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> The talk of the crowd, the the leading foot inflammation top Ye Chen, looked cold Baizhang magma monster. wWw. QUAnBEn. COM his body evil spirits filled, the heart was secretly shocked, this magma monster looks like, not addicted wrong, consternation, that a dark creature! Real Dark biological! Has destroyed countless civilizations monsters! "How could that, in the present period, how dark creatures will come drag ball, even if it is a butterfly effect, the change would not be so great!" Ye Chen hearts serpented i "History fried dark creatures are town chalky pressure in the dark world , in other subsidiaries bit surface space! general, remains unexplored, into the dark world! "However, in history, never dark creature which remains unexplored, can take the initiative to leave the remains unexplored, except that rumors great destruction time came, addicted to the dark creatures break free of the seal. descended to earth! "Ye morning made me all kinds of thoughts tumbling. A guess Yuan had been rejected, i "to the power of dark circles, if all descended to earth in the blink of an eye detection can kill all living things on Earth, the head of dark creatures, certainly not through the seal from. In Ye Chensi cable between the other end of the magma monster face violence Shu, screaming loudly, body the chalky within magma scroll instant, in turn re-unite a magma arm, sweeping the sky, to Ye Chen bombers kill over hot breath, Mi deceive the whole The empty D Ye Chenmu of grabbing mind, staring at turned from the huge arm, feeling of heaven and earth in the sight, only huge arm, vain storm winds blowing a magic hair backward floating mad, he Tsui intended to kill sharp, hand twist a move, the Rune space instantly turned on. lift Shouyi Zhao, the reconnaissance that to insert ten thousand strong, in order to wield swords Crystal picked up! respiratory! the force meter-long swords Crystal quintana blood red . bloodthirsty demons, cold smell of wandering in the leaf morning the body not only failed to reduce his heart murderous but fiery Tao oil. the disrespect days wind, he crying out loud, waving swords, dragon rushed out! Puchi! Fengrui Crystal swords, such as cutting tofu, cut magmatic arm, slightly blocked. put fists and hands brittle position abruptly cutting to fall, huge fist Floor, crashing garrison numerous magma then as before Ling xìng, rushed to the magma monster! "off! . , Ye Chen eyes a cold, his brow a flash fire. Intake of a fire source the Firebrand Shanlue out, glowing terrifying majesty, as if a Pacific Great, suddenly come into the world, blessing in leaf violence who! Wow! Ye Chen a jet black hair. Moment become as red as blood. Brow burning flame, such as Swire flame along the gods, with awe-inspiring divinity, the tyrant must drag to deter the eternal. With Firebrand Swept, two light from the leaf morning two violence shè the out, the left eye flame, the right eye is dark, such as the two Snake, straight burst into the magma below! With dark beam fall into it. Whole piece magma moment does not move, fall into the burning beam into the original security nasal magma suddenly boiling up, inverted out with Handan Iron flock leaves morning, a flame of God in his stature Zhou Shu money! This raise, see the the magma monster almost inverted spray blood, Darien D going to Heaven and forgive the roar, the sound waves, such as column, the original black ink cloud to climate between natural exploded, boiling roll! Suddenly, to gush a rich fire storm from it tight amine Bay a large magma at Brokeback storm again. The formation of a new arms! Ye Chen eyes narrowed, Fengrui coldness passing, he saw the to the magmatic monster soles of the feet, where a sea of ​​fire, melting all around, from the rear rushes over the pseudo-dark creatures, is stained by this sea of ​​fire, burning the Lord of death! Killed! Ye Chen murderous face, feet a little dragon head, thousands of eyes, blood red swords of the holding force meters, launched into the sky and rushed to the magma monster, ready to strike killed! Fried World really dark creature war experience. Chen Ye know, most of this magma monster body the chalky within magma, poured into the big drag, the minerals in the soil incineration, and then extract into the body, the combination of the garrison limb chalk body, otherwise, the absolute not addicted so much magma it! For most people, even addicted to the ten thousand forces, magma monster in front in the first degree field level, will probably be defeated, and the other foot on the earth. magma kept drawn from the big drag, physical simply endless fight durable is the kiss of death! jumped up, leaf morning to speak, wind whistling ear. standing on the highest point of the entire battlefield, even the magma baizhang monster, in the body! countless wait-and-see, have held their breath Ye Chen bowed down "of numerous dense mass monster army, screaming roar, looks thrilling. Time, as if only a moment still. Then - roar! ! The magma monster storm Shu sound deafening yù deaf, resounded through the days drag it up the flame fist, crashing smashed over the hot temperature of air burning distorted. Ye Chen a blood fat inverse dance, his face murderous, holding the sword of Crystal the head to the magmatic monster head pixia! Severely pixia! Full pixia! Violent force, the perfusion in the arms, with his six or seven million physique, strength addicted to more than three million UG "Poof!! Crystal swords, all-conquering, slash at smb go straight amine that