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21.05.2013 10:03
the three hundred thousand light cavalry antworten

Although the timely rain orders, but Huo Tianhong also is not a vegetarian, as the Dragon Royal Academy of the most outstanding talented students, his military level, definitely not in the rain. Five flags in support Hong Cheng, Huo Tianhong saw each other's formation, they already think good coping methods. Therefore, five flag when reach the enemy, he has been doing a good job of deployment. Wood line flag soldiers because action quickly, and with a ranged attack, so only the most quickly rushed to the battlefield, if used to support Nangong, but also to stop the enemy cavalry to attack. And the gold Hangqi and soil line flag is followed, five flags, only the two flag soldiers, is the real hand-to-hand fighting force,Coach Crossbodys Clearance, so Huo Tianhong put them together. The line of fire and water line flag flag, flag is five lines of the most deadly two flags of troops, so the two flag people,Oakley Monster Dog Outlet, already do teams, from flank to ambush the enemy. Rain in the burst happens, the breakout way was five flag alleys, many soldiers fell in a pool of blood. When the break out of time, the three hundred thousand light cavalry, has left more than one hundred thousand people, about half of the soldiers died in the battle. But let Nangong if some unfortunately, did not catch cold, her who is too powerful, and they fear death, although only a thousand people, but desperate to protect, but also have rain comprehensive support. In the withdrawal at the same time, cold heart is a desolate, this is the third time she and Nangong from confrontation, did not think it was the same defeat. Lightly sighed tone, I barely holding back tears, said: "the army command, and infantry rendezvous, the debt, we must get back!"............................. "Wife, cousin, old..." Nangong in the North if static they quickly by the past, he says with a laugh. North Jing is also Minzui smile, no barrier for Nangong if the mouth, after three years of running, Kita Kurashizu has gradually settled. "If, just the general seems to be a bit familiar!" North Harbour evil designs look to Nangong if the static channel. Nangong if not awkward smile, look and Bukchang static that overtones in conversation in the eyes, he scratched his head, way: "wife, hey, it's your sister, you know, your husband is good..." If the Nangong still talk rubbish, the hearts can not help but nervous, afraid to face north quiet eyes. BeiCang static nature is see the cold rain, also remember between Nangong and rain if bet, he knew that if Nangong's x ì ng lattice. Now two people meet again, if the Nangong and s è, certainly will take advantage, and with this kid x ì ng lattice, as long as he saw the woman, usually not escape the palm of his hand. At least,UK Nike Air Jordan, he is an example of. Thought of here, Kita Kurashizu can not help but with a red face, looked at Nangong from embarrassment, but also not to embarrass him. Immediately transfer the topic: "if, the enemy has now receded, the next step we should how to fight?" Nangong BeiCang if see static not pursue, heart >

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