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reputation Huang Jie 30 islands antworten

> Audience buzz, hum, quiet, all the audience, all the talented players. the the WWW! qUANbeN! COM will be sights on the battle station, I saw a whistling wind. Fall from the sky, a white-haired silky snow. Courtly, old man dressed in a white robe, grind slowly suspension down around the audience, God sè solemn. "Advanced Temple deacons level!" Ye Chen looked at the white robe old man, brow microfold, "in the house of God. Ordinary temple messenger. Allocation the in indemnity Island, off the coast of being in charge of things, each of which is the strong Wang products! High level sub- Temple deacon, each of which is Wang Pin fifth-order! then detect advanced Shrine deacon combat capability Wang Pin eight bands minimum! "," detached Wang Pin 10 order detect class Kamijina, for Utsumi Liushen Island the island main level. then Kamijina ten order, detection is divine, the culmination, the main island of the Dragon King Island, which is in charge of the entire Regulus family patriarch., Ye Chen can feel the Shrine a few thousand years precipitation, family, all of them brave and skilled even on the outside, is extremely frightening a force, complete a form into a base comparable to China AMC Tuoshi Tuoshi! After all, there is also a scientific and technological strength! At this time, haired old man has been preaching, by a middle-aged man, hand-held GOLDBOND suspended mid-air, and read aloud: "below, will be the first selection station by chawol Island yellow Dongpo, Battle Orchid Island Yellow Purple! "Whoosh! Whoosh! Two figure red to show extraordinary temperament, each other in the eye, breath lingering heritage is high, with the start of the game, each of whom rushed, fast figure, a man holding a gun, a sword in the other. intertwined metal sound and touch charge friction burst of sparks. "one of order. An eight-order! . . Ye Chen looked at the hearts nodded slightly. Sea relaxation Island players, playing really powerful. Players an appearance with the detection, investigation and two of them are more than seven bands, I'm afraid, etc. while ninth order 10 order, there may exist! . , Saw two. Ye Chen detection look back. Too lazy to look at. Eyes closed. Quietly absorb the free faculties elements substances in the air, at the same time, sinking into the the source crystal grass in the wrist night is over "and growth can play five forces his chalk strength, this small things eat a small portion, but for him this strength loss and nothing, a few breaths can make it back next straw hat boy saw leaf morning God sè eyes flash, deep deep gave him a nozzle immediately turned his head away, looked boring Wu stage fighting, yawned, straw hat press cover the face, head in sound asleep ...... distant VIP seats. five figure, casual sitting on a stone bench, in which a young girl, she is slender, the skin white temporary Ruoxue the,Air Jordan UK, transparent ice crystals. cheek cold, is extremely beautiful. to wear purple sè gown embroidered shoulder a Ziyun pattern is Ziyun Island Utsumi behind her stood a girl sort of British Gas, Wakaba morning saw inevitably will recognize this girl reconnaissance unruly girl in the street in the first place to make way for him. "This sea ​​fight it? ,. This unruly girl watching the stage fighting, rather disdain, "is really weak, the Kou nǎinǎi on these people to pack out." Purple shirt girl plain and said: "Do not underestimate anyone. According to you this xìng sub after always have more trouble. should not provoke provoke people. vendetta when your parents died, my father adoption. pass your martial arts not want you around to stir up trouble! "heard this, unruly girl hesitated for a second, vertical on both sides of the palm of your hand, trembling slightly. Immediately. She slowly lowered his head and whispered: "Yes, miss." Purple shirt girl leaning against a large chair, looked at the bottom Lengao Wutai, said: "It is news to report, this time in the sea drag, four tricky characters are epic proportions Wizards young again in the sea such circumstances, has reached Wang Pin combat power, if the growth in the inner sea, I'm afraid the higher achievements, unruly girl froze a moment and said: "B-year-old less. To break the king products? Drag area or in the sea? ,. Purple shirt girl mouth out of touch of glamorous radians, said: "The four men amine to the invitation of the Inland Sea island of six God, in addition to a title of" The Dark Tower, the boy genius, the other three refused. These are mostly the internal sea battle have warrens of the heart, straight-amine to the Temple, a messenger, or deacon! . , Unruly girls do not care: "Miss your strength even Wang products and how strong it is not a trick to solve?", "This is natural. Paclitaxel girl lightly said:" My goal is the inland sea , however. This inland sea, the rise of several talented, will be my competitors! , Unruly girl spit tongue, say no more. Wu stage, fighting a round alternately, each island has two or three players, but the special technique, with the people of the island, and not in the military stage charge to field 15, the Mochizuki Island, Ye Chen "Battle Yaoguang Island, Huang Jie!" middle-aged man announced loudly. Ye Chen slow to catch opened his eyes to the pupil of the eye, whole body bone peristalsis. A simple warm-up. Immediately stood up, step by step, figure, such