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> The war drums sounded, recommended votes, with wood! There are wood! ! ! The second Duozhu was born, thanks to the Starship children's shoes a reward O (∩ _ ∩) O behind the troops to keep up with ...... Cui votes to 30, and tomorrow the fourth outbreak! ! ! ...... "Moo!" Purple very magic cow growled, a collision over the the two sharp the purple sè long angle of the head, the hard cement wall suddenly pierced, the gravel fly shè, window glass shattered . Www. quANBEn. Com Ye Chen eyes thrown steaming war, Di heard, step by step out, his hands were the Tai Chi encircle like the that purple very devil cattle in which a long-horned clinging, suddenly will feel the body sank, at the foot of the ground "bang" slamming, burst open, your feet into the floor, pushed back after seven or eight meters. Gave me! "Leaf morning Puhou soon as a magic hair dance, arm veins bulge, holding purple magic Longhorn cattle, suddenly forced to fall back to go! The gas Nukiyama Come force guise! 600, whereas the terrorist strange force, flooding the arms so that the original slender arms, all of a sudden become very grim, the blue veins such as a roads earthworms, muscle muster, stout has more than tripled. "From starting up!!!" He sky and shouts, arm, such as two carabiners, clutching the purple long sè angle With a roar, the power of the body perfusion in the arms,Oakley Sunglasses Squared, suddenly, the purple very devil cattle issued Jingnu roar, frantically struggling, but the head of the long-horned like a stuck and did not move. The rumbling ~ ~ ~ monster body, arm of the leaf morning, little by little, slowly pry up, then ... Yishuai! Boom! ! ! The entire hospital building, violent shaking, such as the three earthquakes. Purple very magic cow howl, hooves into the air, struggling to stand up stand up, leaf morning but kept hand, the figure of a move, its belly, Luedao, the hands of the fire ax across a bright track, stunning flash in the pan, 20 blur ax every now and then, last overlap with lethal moment surge, and so was superimposed 20 ax attack on an ax! Bang! The handle is broken, the ax to split in purple magic cow rǔ white on the belly, the friction out of a burst of sparks, back Zhenfei out, hit the wall behind. To the power of leaf morning, the body strength of 30, whereas you can display their Mirage 10 knife, but can barely play, but a few days to cast, or meridians of the arm will be twisted severely damaged. This swordsmanship back for each additional one Mirage, the higher will be the physical. Ye Chen estimates about in 1000, whereas the constitution, will it be possible to cast out 25 Mirage! Mirage knife, a phantom for each additional attack power will increase by half! This swordsmanship is very mysterious, not at breakneck speed continuous Pichu 20 knife can quartet built Mirage, many people is because of this conjecture can not display their success. The only leaves morning before we know, the first ax slow Pichu, the second ax is slightly faster than the first ax, slightly faster the third ax than the second ax, this gradual increase, in order to form Phantom! First ax attack is one-tenth of its own full, then the second ax is two tenths, on average, about two Mirage, equal to the power of a full attack! 20 Phantom leaves the morning full attack 10 times the power, the equivalent of 6000, whereas the quanliyiji! Unfortunately, the fire ax even withstand the tremendous power from the middle broken, if the change to do a two-edged gold mixed sword, all of a sudden be able to cut the purple magic cow belly. Leaf morning made me sigh loudly, it seems to try to find material, create the appropriate edged sword, and then find some Runic Power added to the above, it is really sturdy. This idea in mind fleeting, leaves morning saw a fire ax down, there a tough rǔ white scales, draw a small bloodstains visible purple magic cow defense dreadful, he bent down reaching out into the bloodstain, arm pick up, forced to tear on both sides. In spite of himself! split the white rǔ belly, rancid breath blowing, Ye Chen frowned and decisively to give up to continue to fight, a dynamic figure, they came to the purple magic cow head, blasted punch, hit in the forehead on, sounded bones crunch. "Die!" Ye Chen God sè cold, hold down the purple magic cow head, the rumbling of his fist, who spent each fall, its forehead will be a bit hollow inside. "Moo! Moo!" Very magic purple cow struggling, it