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21.05.2013 10:24
was beaten into retreat antworten

> A rich evil spirits along the hilt red leaf morning speaking my mind an instant, he just felt while there are countless monster roar shook the mind buzzing sound any alarm, the bloody rich gas blowing around as if countless hideous surrounded by evil beasts. the www! qUANbeN! COM Ye Chen palm of your hand tight, fundus passing touch of cold light, the headband intellectual aura, such as Buddha Buddha, sacred ethereal body with gas, all the ghosts and goblins Zhentui! All this occurs in the polar-off time, God dawn gods hands to fight the dragon saw leaf morning almost the moment they wake up, not help hearts jing: "Zhebing Excalibur is the ancestor of the Yellow Emperor weapons, along with his old Civil war years, beheaded countless monsters, drink blood born evil, coupled with guarding here for thousands of years, infected with a rich evil spirits, the ordinary person is not firm enough mood, a little touch will Excalibur sword slaves! "It's the thought that, leaves morning state of mind, you should be able to resist this evil spirits, no one thought actually so easy to resist. "Good sword!" Ye Chen sword hand with eyes of jīng light bloom, looking at the curve of the blade can feel rich evil spirits within the blade, this is just the Excalibur split, it will have such evil spirits, if the body does not know will be more terror? Dragon in addition to throwing the hearts of distractions, took a deep breath, looked solemnly leaf morning, slightly bent over, bow their heads and said: "Regulus nation of men, to you!" Ye Chen eyes recovered from the Excalibur, and looked at it a slight nod, backhand holding a sword, said: "Rest assured! your blood,Nike Jordan 11 Sale, bit by bit, is not shed in vain!" Then, no longer stay, turned and went to the carabiner Longbridge. Did not walk a few steps, the Dragon's voice sounded behind him, with something of genuine and sincere, many said: "Thank you!" Meal Ye Chen footsteps, did not turn around, did not return to the fork, cold channel: "Do not thank me, he is my enemy, I killed him, right and proper! not for you ... "He then walked out without looking, straight away this magma world. Dragon looked at the back of his left, stared spellbound ... Dragon King Island. The past eight days, the whole island is filled with the strained atmosphere of despair, I saw the sky on the electromagnetic mask Yan sè fades a lot, just like transparent, indeed, as if about to disappear. In the waters below, a one-eyed fish gills, little knowledge in length, floating in the sea, above which stood the magma monster, the one-eyed crocodile head, the dark prince standing against the breeze, haughty demeanor, looked about to disappear electric touch the mask with mouth sneer and waited. Time-consuming "hum" with His Royal Highness, the consumption of you die! "The hearts of the dark prince sneered, more brilliant time, eight days such as the blink of an eye. Eyed crocodile head at his feet, standing quietly, afraid to move, it is extremely powerful strength, the ninth order Kamijina combat power, including the sea regarded as a giant, he was the dark prince blinded one eye, had to surrender a horse. flow of time ...... the Regulus mountains, the white robe old man God sè of anxiety, looking at the little knowledge is a crocodile in the sea, looks such as a small land, the hearts of bitter, the island energy grain exhaust shield'm afraid not last long, these evil people recognize this, always stay here a few moments, such as electromagnetic mask disappears, is bloody . Thought of this, he could not help a long sigh, slowly remove the weapon from behind, slightly touching "old partner, follow me for so long, and so while they last struggle! "Next to paclitaxel old man flyby over and saw a white robe old man looked, and his heart Yi Tan, lips do not even said:" the old Feng, the arrangement of women and children, have been admitted to the Dragon spacecraft. White robe old man nodded slightly, overlooking the island, my mind lofty pride, haha ​​soon as long laugh and said: "Wait a dispatch the continued light main island, as well as the Temple main island, guarding in the Shenlong number in, pass investment power for future generations law, the rest of the people, they worked together! "Hearts of paclitaxel old shocked, know the path he has to do the worst, could not help looked miserable white robe old man looked at him, a slight sigh, said:" If you dawn gods hand fight do not want war, you can enter the spacecraft to avoid Anyway, more than you, only to die! "Paclitaxel old man silent for a moment, slowly behind the guns out, staring for a moment, then looked up, sighing loudly:" The old Feng, you know I will not get cold feet, like the original, you and I practice together, to participate in off the coast of genius war, to make a stand, fighting all the way, and eventually enter the Temple, when the angel of the minimum Shrine, several hunting sea animals, set a credit, improved all the way! Eventually, you become a Presbyterian, I became the two elders, for so many years, is it you do not know me very well? White robe old man to listen to him so to say, the heart filled with emotion, the past years, such as emerge in front of, seems like every rì to the sky and could not help but laugh, lofty pride, said: "That being the case, let us two old guys, crazy again! "Of paclitaxel old mouth smile, they look to the sky, and saw that the electromagnetic mask was not long before they completely disappeared, the whole island, and instantly thrown into a panic, many exclaimed sounds." ...... "Dark