as Hong Dayan scared to fly Wutai, and floated to the ground, the body, such as the javelin, Akira Akira is not. This capacity means. Makes the the genius combat zone many people look a condensate. Whoosh! Opposite a Jin Pao boy, skimming up, hand over the pages, pulled out a two-edged swords. Body with a noble gas, cold as the leaf morning. Said: "see you are off the coast of worked his way up is not easy to let you a trick shot it!" Leaf morning God sè flat, said: "see you too weak sake, I do not hands-on your own Let yourself go!, Jin Pao Young Huang Jie snapped a bit, and soon excitedly big I am afraid. "you court death! Holding the sword arm trembling slightly raised With the chime competition opened sequence detection struggling to Ye Chen rushed over. "Knife is not the heart chaos. . , The leaves morning God sè, calm. Looking at the menacing rushing Huang Jie. Lift the palm of your hand, slightly pinch detection vise Huang Jie wrists, fingers, a bomb, the entire back of the blade are violent shaking, even with holding the shank Huang Jie, palms such as cramps, slightly trembling, broken jaws of death, horror knife almost sell out, out to the drag surface. Morning palm leaves a copy of the the shank holding, eyes the moment becomes a focus, as if the world disappear, eyes, only palm Zhebing the knife! The original cheers of the audience, an instant voice seemed to disappear. Surging knife Italian red leaf morning body raging out his single hand-held knife, black hair no wind automatically. Peerless knife respect. Huang Jie Tsui pupil a shrink. Is yù Back when he heard leaf morning cold sound in the ears: "knife, the!. The woman Dan the heady twenty-one the Daomang, and pierced the sky, like the entire virtual Yu chopped yellow. Jie did not see, then leaves morning stuff shot detection see Ye Chen has been recovered palm,Poppy Collection Coach Bags, wrist shake. swords thrown over, lost in his feet, the tip is inserted down the slate, to uphold the shank trembling call breeze, Huang Jie, who a cool, are not shocked sè loss, looked down, suddenly big embarrassment, I saw the upper body clothes have become debris falling down, but fortunately, Bottom Pants intact, otherwise. This is under investigation and to be in front of thousands of people **. "get out of here. Leaves the morning God sè dull Road, as if just let one of the men. Huang Jie drag angry Shu, looked at him but did not dare to stay. Clenched swords, the figure of a move. Quickly left Wutai disappeared in the crowd. leaf morning shadow of a move, falls on the genius seating area, has won a battle today, no longer left to the meaning, he turns to discuss the body, in the eyes of the crowd stunned and turned to leave the battle to end quickly. genius lounge. straw hat boy opened his the Tsui eye, with interest drag looked at the back of the leaf morning muttered: "a move, it will be Huang Jie defeated, it seems, really is king strength! Far from the VIP seats, purple shirt girl eyes a condensate, spin Handan Iron and frowned, and seems to think. Unruly girl behind her. Saw the departure of Ye Chen was not surprised and said: "This is not a day that little man what how so? ,. With the end of the game, Ye Chen reputation. In the sea, every so often the oath is, that no small reputation Huang Jie 30 islands in the sea, but did not think could be so easy to defeat at the hands of the leaf morning. For a time, many sea talented players. Are secretly monitor up. Game of the next few days, leaves morning and did not show too high-profile. Caught in a strong ninth order, detection and play against each other for a while, and then hard. To beat each other. The blink of an eye, six days past the end of the trials. This past six days, Ye Chen each battle finished. The surveillance will leave to leave the contest field, because he found. Source crystal grass-taught speed very quickly, just one week, even reconnaissance reached four. Equivalent to a first-order strong! Moreover, the 100 is reached, the volume of the source crystal grass becomes thirty feet size, such as a white birch. The vines every now and then, crystal leaves, very greedy, occasionally extend automatically vines. Air intake faculties elemental substance, however, in most cases. Are swallowed leaves a wake-up body chalk inner strength. The Zhang Ye Chenshe, take the speed of the air force, far transcend the others, or look at this little thing greedy big mouth. Also not distressed dead. On this day, all genius opt gathered, after reading ceremony. Finally, the Altar points system. Experience the last time. Ye Chen more skilled. Kill rather easily, he found faint, in this sea talented players, only a few people quite powerful,Coach Bags Online, who vaguely strength fluctuations are compared to Wang Pin strong! Therefore, in the battle of the altar, he released the king for a first combat power by virtue of this power, even if not the first, it will not fall out of the frying six. With the end of the game, the announcement of the results. The first place. Pratas Huang Ling! Points, 5283 "," the second full moon island leaf morning! Help points, 4302 "third Aeolus Island, Huang Feng! Points, 3820" "fourth blood Tsukishima, dust bowl! Points, 3593 "Ye Chencheng power into the election, to enter the inland sea battle series! There is Regulus owners. Gathering place of the top real genius! (<

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