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21.05.2013 10:31
Leaf morning rolled antworten

> Hey, when the outbreak of recommended votes or not how to rise, such as a pot of cold water toppings, enthusiasm is extinguished half of this chapter wrote from five o'clock now 8:00, the previous one and a half hours to get, and now three hours, writing a good weakness. Dozens of pieces base of the the WWW, QUAnben, CoM ......, of meat, the equivalent of hunting a few hundred head zombie, will it be possible to get! The eyes of the White Dragon has a trace of shock, he knows how hard it is to kill zombies, their party of four hunting one morning, carefully respond to, of which there are several almost zombie surrounded by a total of only hunted only seventy to eighty head, but leaves morning even a person on the hunting of four or five hundred, the equivalent of five times! "Sure enough non-human." White Dragon sigh breath, shook his head helplessly. At this time, the next YUE Heng and Zhuge who also saw a lot of the base of the bag of meat, have consternation, YUE Heng little better, he clearly how strong the power of leaf morning, so soon calm down, Zhuge who has a look of shock, disbelief, watching the leaves morning, surprised and said: "How can ......" Ye Chen did not say any more, suddenly smell a hint of the smell of food, the reigning strange: "Who is cooking ? "White Dragon, who, as a glance, God sè some strange, said:" leaf bamboo sick, Mo Feng said today's meals to him to do. "leaf morning startled a little, said:" He will do rice? "" estimate, probably, perhaps, may be ... will it? "White Dragon wiped his forehead cold sweat, feeling even some do not believe they Zhuge where YUE Heng two seems to have realized what body shudder. "Ding!" Kitchen suddenly wake-up sound. Ye Chen et al, as one, filed into the room, into the kitchen, suddenly saw Mo Feng give yourself a bowl to the table. Put on the table three or four bowl dishes, as well as a bowl of soup. Leaf morning sweep a meal on the table, walked over a bowl of rice, with White Dragon et al., A total of five people, around the edge of the table. A quiet. Ye Chen looked at the front of a plate, a dark do not know what things, raised an eyebrow, and finally under the watchful eye of the White Dragon, stretch chopsticks. Click! Broken chopsticks! A silence. White Dragon swallowed, looked carefully at Mo Feng, said: "What is it?" Mo Feng deadpan, said: "melon!" Poof! "Several people have spurting, this is how hard melon, to make chopsticks broken? Ye Chen looked at another plate, which has a circular sheet of dusky, exudes smelling odors smell, he changed a new pair of chopsticks,Air Jordan Take Flight UK Sale, clip a little, and finally hard to tear down a small piece of thrown into the mouth expression instant solidified. See White Dragon, who dare to breathe. After quite a while, Ye Chen slowly swallowed down, cold, God sè recovery Shouyi Bai, said: "to eat." Then, countersunk dinner, no longer held out his chopsticks on the table. "This can eat?" White Dragon looked suspiciously dusky circular sheet which disk, Mo Feng Qi said: "What is this?" Omelette. "Mo Feng deadpan. The White Dragon looked Ye Chen a, being careful to clip a piece of chewing a bit into his mouth. Whoosh! The next moment, the speed of the rocket, rushed into the kitchen sink, vomiting, listen to the hysterical vomiting, as if to eat disgusting things than earthworms, to let of Zhuge where YUE Heng body shudder, in the hands of chopsticks almost fall to the ground up. "Cuckoo" YUE Heng swallowed mouth saliva, saw a four dark "cuisine", the heart can no longer have the courage to try, the soup looked the only one that can fairly pleasant to the eye, thought to himself, soup total there can be a problem, right? He drank a spoonful. Poof! Soup just one into the mouth sprayed out, the next moment, rushed into the kitchen, desperately vomiting. Zhuge who see cold sweat, cold hands and feet, a kind of feeling wronged to cry. Meal lunch ...... so rushed past. Afternoon, everyone still launched a zombie hunting action, left