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21.05.2013 10:21
In front of the Dragon antworten

> The passage of time. the WWW! qUANbeN! COM in God buried deep, Excalibur before. Dragon entrenched black around the peak of God, lofty towering body, such as the winding mountains, clear scales, with a vigorous breath, eyes glowing metallic luster, reflected a silhouette dance practice sword ...... leaves in the morning and looking at the mountains wall, the body followed the illusory figure drill completely immersive, unaware of external things, forget even the majestic pressure, just practice over and over again, thorn out of millions of sword, it has failed to achieve the kind of enchanted perfect! This thorn, not only sharp tricky, you can break open all attacks directed at each other fatal point, there is a beautiful posture, to let the enemy killed, but feel relieved fun! "Mercy" Ye Chen does not persistent as to imitate find the correspondence waving, just a moment, flashy, his mind is always silently swordsmanship Master harbor kindness! "What is kindness? "As a rich man, relief weak, mercy! "As the main country, relief people control the world, mercy! "As a Warrior, should uphold justice, mercy! "With thinking, more and more rounded leaves the hands of the morning to find the correspondence faint trace of mood, plain thorn, to some extent, the vanity of a" hissing "sound any alarm. Practicing for a long time. Leaves morning suddenly wake me Warrior to face not jiān evil people, and sometimes also need to face the monster, the face of all threats, this kindness, not fixed by the day, but by their inner! "Given kind, good and evil Ming! "Is directed Conscience! "For me, hurt me, is wicked, I have a dangerous person, they have to be beheaded! "Ye Chen eyes gradually bright" this trick is not to comply with secular mercy, it can be said, not being kind or that are big kind! "Ye Chen Huo Ran Ming Wu:" find the correspondence, it is important Kills! "Perfect the enemy, the enemy relief, is a kind of mercy! "The enemy before his death, and saw the most beautiful find the correspondence is merciful! "No to Kill Kill Kill of salvation, which is the sword of mercy! "With the break open the hearts of the leaf morning fog, suddenly will feel suddenly in front, slowly find the correspondence of the hands of plain thorn out, no peculiar, even at this moment, leaves the morning no systemic cent of murderous but like a Buddha, although no smile , but still gives a mild impression. Poof! sword piercing the entire piece of vanity, are of a shallow shadow fleeting next to the dragon saw the sword, his eyes appearing a little surprised I did not expect only less than three days, leaf morning comprehend this trick jīng wonderful, if unusual, only persistent imitation cliff to find the correspondence, while ignoring the true meaning of this sword! mercy! compassion pregnant with the enemy, in order to save the enemy is Daren Daci! even enemies can save, broad minded person, the world has been hard to find! some hate Kills method, but the mood is not the same, and therefore can not comprehend the true meaning of the sword, it can not display such a perfect find the correspondence! with Jian Zhao Ming Wu Ye Chen eyes jīng a light sparkling, continuous take a few steps and suddenly they feel the pressure blowing, this pressure can not afford before , but now they can barely resist leaf morning made me surprised, then they come to understand, this pressure is not just a test of strength, but also tempers strength exercises, so pressure to find the correspondence body concave hour every minute of transformation increased speed is extremely amazing! "second type, Germany! Ye Chen looked at the cliff above text changes into the screen, some jīng absolutely wonderful, contains the operation of the universe to the reasonable thing, definitely not a simple text can be limited! Saw that picture, a shadowy figure, holding a sword, the face of the sky, draw the sword the whole sky under the sword, the crack is a black traces of sè of! "so powerful! However, Ye Chen disobedient heart, did not expect this sword can cut even broken vanity, you know, the heavens and the earth, there are gaps, soil, there is a gap, gap stone, water, air, fire, and there are people like gap, this illusory space, but also a key gap! only to see Road chalk Germany, until heaven and earth to be able to glimpse the gap and hit the peerless sword in that gap, war days cut, nothing to resist! Ye Chen mind could not help shocked by the talent of the Yellow Emperor ! sword, is simply that scientific and technological strength to play to the peak with mood, watching space gap, instead of technical equipment alone that have gone beyond the ordinary imagination! "moral, Road regret ......" Ye Chen closed his eyes, immersed in the that absolute beauty sword customs, hands black sè sword along with dancing, upright, head-the void to shake off! virtuous heart, therefore sword virtuous! tricky, is not sharp, completely based on positive the easy defense position Pichu! Huhu time, the past two days. leaves morning is always immersed in this sword style, his own generation blade master for the the almost martial Myriad return cases realm, so learning simple, entry much Germany is Tak xìng, conduct, "I would rather lose, not opportunistic, for Germany! "Willing to defeat, to break things, to be successful! The "Ye