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given the belief that the antworten

> Windswept, desolate world. The WWW, quanBEn, com leaf morning hanging in the air, looking at this desolate earth, nor by a little silence, at this moment, his eyes swept away, suddenly saw a wisp of smoke in the large sand, the reigning figure of a move, flyby past. I saw the scorched earth cracks, littered with a pair of black horns in nuclear the convergence shè and high temperature, and not the slightest damage, it is that the angle of the Ngau Tau monster! Ye Chen eyes light up palm grasping photo, black horn skimming out, such as two pairs of bow, full of vigorous force, the palm of his hand a program, the the Rune space open horn abandoned. "This monster Tau, most died in the bomb! His horn, even intact, either his own will in a bomb explosion in peripheral or is this horn is too hard!" Ye Chen hearts of joy, horns, as spirits throughout the strong body, but also the "ghost" has a strong mass destruction throughout the strong spirits to his current strength, does not have its own "Ghostly Atmosphere," unable to boot horns "ghost . " Less Dabih Ye Chen turned around and looked, wide world, the clouds dispersed, the world is a big bright, sunny, glowing dazzling light shining down on the earth without any life. Stood for a moment, Ye Chen was skin irritation, systemic been a bit uncomfortable, especially the visually's that some ambiguities chess "good strong nuclear spoke shè, my body, did not dare here to be more. "Whoosh! Ye Chen figure of a dynamic, snatched away to the distant ruins. Today, the monster army has been destroyed, but this place is not suitable for the survival the the strong nuclear spoke shè, the ecological environment here was completely destroyed, can not grow food, have to relocate elsewhere, re-construction base . Ye Chenfei remains distant nuclear explosion at the end of a sand slowly creeping, the sand splash into the sky, three figure stood up from the inside, namely a full head of snake hair handsome youth, as well as a glamorous woman, a Diptera man. "You idiot!" Handsome male almost looked at the front of a scorched earth, his teeth, his eyes glowing fire raging Shu ", the damn separate waste unforgivable!!!" Monstrous anger of his mind at the moment of the nuclear explosion, kind of an unprecedented crisis, enveloped him, his body hairs suddenly began today. If it is not in a crisis, he performed like a royal dark battle armor, has been seriously injured at the moment I'm afraid! "Why?" Wings men, green eye pupil sexy, down the distant,Air Jordan 5 UK Sale, suddenly saw a man dressed in black, the reigning Road: "His Royal Highness Prince, look there, there's a human!" The rise of the Dark Prince looked Ningmu his vision is powerful, but not next to the good pupil of the powerful wings male almost looked carefully into tablets left, he saw a shadowy figure, not by the flash of the eyes of the beholder, the Caracal channel: "to give me seize and kill "Yes!" glamorous woman respectful nod, she wander, erratic figure, such as Teleport, step km several Shanlue, they rushed to the leaf morning. "Well?" Ye Chen brow Wei Zhou, turned around and looked, suddenly see a glamorous woman rushed to help look a condensate, pneumatic filled eyes, suddenly they saw this glamorous woman body suffused with rich black gas, which is dark biometrics, his mind a cold, low: "You are a dark creature?" the glamorous woman charming smile, the whole world seems to be bright, she whispered: "What do you think?" Ye Chen eyes in a flash of light, then surface sè the cold down, the glamorous woman gazed at the will of the body, jīng God, are condensed into a straight-edged knife, to disperse the the glamorous woman glow of charm, his mind fantasy glamorous woman in front of a body flow with pus and blood, hearts the peristaltic suddenly disappear. Bodhi by ... "" I Heart lasting not move all fantasy, there are heart, the roots of Allure troubles calamity country eventually, but a pink skull. "Leaf morning made me think of Bodhi by the will of the condensate from the surface sè recovery usual, glamorous woman comes out of the charming, turn a blind eye to the answers. Glamorous woman eyes micro not check the flash, then smiling, amiable smile, makes my heart thrown favor, son, my master, please, you might as venue in the past? "Master?" Ye Chen heart of a cold, the surface God sè usual, said: "I still do, what is it you'll say it." flirtatious woman the cover lip chuckle, said: "That being the case, then I'll say, my master, you want to son ... ... dead! "With the last buildings fall, her smile now waiting convergence face Senhan, figure skimming, such as a floating magic luster, Luexiang leaf morning." On! "Ye Chen not a cent of hesitation, open ant Superman mode, the charm woman looked suddenly steal Gong, fist smacked eyes Senleng,. Whew! Air fist squeeze out an arc. Flirtatious woman shocked, lost sè the figure promptly stopped backward flyby past the blink of an eye, and then exit to little knowledge, alarmed eyes looking at the leaves morning, "You, you will ..." leaf morning face murderous, said: "give you three seconds, tell thy lord, get out of the earth! Glamorous woman looking at leaves the morning body majestic murderous, hearts thoughts tumbling, how