen seal, know the robbery would be counterproductive, smart people tend to fall, you know how to go astray, and he happens to be the case. So they changed tactics ...... pray, poor installation, compliment, flattering ... he did not think leaf morning even his few words fool, think back now just pray appearance,Nike Jordan 7 Shoes, his eyes slightly colder. "Are you sure you want to Do what?" Leaves the morning God sè dull Road, in the face of tight around the mummy puppet, turned a blind eye. Kabbah frowned, cold channel: "without further ado, the old lady puppet to deal with you personally control the false gods environment, you only 300,000 fighting ants, should be satisfied!" Ye Chen suddenly said: "If you promise to help me The opening of the third layer channel, I consider not kill you. "Kabbah Yi Zheng Ye Chen Leng Leng looked quite a while, suddenly uttered a laugh, laugh a little twitch," do not kill me? you say you want to kill me? you say you killing me?? ha ha ...... "This is far better than he heard any of his jokes are funny. Ye Chen did not laugh, quietly waiting for Kabbah's answer. "Jie Jie ..." Kabbah recover the smile derisively at Ye Chen, said: "Could it be, you naive to think that, with the seal of Chen, I can really deal with it? Ridiculous!" Ye Chen slightly nodded and said: "So, it ......" raising his hand, pointing next to a mummy a puppet, whispered: "explosive" bang! Other end of the mummy puppet, the body suddenly thrust to burst open into a piece of debris and dust clouds. The entire lobby, instant doldrums! Kabbah laughter stopped short, the expression instantly solidified, stared at that burst mummy puppet,Coach Handbags, a moment later, turned to look at Ye Chen, horror and said: "You, how do you do?" Leaf morning cold voice said: up, I have to seal Chen powder, pneumatically wrapped injected into these puppet body to deal with these puppet, with the seal of the Chen attack from the outside, only hurt, but destroyed from within lethal much greater the Kabbah expression slightly stiff, said: "Do you think, with this little trick, you can scare me what?" He turned to look to the next rough man, and that enchanting woman, the exchange of ideas through the waves, quickly said: "He just really get the hands and feet it?" the enchanting woman thought for a moment, brow Weicu, said: "He was coming up on the issue of many attacks, the estimate is then injected into the incoming, all puppets, I'm afraid in the thousands, even the three of us, but also in several "Kabbah face sè of some ugly, and slightly clenched fists, the hearts teeth, looked up and stared at the leaf morning, and looked very calm, sneered : "Do you think that, with this point window dressing trick, I can deal with it? forgot to tell you, the false gods environment puppet, the resistance of the seal Chen, far beyond your imagination." "Oh ..." Ye morning should be a cry, lift your finger, continuous points out: "explosion, explosion ... bang! Bang! Two consecutive mummy puppet body burst open, torn apart. Ye Chen points to close to the Kabbah around a mummy puppet, "explosion" bang! The other end of the puppet without warning explode. Died three in the twinkling of an eye, together with the previous one, a total of four! Every "bang" explosion sound, such as Drum beat, so the Kabbah mind fibrillation, he looked even lost four puppet in the twinkling of an eye, the eyes are red. You know, these four puppets, each as long as the implantation energy, can burst out half the power of God throughout the mid-refining them extremely complicated, but, but with the leaves morning readily continuous explosion. Heart in the blood. He saw some heartache that with a puppet dead yù cry no tears, seeing the puppet of the of Ye Chen fingers point to the other end of the mummy, and hurried out loud and said: "Stop!" Ye Chen finger meal migraine looked at him, the ah? Kabbah teeth, said: "Brats, count you vicious, talked to me in playing yīn strokes, today I Renzai, however, I opened the third layer channel , you have to remove all puppet body of the seal of the Chen powder, otherwise ... "" Oh ... "Ye Chen nodded slightly, immediately finger point," burst! "bang! The other end of the puppet explode, turned into dust. Kabbah Dailiaoyixia, seeing Ye Chen points to the next