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> Burly Han, blushing, said! "Brother do not effect, this kid is weird, difficult to deal with. WWW, qUanbEN com" young white eyes slightly narrowed,Oakley Juliet Sale, migraine looking at leaf morning, looked up and down a smile: "We three brothers put the fate of sub- , since you dare to fight, presumably a bit of skill, come on, let me pick you move in martial circles, then a move meant to fight, not really just a trick. Ye Chen looked at him, calm and said: "up!" White youth sneer,Oakley Polarized, toes a little ground, the ground leaps, such as Dapeng wings, steadily dropped weapons stage. Insiders a look at the heart of a cold, found this white youth leapt to Wutai, even knee flexion is entirely driven by the body with the power of the toes, this control force skill, more than all the audience! Ye Chen eyes slightly a condensate, the white youth is indeed the Past and the global combat skills first person, this would have been hard-edged, it is tricky. You know, combat skills and is not accomplished overnight, the white youth from the urine studies, some martial arts secrets in the last days, but in the end is just icing on the cake, even if it does not have these martial arts secrets, his combat skills is not to be underestimated. "Do it!" White youth, handsome, elegant arms standing on the stage, seemingly random standing actual soil is impeccable, no matter from which direction the attack, can also move. The leaves morning God sè, dignified, step by step, if not comprehend the three esoteric, his face white youth, I'm afraid, still a little hard, although ten years of the end of the world experience, rich combat experience, but the other small Cotyledons began to practice, you really want to fight, is also a well-matched. Whew! Ye Chen clenched fingers, opened the shelf, hit go smoothly to the nave of the white youth, appears to be extremely slow, but in fact contains very strong Road. The expert shot, known. The original plain white youth God sè instantly thrown dignified, riveted Zheyi, fundus formed the touch of a strong war, big shouted: "Good!" Step by step, abdomen and chest, the same boxing out ! Audience, burly Han saw white youth posture, face sè, slightly changed, said: "Big Brother cast out of" Plough boxing "third heavier, I did not expect this man to have such strength, forced him to cast the trick!" Jīng strong man face of shock, said: "No?" burly Han inclined at him, said: "third brother, you can not fall too far behind, even in his first re-entry will not say out Intuit ashamed." jīng strong man face earth red, muttered: "said I, you do not before the first re-burly Han gave him a chestnut, said:" Enough talk, look at the contest. "Jīng strong man rubbed his head, muttering sound, put eyes Wu stage. Audience watched two smooth slow fist, as if to pull out a century long time, the final cross-strike together. fist-to-fist! "explosion" Ye Chen eyes like a knife, arm bones, blood like a sudden contraction to the extreme, tight together, and then suddenly expanded, so that the pores of the skin at the oozing a little bit of blood stains the other side, white youth fist as if passing an rǔ the white sè light, fleeting, the entire fist like a jīng iron, bump up. boom! front of the foot of the two places like sank slightly, then a burst of bone fragmentation sound from , white youth face of shock, arms Cuikulaxiu trend leaves morning fist through the blow-off, inverted out involuntarily. burly Han two of the audience, watching the big brother's body flew in front of the chin. unconsciously fall, stunned. bang white youth dropped to the ground, sounds like a sledgehammer, knocking in two burly Han heart. outcome of a moment separate! silence fell. although never seen white youth shot But all the toes would think, that allows burly Han opening called big brother, our own strength is definitely not powerful, but in the hands of Ye Chen, and turned out to be a punch to beat? the Xu Tianguo, Toth Waseen eye pupil contraction, the fundus thrown shocked, even though they know that the leaf morning so powerful in the outside world, their combat skills will not be too weak, but did not think is so terrible head-no fancy techniques, compared is the pinnacle of combat skills, the most subtle changes, relying on this subtle changes to enhance the attack force, burly Han et al Plough boxing is one such boxing at the same level, and therefore can be invincible. However, Ye Chen is esoteric. directly through a special method of the trajectory of the universe, amplitude, if the universe compared to the chessboard, the esoteric is chess line, along the lines go, naturally the most direct reach the destination. mood permeability, in order to comprehend the esoteric. At this time, the white youth from the ground up, he stared at the broken arm, if it is that severe pain from time to time hit, he almost suspect that this scene is a dream his three-year-old practice pile, six year-old boxing when he was nine years old, strayed into the mountains to get lost, into a cave, a martial arts secrets, called Plough boxing spectrum! Since