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21.05.2013 10:10
This is the first and five lines of R ì antworten

Huo Tianhong shot biting, also really let crescent was frightened jump, though she is your army after abnormal embarrassed, but after all, is the daughter, if she really say how to deal with your. I'm afraid it is simply torture a out after it is put, just is angry and Nangong from, thus directly blurted out, didn't expect Huo Tianhong to unexpectedly so quickly. "Huo... Huo brother..." The new moon lips some tremble slightly, can not help but look at Huo rainbow road. Huo Tianhong single hand around her shoulders and said: "rest assured, from now on the R, there are no longer any person to bully you, as long as they are bullied you, will be like this!" "Toot -" women are the most susceptible animal, hear Huo Tianhong so tender and bullying, crescent immediately threw herself into his arms. Looked at two people, North meditation can slightly touched, the moon while eating a lot of things, but we can get Huo Tianhong so said,Air Jordan Outlet, even if is dead, there will be no regret. If change oneself, certainly is the general idea, just do not know that smelly boy, will also like Huo Tianhong, desperate to protect themselves? Thought of here, eyes can not help look at Nangong from, but found that this boy disappeared trace, can not help but sigh a sigh of relief. At this moment, ears suddenly heard a shocking voice: "North beauty, is it right? I want to ah, you see people are so tolerant honey Italy, at least you let me hug is not!" BeiCang static Wenyan hurried forward side back two steps, but just in time to see if Nangong with open arms, reveal the slightest embarrassment smile. Although secretly agreed between the two things, but North static after all some shy, not in front of everyone and Nangong if I kiss me. We'll see. You see people of the rainbow, is how to the moon, if you can make a let I touched things, maybe I can also consider!" BeiCang static some bad smiled and said. Nangong from the angry threw his arms, said: "you can't get away from me, huh, I sooner or later, you make a great shaking heaven and earth!" This is the first and five lines of R ì flag Usher, is also the first victory in Nangong, so if the call, the big pendulum glee feast, along with Nangong if in chaotic space treasure wine is out. Wine over three years, all the soldiers have a bit tipsy, if Nangong is stood up, way: "brothers, this R ì we get drunk, in addition to victory, another is to pledge, Ming R ì, we five flag will be truly enter the battlefield, when the time comes,Coach Classic Sale, we face the danger is a hundred times this R ì, or that sentence, I hope, from here I bring out many people, we hope to be able to how many people will come back here, you are not my subordinates, are my brothers, brothers, that can do anything, will not sell, I believe that every one our brothers five flag, just believe myself, we keep J ī ng resting for three years, Ming R ì, is our country,Oakley Sunglasses Scalpel Cheap, for those, we delay time for the soldiers who died in the time to pay off old scores!" "Revenge! Revenge!" >

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