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The moon is round, the headquarters of the work out of follow the prescribed order running rhythm. (read novels to vertex novel nets) the entire body into the high-speed operation. Financial department will all be realizable assets are replaced by RMB, then put RMB into numerous materials. In order to prevent the last mark appear some new problems crop up unexpectedly. The financial group, still holds approximately 500000 RMB, also have no cash 10 kilograms of gold all private cast 10 grams, 25 grams, 50 grams of small sliver, ready for use -- although no cash, gold value always everyone can understand. In addition to the left-behind forwarding in the Leizhou peninsula at the seamen, all sent out through all the way back to the base,UK Nike Air Jordan, started the final preparations. The health condition of medical group of riders conducted the final review, focus on immunity -- although give repeated orders and injunctions of several notice,Coach Online Bags, or find someone without inoculation but fear that inoculation of complete -- even people with fake vaccination certificate. For some vaccine replant already late process -- the immunization of hepatitis B vaccine to a year and a half. Health group had increased the purchase amount of vaccine. "This group of people don't know this is to take his own life in are you kidding?" Hippo looked at by the census. "Immune" unfinished form, although he did not know how the epidemic situation in Hainan in seventeenth Century, but want to come out, there must be various microbial paradise, cholera in twentieth Century also repeatedly broke out in Hainan. "On corneal incision corrected visual acuity, there are a lot of people don't do." LAN from doctor said pain -- he had in the medical equipment purchase in the old-fashioned optometry equipment complete, compared with everywhere computer optometry instrument and computer lens grinding machine, this stuff is really not easy to find. Not easy to find that there are many. Health groups big thing is the use of disposable supplies they don't like the modern hospital that use easily, like glass syringes, infusion set these things are hard to find, medical sterilization and matched with the small pot or something will disappear from the scene. For many Medicines Co, medical instrument factory and hospital warehouse to complete. Many special rubber tube on the old medical devices already antiquated, even with no place to special enterprises mold redo -- costly. The Executive Committee of the medical and health attitude is money without limit - as long as they can to ensure the highest possible level of medical treatment, how many are willing to grant the composition of the people's livelihood, health department spend a group of the most. Finally formed a nearly Hospital List: 1, check equipment, B ultrasound gastroscope set a,Oakley Polarized Online, X machine a, a, a set of colonoscopy in laparoscopic, ECG monitor set, 10 sets, 5 sets of medical microscope. 2, treatment equipment shadowless lamp 2 (diameter 1.5m) operation 2 tents operation table 2 oxygen cylinders 10 cans of ventilator 10 sets of gastric lavage machine 2 dental treatment machine 2 defibrillator 2 glass tube injector 100 (1ml5ml10ml20ml50ml) glass bottle 50 sets of operation instruments in 20>

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