then, his practice without the knowledge of the master, but the surprising discovery, this extremely marvelous boxing spectrum, above The strokes are more rare in the ancient and modern, and within three years, he reached the The Plough boxing is first able to hand fight wolves hungry tiger martial arts in this era of multi-media technology, physical fitness, martial arts, shot Liaodao. However, learning Plough boxing spectrum, he has found that own senses, or the rest of the auditory acuity, have been greatly improved, even if the face of armed special forces, as long as it does not exceed the feet, they can kill each later "he entered the major companies, a billionaire's personal bodyguard, but with a handsome face, but always those rich man's wife or daughter seduce, leading to frequent change places. Qianlong He is a fly in the city, even then the end of the world occurred, is still able to be independent root, early zombie massacre is simple ... in the last days, he had come to know their own from the boxing spectrum from a prehistoric sites childhood happens that remains space connection loose, resulting strayed into. Since learned Plough boxing, combat skills and he took it never lost, even if it was caught, but also because the other side of people, or firearms, but now, in the bare hands to wrestle, even leaf morning severely beat! The white youth self-esteem for many years seems to have been trampled God complex sè, speechless. Ye Chen slightly rubbed the palm of your hand,Jordan UK sale, is a virtual world, but the side effects or really chalky real reaction in the body, he turned to look at the white Green Mou, eyes flash, went over. All the audience slightly hesitated and had the experience leaves morning cold-blooded means, reigning the hearts of a cold, does beat the other side is not enough, to be massacred? In the hearts of everyone guessing, Ye Chen has come to the front of the white youth, looked up and down one, then spoke and said: "There is no interest to be my assistant?" Including white youth, the audience are all slightly startled, no one would have thought that first hit suffered a crushing defeat in the white youth leaves morning, the blink of an eye even want to become partners and others? The white youth mouth twitched slightly, hit a slap in the face to say I appreciate you, this officialdom accent he did not expect that they will encounter, and ...... or each other so naked, without the slightest disguise expressed. "You want me to submit to you, do you men?" White youth sneered: "Why?" Ye Chen understatement: "Direct your request." Young white eyes slightly loose, he shook his fist, teeth slightly Although he is still somewhat unwilling, but the bottom of my heart also understand, in front of this man's position in the last days, to find a wise person seeking refuge, is undoubtedly a big happy event. Ye Chen looked at the white youth fickle look, hit the nail on the head and said: "You have refused to accept it?" The white youth poke in pain, does not deign to excuse, apathy and said: "so what?" The Ye Chenping short Road: "not convinced to challenge me, than combat skills, physical fitness than the outside world, as long as you can support more than one minute in front of me, I will give you a servant. "the umbrella place was Zhengzhu completely dumbfounded. Arrogant, domineering, domineering! White youth forehead veins bulge, gradually heavy breath, feeling the body's self-esteem are poor humiliated, his face anger at leaf morning, after a long time, the fundus anger into bitter. Just grips, he already knew each other beyond yourself too much in combat skills to progress, at least a few years, and in the constitution soil ...... hope getting slimmer and slimmer. Knowing look down upon, but can only weakness. Ye Chenping Short said: "In your resources, progress is too slow, if you want to overtake me, you can become my assistant, otherwise you will ultimately be connected and I play against the qualifications are not directly hit the nail on the head! The white youth heart blood gas aroused loudly: "Well, you do not shock me, do not worry, I will one day will overtake you! Then, you gave us today, exactly, word for word back to you!! "Ye Chen nodded and said:" Very good. "white youth turned his eyes, his face restore the look, haughty and said:" However, do your assistant, I have a request! "" "" When I found that talent can be made, I want to incorporate into their own hands, their own culture, so as not to spoil your base city "white youth haughty Road. Ye Chen random: "white youth looked at him, this channel:" What do you say, I'm with you as assistants need to do something? "Ye Chen thought for a moment, and said:" do urban management. "urban management?" including white youth the audience Xu Tianguo people are staring. Ye Chenping Jing said: "ordinary urban management is not a general law enforcement team, special department dúlì, the responsible thing main maintenance base, the existence of any threat to the base city, you need to dispatch, in short, base protect is your responsibility! " ~! <

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