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21.05.2013 10:34
He glanced at his clothes antworten

"This, I think you still continue to engage in biological engineering the cross industry more helpful work for good. . "" don't like my fish to tell the truth." Hu Yicheng angry, "well, I just finished a rabbit anatomy......" Rabbit. Wu De (Note: according to a request, Zhao De changed to Wu De. We wrote "Zhao de" is "Wu De", have time to modify) a cream, it's good stuff. "Yesterday hit," Hu Yicheng laugh like the fox, "at noon to eat baked." Noon. Wu De with regret that when he was still a construction site to stand sentry duty, is certainly not eat roast rabbit. "But I can give you a leg......" Wu Degang wanted to say thank you, suddenly remembered the old saying: nothing gallant, non-deceitful namely. The Hu and yourself well, why would he eat meat? Sure enough, Hu Yicheng Fox's tail immediately out: "yesterday, well, I see you do seafood meal, this, I could come here with you?" "Yes, but you have to bring your own m." Wu De very Shuangqi said, seafood rice to do a bit better to eat. "That is too good, I also by the way of learning." He pointed to the kitchen, "Wu leader just came back, got 10 basket fish one morning, trying to processing." "Processing? I must go to have a look, don't again to spoil." The time and resources. I'll show you the way. Hu Yicheng is about to Wu De cooking skills very worship, heard him coming guidance cooking, of course is to seek but fail to get. Back. When the pillars,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK, set up a canvas tent, reeky inside the. The word by a row of open pot, fire, wood,Coach Online Bags, water, busy awfully...... There was a few women! Wu De to want to thanks to the prophetic vision, wear the pants, or it will be exhibitionism. In the "kitchen", see a guy took the notebook computer hard at work, Xiao Hu to shout: "the South China Sea, people want to give us a fish!" Wu Nanhai looked up: "A De? You are a fisherman recently do not see you on the boat?" Up and down and up, "disappear for several days, and the natives." "I wasn't in when the picket, the past is now become a sailor, et al." He glanced at his clothes, and thin, the skin was black, and now being barefoot, wear a small pants...... This image is soil. "The South China Sea, you are not in the agricultural group? Not to engage in greenhouse vegetables, chicken and pigs, when the first group of army?" "Xiao Zi Shan idea, this boy in order to get rid of the trouble of canteens, that agriculture is to eat, I said to the director of the office of the food is behoove." Wu Nanhai said, "I want to take care of those rabbits and chickens, the chicken or the climate does not suit one., and frightened, the ship is without eggs. Do not know what time to recover,Coach Outlet Sale, and the pig, the body is not good, not willing to eat, let the person worry that......" He said that pigs and poultry of affectionateness let Wu De a shudder. "A lot of food do women army, you are blessed......" "What a blessing? Is someone else's wife." Wu Nanhai has no interest in, >

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