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the door has stood three figure antworten

> Hear the young Santos Waseen brow wrinkled, said: "the other party to a number of people?" His voice sort of yīn Shen, allows men to panic,Coach Outlet Sale, not even informed take into account, they panic broke into the reception room notification, showing that the situation is not serious. WwW, QunabEN, coM young strong self-calm voice still could not help but tremble, said: "the direction we want people to say the instructors in our guild, their guild members kill several jīng British, wants us to pay the instructor, otherwise it will have to go to war! "Santos Waseen frowned and said:" I non-guild fighting are not allowed without permission of Association and the left hand of God, which instructors unauthorized hands? "Next to the White Dragon, YUE Heng, who, as a God sè have a bit weird, Ye Chen frowned:" this dispute is provoked. His heart guessed, most own communication vent properly identity, caring people report a secret he had guessed the result, and was not surprised, but did not think the revenge of the Association of the left hand of God even to so quickly. "? Toth Waseen startled, immediately thought of something, exclaimed: "Well, no big deal, the left hand of God Association to see we are not pleasing to the eye is not one or two days, but did not go to war only to find the handle. "Ye Chen did not answer, asked the young man said:" The left hand of God Association How many people came? "The youth outlook Yan listen to sè, to see leaves morning and the Association of adults sitting together" are not secret heart awe-inspiring, and the face of his questioning, did not neglect, quickly said: "This time the left hand of God Association to a total of 4 q Santos Waseen people gathered in a combat zone, where exercise, stroll guild members are violent beating, and also killed a lot of people. "" What! dare hands to kill? " pound the table, metal table was beaten concave down, leaving a faint fingerprints, he looked at the young man, "determine the latter does not exaggerate not help clenched his fists, and my heart is filled with anger! The other'm wanton slaughter Da kill members of his hands, and then hit his face! The youth was taken aback, looking at the metal table handprint, the secret heart of horror, looked down, not say much more for fear has become the object of anger to vent. Santos Waseen chest dramatic ups and downs, full of anger, but no place to vent, he clenched fist, flashing in the eyes of the beholder. After a moment, the youth was a small channel: "President adults, how to do?" "How do?" Waseen teeth Toth "" but also how to do, only to send a instructor in the past, gave each other disposal, do the and they really go to war? This time they grasp the handle, we are wrong in the first place, the base city will not stand on our side. "Send an instructor to drop the charges? Young surprised instructors, but one hundred strong ... the value of the instructors is not a the two three jīng British members can be compared, he looked at Santos Waseen almost angry distorted cheek, reigning the hearts inability to Yi Tan, at the base has been clearly stipulated in the City, major associations shall not be selfish battle, if played too far, the base city will party shot after shot to help! but this time ...... Association of Blue Mountain is the first shot. Historically, the two associations often little friction, but not easily first hands-on, after hands-party going all out to fight, because in base city will be shot to help when about to Pimie will base city maintenance major associations the relationship between the means of equilibrium boat. forces of the Association of Blue Mountain, kill a few people at the base of the city, the base city does not care as long as do not blow up on the line, but on the forces, the Society, after all, the Association still no strong base city! "This time I lose an instructor, the next time I want him to make up for loss of a million people! "Santos Waseen Yanmou of flashing fiercely, he is the generation of dignity, which is light soft egg disadvantage does not fight back." Ear, to find that instructors? Young asked bitterness, there is not foolish enough to go to the top dead people. Santos Waseen frowned That would be a problem, he thought for a moment, think up, said: "Misereor instructors have a wife, his very love, you go, as long as he is willing, I will give the best care of his wife, unless I die, otherwise absolutely no active lay a finger on his wife! "He can promise? Young could not help hesitated for a woman to die, too stupid. "He certainly will. Light the Santos Waseen Yanmou of glowing strange, "There is no one better than I know him, for his wife, you let them out of his own heart, he will not hesitate. This is a a loved confused moron! "Youth help Yizheng, mouth touched the hearts, immediately nodded slightly and turned to leave." Slow! "Ye Chen suddenly opening, indifference:" No need to send instructors to drop the charges. "Is not necessary? Santos Waseen and young have hesitated to Ye Chen looked at Santos Waseen a, eyes