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21.05.2013 10:17
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With "the end of the first institutions meeting", through the plan finally entered into a substantial stage. Plan, plan and procurement list these professional team responsible for preparatory work for the professional direction. Be notified to check personnel also gradually increased. Each arrival of personnel, upon registration, must accept all basic military training for a period of 30 days, the training content including queue, earth work, obstacle, and basic survival skills. Training then, according to their ability, and to engage in industry, arranged by the general affairs section, or transferred to the professional group for planning and preparations, or relevant training learning -- focus on the cultivation of practical ability. Small machinery factory show boundless now became a technical school, was scrapped parts. According to the professional advice, in addition to send some money from across the company, go to the occupation training school for short-term skill training. Once the IT elite, now study in the wall tile; former office clerk, at this point in the study on the sewing machine; more never went to shop, but around the machine tool or work stations,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, clumsy learning skills. Originally engaged in technical work through the crowd, in addition to busy every file and conference, also have to assume the responsibility of training. Wu Nanhai the greater responsibility, he is responsible for the group has never been to Tian education into agricultural science and technology workers. Although some crossing the family's rural background, but more worked on the farm people basically is not. Can distinguish wheat with leek has very good. One point is unshakable, all at the base of a living person, whether to engage in any work, must be running every morning to exercise, strong physique. As the total indicated that: "beat, at least have to run faster than the natives". Sports group had a lot of military sports game, every day after dinner, as an important means of exercise and response capability. Not everyone will come,Nike Jordan Spizike Shoes, to never leave. Some people hesitate, back -- after all the society to the majority of people still have too much attachment points, to devote himself to the space of different world, to win a do not know the future, requires great courage. Others, think through is a kind of get rid of social constraints, the opportunity to do as one pleases, now face a long-term training, but also restricted by strict rest system and various rules and regulations,Coach Handbags, impatient, insist on not a few days leave. Stay, to continue their work. By going to tamper with history of this hitherto unknown adventure frenzy by the impact, this group of people almost sleepless drafting a plan every kind of the. Every night when Xiao Zi Shan down the aisle, you can hear the roar of the office, and on the keyboard sound argument. General group every day with a lot of tea and coffee -- no cigarettes available, this is luxury. Presents a great challenge to organization and management capacity of crossing the large amount of organization and coordination of the work, if it is not one to another time and organized groups, initial performance out of the confusion of enough to make its financial losses. When Xiao Zishan takes a red envelope to financial stocks.

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