one, quickly said: "Do not, do not, I'm begging you, smelly and small, oh no, Brother, My Brother, please do not kill, do you want me to why I Why, do not kill ... "Some yù cry no tears. Ye Chen finger recovery, plain and said: "go, the opening of the third layer channel." Then, turning around, did not give a chance to speak Kabbah. Kabbah staring at the back of the leaf morning, God sèyīn the house in teeth, clenched fists, fundus suddenly passing touch of fierce and brutal, yù shot fleet leaves morning meal suddenly himself, he never looking back, it seems muttered to himself, said: "I forgot to say, once I died, that the package seal Chen pneumatic powder will disappear, the powder will be completely into a puppet body ..." He then care since to the second floor. Kabbah heard toppings such as cold water, the body cold. "Damn!" Kabbah staring at the back of the leaf morning, surface sèyīn Partly uncertain, "threaten me? Well, always have a chance, I will let you obediently powder taken out ... Well, yes, slaves chip, once planted in the brain, they can be received for servant, Jiejie ...... "Ye Chen came to the third layer of the channel side, I saw a black gas-filled, can not see inside, could not help frowning slightly, although separated by a layer barrier, but faintly felt a daunting atmosphere in this below. To break the seal, are likely to encounter that evil beasts. Not broken, it would only stuck here waiting to die. Ye Chen had no choice. "Fight." Ye Chen fist slightly, looking at the rear along Kaba, cold channel: "seal broke open." The Kabbah the hearts Lengheng out, the surface flattering nodded, smiled and said: "Yes!" forward, and went up slightly breath, raised his fist, the original slender white hand, suddenly such as mechanical changes, into a sharp drill bit to carry the power of the roaring bar to the seal. Poof! Kabbah body slightly startled, in the hands of the drill does not break open the seal, just poke a small hole. Ye Chen could not help glancing at him, but did not say anything. Kabbah feel how keen aware Ye Chen fundus weird, old blushed, and my heart is very angry, both hands into the drill bit crazy tie to go! Bang bang bang ...... sound from the waves of criticism that the seal on the hole more and more, more and more intensive ...... Ye Chen stood by waiting. ...... The outside boundless darkness. "Ah ah ah ah ......" burst of shrill roar sounded from the abyss, followed, storm out of a figure, wearing black armor, sweating black hair scattered, a black long-horned sharp cone, stained with blood. "Bastard, did not even come out, do not come out!!!" Heijia men face anger, he thought some time, leaves morning will come out, I did not expect, even waiting for a year! He did not know, inside the pyramid, but only after a day. Year, asshole, I will kill you! "The hearts of heijia men roar, the resentment and anger of the leaf morning monstrous, his teeth, standing next to the pyramid, this year, he tried different solutions into the tower, but there is no angry hearts. At this point - the rumbling ~ ~ ~ top of the pyramid suddenly opened above the abyss, a gust of wind whistling sound, followed by crushing monster corpse, flesh and blood crustaceans, falling down, was incorporated into the gold special. The black armor men's eyes light up, this scene just as he had fall down the appearance, quickly step by step, towards the open top of the pyramid rushed. Missed. "You're dead, Jie Jie ..." heijia man mouth bent cruel sneer, into the pyramid, triangle top of the tower, slowly closed, did not leave the slightest gap. Tower. "Well?" Ye Chen himself shocked, suddenly lying down, the body attached to the ground, burst of Kuangmeng gravity came from the tower, pulling his body, as if crushed. Ye Chen heart was shocked, barely turned around and looked, found the Kabbah and many mummy puppet, and not anything unusual, it seems that without the slightest gravitational influence. After a child. The gravity before disappearing, Ye Chen slowly getting up from the ground, slightly active body, fundus thrown fear, this gravity, if sustained for a while, he had to open the Superman mode, otherwise,oakley eyeglasses sale, visceral have to break open the chest, extruded broken Mud. ro! ~! <

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