Chen eyes gradually bright" the sword, the emphasis is on break things, know how to choose, and relies instead on strengths, weaknesses war Bishen for Germany! Not contest each other's strengths to their weaknesses, This is contempt opponents, it is not Germany! "Germany, to be fair,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK, just! "So ......" Ye Chen slowly raised his hands of the sword,Air Jordan Flight The Power Sale, to eyes jīng light shè facing the void,Jordan Take Flight Shoes, slowly Pichu, this jianpi slow, as if to scratch fear of the void, however, in along the way across the shift void draw a black mark, strength no matter how powerful, this sword can Pichu extradimensional space! Ye Chen hearts delight, unstable mind, a complete sense of the sword suddenly disappeared, the power of become ordinary. "style, success! Ye Chen could not help but some joy, to go out, he was an great to squeeze whole body bone sour, as if to fracture, not surprised, quickly stepped back to the original, unusual to comprehend this sword, have to be seven or eight months because even in 2023, it may not be able to comprehend, long time, o0] body pressure will be a grown up, and therefore had finished, etc. The second type , they can have the strength to come to the third type of practice Location! leaf morning exercises too fast! two or three days they learned this the main reason is his past life with years of experience, is itself knife master, is the mood of the wise fifth-order Taichetaiwu, Santa Claus, no distractions., is his childhood living environment, coupled with the past life of 10 years, seen a lot of things, a very wide experience! "I was able to comprehend so quickly, mainly Buddhist and Taoist scriptures in Asgard tomb, is said to have "chalk Tao Te Ching" authentic version read cooked, you can comprehend the world to reason, to achieve the level of saints! "Ye Chen to think I Lier remains" the spread of the world by the chalky Tak Road, Just Road chalky Germany by the true version of a short, real chalky Tak Road by a total of mouth articles, words Old million words! And illustrations, as well as screen simulation, any one of the great artworks, text can not limitations. Ye Chen looked up to see the third type of cultivation methods, must move forward thirty feet, the pressure of that place, at least have to practice the 5000 constitution, to be able to Yingkang down! "I originally constitution is 3200! The past few days grown up, even enhanced, 3500! "Ye Chen Zhoujinmeitou, at this moment, suddenly eyes light up" Rune space, the fly gold nuclei, all lessons, do not know how much more? Thought of this, he immediately opened Rune space, sat down cross-legged, taken a whole body red nucleus, the power of swallowing coverage in the past, the the inside energy intake into the body. The next Dragon looked Ye Chen exit to its vision, and all of a sudden saw that Ye Chen constitution yet to come, can not withstand the pressure there, could not help Antan At this point, Ye Chen suddenly cross-legged on the practice, so that it startled a little, and immediately looked ten feet in diameter Rune space black hole, eyes flash, said: "This is the extradimensional space? "Ye Chen eyes closed eye, while intake of energy, while channel:" Yes. "In front of the Dragon, he forthrightly to each other's experience, and not to a Rune space, while his hands. The Dragon nodded slowly, looked leaf morning nuclei in the hands of a surprised eye formed the touch the sè good rich energy nuclei ... "sentiment, suddenly the face sè a change, Shen sèyīn God down, low:" This nucleus did you come from? "Ye Chen random: "get from the darkness in vivo." "massacre dark creatures?" Dragon quickly asked, eyes riveted on the leaf morning. Chen nodded, opened his eyes pupil of the eye, and looked at it, and said: "how?" Dragon eyes somewhat complicated, quite a while, shaking his head: "Nothing, kill!" Then, he closed his eyes, no longer say any more. Ye Chen, a slight frown, carefully read the two can not be detected, we look back to any line brain wave signal, continued intake of energy within the nucleus. Consumes about one-third. Suddenly thrust the distance, a figure quickly swept, and rushed to the other side of the carabiner Longbridge, respectfully line of a ceremony, immediately speaker shouted: "is a flat Long Feng, see Dragon King adults!" "What?" Awesome voice resounded through the whole buried deep of God. This figure is a white robe old man, his face with anxious, said: "big bad sector alien a mysterious person, extremely powerful, four massacres in the sector, I will be off the coast, the sea area, escorts inland sea, that person was rushed to the Inland Sea, expand the massacre in Liushen Island, on the eve of the main island unfortunate fall, the remaining main island, have been seriously injured! "What!" Dragon opened his eyes in vain pupil of the eye, two cold eyes, such as sword , through vanity, and a surge of deep majesty domineering, with awe-inspiring Senhan the diffuse audience, even sitting next to the leaf morning, felt cold body, can not help but be shocked head survived I do not know how many years the strength of the Dragon, This is one hundred thousand physical monster, far from his superhuman mode is comparable, but the life gene transformation, the genuine one hundred thousand! (Unfinished be <

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