hit over the face of the flame fist split open, magma to both sides of the cross-flow, leaf morning fire face mapping shè eyes like also fell shy of the two flames Karma! the, Crystal swords from magmatic monster head pixia. without hindrance straight amine through in the end ,Coach Hotsale Online, of the entire baizhang monster, from the top of the head, a split between the cross, divided into two! appointed Long!! the magma monster came crashing down into a diameter of old magma ocean, numerous buildings were instantly covered burned in ashes, many rush over monster screams magma engulfed the entrance of the ruins, the countless wait-and-see, a stunned! raised snow looked the air, comes down to the blood-haired man, and lay your hand upon your lips, Tsui addicted could not conceal his horror, she still remember the first meeting that only soldiers-class men ...... that in front of the entire camp. kill prospective Major General taxi ..., ... just garrison to major general, surveillance dare to challenge the general of the senior commander of the cloud Beijing ...... that the city wanted in still fearless and street killings blood Oscillation (three feet) to kill God - turn Tsui, which has garrison for the light base The City president! strength, has been in progress ... Until now, she found, the other has been completed beyond her imagination, owned addicted to drag bit and power status, have been garrison order to drag her hope in step ...... when no one noticed this woman almost silently drag clenched his fist, clenched lips. eyes glowing stubborn sè the heart silently promised deep-seated oath buckle ... next to her ice clouds Ye Chenqiang force shocked,Oakley Lifestyle Online, with Jeremiah frowned,Nike Jordan 6 Shoes, muttered: "So powerful. I want to how income harem? This is what a the worth pondering surface ...... Ye Chen fell on the ground, the weight of the heavy Crystal swords ministries carried on your feet, the weight of the drag surface burst open to collapse down, cracked countless fine lines. Immediately. Distant cry Dragons sounded. Yan Lung Tongti Fire, red passing to D Ye Chen toes a little drag surface body pull leaps, falls inflammation leading to speak, feet flat sank, then fast complex as usual. Out leaf morning hand twist that the emerge Rune space, with the cold voice, a the white sè Ayako from the inside out, a few ups and downs. Jumping at the bottom, feminine voice respectful: "Meet the owner of D, which is naturally white shadow six silver fox, because it was too cunning Ye Chen in Superman chess-case, did not dare let it appear in the side to prevent the price of passage. "relies on the best screen to kill. Do not price lazy D, Ye Chen migraine looked at him. The Tsui God is cold, such as two the sharp Daomang, piercing six silver fox eyes, plus addicted to Firebrand blessing of his body immemorial breath. As well as foot inflammation Dragon, looks like as of fire gods, amazing power and influence. Six silver fox hearts of a cold, cold sweat oozes from the surface but not fixed sound sè of charming nod, sweet voice: "Yes, master., Then figure flash, burst into a monster force in it is quite clever, did not addicted to deep monster army, but waited at the ruins entrance here, because monsters here are the most vulnerable, it can also be seen, Ye Chen purpose is to protect the remains of the entrance here - it has always been really understand the discussion favor D then - bang opposite the M the original magmatic surging flames. leisurely between rough, the entire diameter old flames. instant badly. caught numerous fire waves with Jesus. magma slow to catch condensation and re-order a the Baizhang magma monster! originally cheering loudly, the sound came to an end, scared defended drag the magma monster looked back from the dead. some incredible Ye Chen looked to re-unite the magma monster, did not panic, this is the first energy department dark creatures as long as the body nuclear energy has not yet burst, even if it is split, it will not die. holding his Crystal swords, a blood inverse dance, cold eyes, riding Yan Lung rush up, holding a Crystal swords metal can, the magma Zhipi monster skull, dark bio-energy nuclear, in the head or chest position. "roar magma monster rage screaming, fists, spending a head, as if a sea of ​​fire waterfall swept down the hot blast melt. Poof! the force meter-long swords Crystal dancing in the wind. Xiaoduan the whole arm, broke open the obstruction. pixiang magma monster head, suddenly detect cut open half of the brain, which does not have any brain cells, only addicted to numerous boiling roll magma energy nuclear Ye Chen eyes lit up to see to the the magma monster on the left side of the exposed half of the energy of nuclear, saw that the energy nucleus was diamond-shaped, whole body red inside like addicted to numerous fire concentrated flow, if extremely beautiful, but contains bursts to destroy the atmosphere, about ten feet in diameter! Crystal, Ye Chen Lin Shi waving swords, to hack to the magmatic monster left brain. to swallowed air force and pushed the body chalk, the storm poured forth. d I just get While level the energy nuclear uptake of energy inside than the screen kill millions of old monster as well as the effect of! "roar" the magma monster roar heard, and seems to understand the intent of the leaf morning, it eyes the fire out loud. sudden storm roar, the whole body swelled! "what" leaf morning face sè slightly changed the magma monster even playing blew! (<

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