the Institute, Ye Chen and Mo Feng, a pedestrian walked on the streets of the wilderness, not a cent of the effect is still in the state of Superman mode can not be opened, Ye Chen, with the crowd one after another, building clean-up, to prevent powerful monsters met on the street. Fortunately, this afternoon, did not happen very bad situation, one of the most dangerous time is in the building suffered a 60, whereas the zombie dogs, after some fighting, leaves morning body torn a few wounds, and finally cast ghost knife, this head zombie dogs to be beheaded! Morning he has performed like a ghost knife, some arm meridians injury, can no longer cast within days, but he has two arms Against zombie dogs, Ye Chen and not to display their Phantom 10 knife, but merely to display their five blur, they put a zombie dog beheaded! Of leaves morning, a pedestrian hunting zombie speed was significantly faster many actually get 20 base of meat in one afternoon, is undoubtedly a big harvest! Night, coldest hanging. A pedestrian returned to the Institute, leaf morning with tap water rinse out again, he turned into the living room. Very rich harvest this afternoon, but came back, the White Dragon, who is worried. Night who cook? "What do you think?" "Whoever, anyway, do not let Mo Feng to the line." "I think so." Unfortunately, ah, bamboo leaves fell ill, really miss her craft. "White Dragon, who have, alas, can not wait Yezhu Li engraved woke up. Ye Chenqing wash clean clothes for the body, looking at them strangely,Coach OP Art Clearance, and said: "You three big men, can not cook?" White Dragon Qing Ke, said: "You know, like me so handsome man, how can nest in the kitchen to cook it? too a waste of talent, which is the country are not allowed! "Yue Heng cross him,Nike Air Jordan 2, too lazy to ignore. Zhuge where a small channel: "I have my mother to cook for me, never went to the kitchen ..." Ye Chen sigh breath, walked into the kitchen, apron. "What are you doing?" The White Dragon et al. Jǐng Kakudo. Leaf morning rolled his eyes, "of course, is to cook and eat, do not wait for death." "You will?" "Impossible, right?" "I have a sense of foreboding ... three burst of suspicion. With leaf morning Landelikuai, walked into the kitchen cleaning food reserves, half an hour later, they all do a good job. "Eat it!" Ye Chen called out, side dishes, and got a bowl of rice, give yourself, and start up. White Dragon, who heard have walked into the restaurant, looked at the table three dishes and one soup saw each sè to color and bright, and Mo Feng dusky than simply do not know how many times nice, want to see a monster looking at leaf morning. Not hungry? Then I eat them all. "Ye Chen picked up speed. "Fuck!" "Give me leave!" Five eggs, how do you eat two!! "Several people quickly rush into the seat, fast start, only to find so after eating, leaf morning craft even greater than the leaf Bamboo Fortunately, a burst into tears. This meal, without leaving the slightest soup, one patting belly lying on the sofa, his face happy and comfortable. Ye Chen began to clean up the dishes, then, Zhuge who came over, a young small channel: "I Come Ye Chen random:" Do not. "Zhuge where silent for a moment, it said:" I busy can not help, this trivia to me! "Ye Chen looked up looked at him, eyes flash, nodded, patted him on the shoulder, then turned and left the restaurant, went to the basement. Mo Feng after dinner, they came here, what you are debugging. Ye Chen walked past, looked around a casual authentic: "Why?" "Research," Mo Feng answer is always so short. "Research?" Antidote. "What is the antidote?" Virus. "Ye Chen looked at him," not to give up? "Mo Feng shook his head. - This is not to give up an experiment, but to give up the whole human race! Ye Chen did not ask, looked at the next huge test tube meat base, said: "when they could all be refined into gene Pharmacy?" Mo Feng Road: "Tonight." Ye Chen nodded, collected so many days the base of meat, such as refined out, they can distribute it, so that everyone would be enhanced. <

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