Prince laugh loudly, from the little knowledge crocodile into the island, overlooking the audience, his eyes glowing cruel light ants, obediently become the food of the Royal Highness! Two white robe old man figure a move,Coach Handbags Sale, the storm swept out standing vacant, standing in front of all the island, without fear, and a white robe old man cried: "Everyone quiet! "His voice like thunder, resounded through the whole island, everyone knows he is the Temple elders, have been quiet, afraid to say anything. Saw a white robe old man holding on to their swords, the body muscles agitation, sky and Changsi:" I, Huang Tianfeng today will defend to the death my hometown, no matter of life and death, will never abandon! The man of my generation, the blood xìng what someone with me with the enemy? "Crashing the voice spread throughout the audience, everyone Zhengran Since passionate voice, feel a kind of despair and grief, had also some confusion, a blurred with tears in their eyes, howl howl cry." Fight in the end! A disabled hunter sweating the angry, growled: "I would like the war! "I wish the war! "I wish the war! ! "The audience all the men, women, the elderly, including the not yet full-year-old child, and with a loud voice! The overwhelming momentum headed toward the Dark Prince, resounded through the whole piece of heaven and earth! Everyone knows, even the white robe old man choose to fight, must have been desperate to see at the moment he should not escape alone, but fear of life and death battle, the reigning heart moved. the dark prince looked under Fang Quanmin anger not help frowning, indifference Road: The most * good bookstores hands to play "as food, There should be conscious of the food! "Figure, spirits mode, unto the the white robes old man rushed. Teeth white robe old man, waving the hands of war knifed to the blade through the dark prince, such as playing in the air, a program of the soles of his feet, quickly receding "Go to hell! "Dark Prince looked violent, accelerated rushed white robe old man figure rapid retreat, with 10 order Kamijina combat power, speed, a little stronger than the dark prince of many short-lived fad, the speed of the dark prince, it is difficult to to catch up. At that moment, the magma monster the little knowledge crocodile on his back, one after another roar, leap into the sky,Coach Bags Store, jumping on the island, shook the ground tremble, just a floor, a strong man to see these monsters rushed the crowd before. grief shrieked: "fight to the death to defend their homes! Shaking hands, hoes, desperate rushed up, instant magma monster Boxing burning ashes. Beside the woman, holding on to their shovels, and looked indignant banner with the dawn gods hands and cried out with a loud voice: " fight to the death to defend their homes! "More and more people indignant roar, holding a hard object around, no thinking power gap between the two sides, so rushed up!" Fight to the death to defend their homes! ! "Defend to the death! ! "Mad howling Shanbengdelie, resounded across the island, deafening yù deaf. Regulus Tomb of God, all the islanders are extremely simple, usually hunting for a living, suffer such a disaster at the moment, one filled with blood, unaware regardless of life and death, so rushed up the sky, the dark prince to kill the the white robes old man, is not intended to catch a glimpse of the battlefield below, but it is the hearts surprised, I saw that he was carrying to the King. head magmatic monster, in many Islander offensive , was beaten into retreat, crazy blew although Zhensi Islander However, the Dragon King on the island, gathered a knife of the population of the island, is how much? Moreover, in these people, there are many Temple guards, deacons, deacons strong, and the Inland Sea Liushen a master of the island, under the joint offensive moment, put the magma monster massacre of more than two thousand, and itself blew magma monster dying, killing five or six million people! "Damn! "The eyes of the dark prince Jingnu, screaming stopped the chase in a white robe old man leaned toward the safety crowd, set off a reign of terror, along the way too, countless people throughout the body, limb chalk body cast fly white robe old man saw this scene, rage, off the body into the dark prince, his attention you want to lead to himself, but found that the other party do not be fooled, the reigning teeth, and finally determined HUO Di, into the dark prince, expand the storm attack! these attacks have not hurt the Dark Prince, but persecuted each other spirits mode to escape into the Dark Prince roar loudly to proximity to the homicide, blasted punch at all times, and behold a white robe old man does not hide flash, but in the eyes exposed strange light, with a bit of relief means next to gallop over paclitaxel aware of what appears to be at the old man exclaimed aloud: "Do not -" Good-bye, his hometown. "white robe old man looked at the Dragon King Island, the hearts of silence wave, body strength but slowly mobilize dislocation operation, ready to self-destruct! Dark Prince does not feel the situation, and my heart is shocked quickly into the spirits mode ready to Nuhe, was suddenly thrust in front of wind Yifu, the words stuck in the mouth. Saw a black sè figure, step by step from the side, full head of black hair against the chaos of flying, a horned head, Wang Li in front of the Dark Prince, the violent murderous raging out from his body, slowly raised his head This is a pair of cold, merciless eyes! The whole piece of heaven and earth, it seems isolated with him! (To be continued <

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