inexplicable means, said: "This hands-on first, and for them, it is a godsend, although you loss of a one hundred strong, but the president of the Association of the left hand of God, his ambition this more than that, otherwise he can not do on the seat! Santos Waseen startled mind, not sure: "You mean ..." Ye Chen lightly: "In such conditions, if I will definitely bring it to drop the charges of the instructors in front of your guild Da , living tortured to death, to stimulate your nerves, severely humiliated, angered you, who could not help but angry, take initiative, public attention, has become the first hands-on, to, or to war! Toth Waseen silent Chinese youth feel these words quite reasonable, anxiety can not help but said: "That is now how to do? "Very simple. "Ye Chen put up a hand wand" to overcome the Association of the left hand of God on the line. "Reception room silence. Dawn updated the group God by Santos Waseen and the young man burst consternation. Looking at the three bases of the Russian city, which one can say so domineering! You know, the forces of the left hand of God Association, but even the base city of fear, Poland base city launched the effort, you can overcome the Association of the left hand of God, but Kill 10000, since the loss of eight thousand, next to other bases City eyeing and did not dare to act rashly this Association! Ye Chen slowly stood up, patted Santos Waseen shoulder, said: "We have in the past." Lakatos the Waseen face sluggish, could not help but said: "The forces of the Society of the left hand of God far more than we If that fight, and even win, we are also residual wins, and the base city maybe also shot, after all, a few large guild battle, it is tantamount to weaken the human strength out there monster army Tiger gaze intently uh ... " "I know." light Ye Chenping Road, patted him on the shoulder, a great means assured. Toth Waseen could not help smile, the next youth said: "You go to convene the major instructors, along with the departure," the youth saw Ye Chen a strange God sè, said: "Yes." And walked away. White Dragon stunned and said: "only Pui mouth Personal, we are all mobilized? Versfeld the Waseen help looked at the youth, and soon found that" although the latter looked random, at first glance a little Xiangsha a sum, but who has shrouded with a touch murderous, only long killing killer cold temperament, could not help a cold heart. rarely spoke Mo Feng lightly: "temporary only once four" but the other probably already guessed we will convene the staff, so so we recruited in the past, will soon be hidden in secret army to send out large-Da-scale fighting! "" Oh. "White Dragon Huangwu. "EQ IQ!" Yue Heng help rolled his eyes. White Dragon glare and said: "asshole who said! "You! YUE Heng did not allow. "Yes, my asshole say. "White Dragon quack jiān, laughing. YUE Heng discovered in the meter, almost did not strangle him. Santos Waseen gave the two men a crash, etc. while going to the blood bank, you also thought a joke? Soon, everyone will Waseen with Santos, left the meeting room, came to the bottom of the headquarters of the Society. people come here, the door has stood three figure, two men and a woman, consternation, that remains front of the entrance, directing numerous army leaves morning shelling of the three commanders. heard footsteps, the three men turned and saw Waseen Santos, respectful nod, then his eyes aiming saw next to him Ye Chen, Dayton is shrinking the eye pupil, almost did not exclaimed aloud. "evil evil evil evil ... the devil! "One of the coffin curls Youth trembling stuttered. The charm woman next to Phil Blue and middle-aged man, slightly pale face sè to speak, that nightmarish scene surfacing again, not help students over the body cold, without any sense of security. Santos Waseen brow wrinkled, said: "Shut up, cents ...... adults, is the true president of the Association, and shall afterwards rude! "He had wanted to introduce leaf morning, they found themselves do not know the latter name, could not help a little embarrassed. Leaves morning like spotted, plain and said:" My name is Ye Chen. "Ye president! Phil Blue and middle-aged men,Jordan UK sale, and the young man hesitated slightly, they quickly recovered, jumped on the bandwagon, quickly shouted, respectful appearance see Toth Waseen some jealous heart. "On you three people? "Toth Waseen to divert attention, looked at the next and found only three." We headquartered rest, to notified immediately rushed over,Jordan UK sale, other people estimate still on the road. Phil blue-collar first. Tart ah ...... footsteps rushing, and soon, a stalwart figure, running up from a distance. '1 M car Seoul to. "Middle-aged man smiled and said" looks and misoprostol Seoul on good terms Ye Chen looked up and looked, this is a young man, "fart ~ ~ height, the virgin black sè curly hair, white skin temporarily, aquiline nose, eyes quite bright, giving jīng dynamic feeling, wearing a the platinum sè Leather, joints loose living, and carried a two-edged gold sè of sword, such as the heroic momentum, the body with the Royal nobility. <

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