he shot such a terrible, is it, this is Aman said that respect the strong demigods? Thought of this, bent her mouth, revealing a charming smile, "multi-the Xie Gongzi mercy. "Go! "Ye Chen eyes cold. Seductive woman Samsam left. Leaves morning looking at her to leave the back, eyes light Swept, it seems, this glamorous woman and that Tauren are a group, these ten thousand spirits throughout strong, how at this stage, came to Earth? My rebirth, alteration past life history. "Ye Chen hearts of some bored, passing a piece of fragmented information in their hearts. Mayan prophecy ..." rebirth Butterfly Effect ...... "dark creatures come ......" Ye Chen lost in thought, my heart felt faint clue, "Could it be, dawn here, refers to the so ... "in the ruins of ancient civilization, Mayan prophecy, civilization of jīng God will be the last one civilization, and predicted that in December 2012 22rì darkness on Earth will not see the dawn. should be a bright future, "" December 2012 22rìrì, the report of the Mo Feng, R & D and the birth of viral agents that day ...... "" the Mayan civilization control of Time and Space Technology, you can see the past, the future, even predicted jīng God will destroy civilization, it is absolutely nothing wrong! In other words, in the future, human beings will definitely perish! "Taking advantage of" in accordance with the development of my life, indeed perish ... "As from the beginning of speculation, leaf Morning mind more and more bright," However, I am born again, to break the shackles, changed history! Past lives,Coach Outlet Sale, Mo Feng, White Dragon these people are long dead, but because I met them in this life, survived, but also become global pinnacle of characters! "I, I'm in the dark calendar in July, that is, this time, I was a 50 little people, but now there is a 00! "Because I, the rise of a past life bright base city!" Because my breakout cloud death! "This life, all the person concerned and I have to get rid of the history! Because of this, Mo Feng White Dragon, toward my unknown direction, the better, also because I am now a strong, continuous fighting, the crust loose, the Ice Age to mention against the ... "and the advent of dark creatures, mostly bright base city, and I had the intersection of the Sanhedrin, financial move what remains inside the extradimensional space open, so that the head of dark creatures come to the earth. "thought of this, Ye Chen suddenly kind of feeling, as if virtually, a pair of eyes watching his. Rebirth, profit! Because of profit, which lead to an even greater disaster! As if somewhere, there is a cause and effect through the bad. "Do I have somewhere who hands?" Morning again in a terrible idea, body hairs erect. "No, magic heart, magic days from the heart ..." Ye Chen quickly they begin Bodhi by the idea in mind suppressed, otherwise, this idea continues to grow, it will only make itself do not believe they, when mood crash, but would also produce the demons "Many jīng mentally ill, is magic big heart, to make jīng insanity, can not distinguish fantasy from reality." Now, first of all is to deal with a few head of dark creatures. "Ye Chenjian given the belief that the mood seems more calm after a grown up, He asked the distance, my heart began to think about in the distance, the glamorous woman red swept back, watching the the Dark Prince wrinkled brow, quickly said: "Hui Bing Prince, that person is the demigods strong, I, I can not deal with. "Demigods strong? "Dark Emperor almost brow of a challenge, met the people at this level, you can fled to? The flirtatious woman almost some shame, smile: "I do not know why, anyway, his attack power, and like to display their hallucinations and other techniques. "Well! "Dark Prince Lengheng the cry, a dynamic figure, said:" a group of waste, I had shot himself. "As the body rushed, the earth trembled, a dark throne from the inside out, he leans on the throne, broke open air, quickly snatched the leaf morning where the position glamorous woman and Diptera man, as one after another followed behind. Whoosh! piercing sound sounded from the front, Ye Chen looked up, I saw a thirty feet high Dark Throne, suffused with the flavor of the vicissitudes of life, red passing from a distance, on the throne, leaning against the a handsome man, full head of black hair snakeheads, eye array branching off, extremely handsome glamorous woman behind the throne, and another a black sè wings, like ancient civilization Amy man. "main to it. Ye Chen eyes chills, heart memorization Superman mode, there is a minute and 30 seconds, his figure a move, went up to the dark throne. "Target bombers kill! "Dark Prince saw Ye Chen thrust from the mouth bent hint of sneer, then a special language, the dark throne issued a command Q throne is actually a flight equipment, energy conversion technology, air, light residual excited clustered into energy,Jordan UK sale, promote rely into with the command of the Prince of Darkness, Dark Throne intelligent system quickly using a miniature camera, lock the leaf morning, then issued a wiping out the command. Whoosh! a beam of light, like a laser from the handrail at the Throne of Darkness spray shè out, after the momentum did not make the throne by a standstill, but faster port (<

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