is regrettable that the power of leaf morning it six times, along with its hooves in the air, completely leveraging nowhere, only hold the accepted beaten. Basement corridor mouth not far from the White Dragon and Mo Feng quietly touching up, check it out the case, suddenly they saw this scene stunned people, have dumbfounded. "Stop it!" The idea of ​​an indignant, incoming Ye Chen mind-pitched voice, he slightly hesitated, and soon will come to understand, sneered: "black snail worm, you have to surrender, from its head crawl out, or wait for the next obliterate together! "" You, you ... "that road tinny sound angry tremble slightly," You're just an ordinary human, how would there be such a force! I do not believe it! Ye Chen sneer, no longer answer, raised his fist and look at the fields bombardment down. "Do not drop it, I surrender!" The black snail insects screamed. Ye Chen stopped his fists, cold and said: "you out!" "You must not kill me!" The black snail insect jǐng the Ring Road. Ye Chen nodded, lightly: "If you are honest, I can not kill you." "Really?" Black snail insects suspicion. Ye Chen snappily said: "You're hiding inside like I can kill you!" Dumb black snail worm. After quite a while, from purple magic cow nose, slowly climbed out of a whole body to whom is reserved the blackness of small insects, finger size, and body covered black sè tentacles, as thin as silk hair looks fluffy. Ye Chen looked at it a muses: "It is said that the black snail insect body are the finest meat material, delicious taste ..." "What are you doing?" Black snail insects startled shrink the contraction himself. Ye Chen smiled and said: "I heard that eating nourishing, can increase single-handedly." Black snail worm Nu Sheng said: "despicable human being, you said I did not kill me." Leaf Morning lightly: "You say that, I mean, then kill you all right, I did not kill you, just a little taste you ... "dumb black snail worm. At this time,Coach Sunglasses Sale, not far from the White Dragon duo see put down, they surreptitiously came over, suddenly we saw the first monster motionless, could not help surprised and said: "It's dead?" Ye Chen nodded. Eyes White Dragon sights and see the black snail insects, strange: "the little bugs doing?" Ye Chen arbitrarily said: "estimate, good food,Jordan 4 Shoes, and the first to take home." Said the black snail insects grabbed the lead in and went out. White Dragon startled and said: "Head Monster cow's body without lift back it? Its meat enough to eat for a few days." Ye Chen shook his head and said: "the smell of blood will lead to a monster." In fact, this head The purple magic cow corpse internal have rotted, simply can not be eaten. A pedestrian walking fast in the night sè, the silence of the surrounding streets, only occasionally sounded twice griffin screamed in the sky, it sounds creepy. Along the way, occasionally encounter a few head zombie, but are easily resolved. Not long after, a pedestrian safety back to the Institute, several times if it is noticed quickly, Ye Chen will hit a few head zombie monster, when inevitably some World War. "I go to prepare, wait a minute surgery." Mo Feng into the Institute, turned into the basement. Ye Chen walked into the room, saw a bed of leaves bamboo, see her condition has not deteriorated, was relieved, at the bedside, of Zhuge where Yue constant are sleeping during the day and experienced a lot of fighting, they has also long been tired. Leaves this morning to keep quite a while, then gently out of the room, the way the door behind him, came alone to the living room, pulled out a black snail insects to speak tentacles warm, very soft, the reigning nodded: "eat up taste good. "black snail insect figure trembling, seeing Ye Chen holding it went into the kitchen and quickly screamed:" Do not, do not kill me, I am willing to be your servant. "" Do you know the servant? "Ye Chen smiled. Black snail pests in frustration: "I swallowed a lot of human cells, you know the structure of the world and some basic common sense, as long as you do not kill me, I'll do your little brother!" You know brother What does it mean? "" Well mean ...... brother is the thugs? "" Well, you were only one man I doing here? "Ye Chen yawned. Black snail worm yù cry no tears, said: "As long as you have found the bodies of powerful monsters, I can cāo control their body, to help you fight!" "Oh?" Ye Chen eyes light up. <

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