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are scanned into antworten

> Just come back, want four more outbreaks, to compensate you, the results a little overconfident. WWW Fengyun energy in QUANben, com sacred tree suspended in mid-air, roots headlong into the void, a variety of energy intake of other space planes, like a huge mill, the the mixed energy inhalation body chalk, condensed into pure energy. Afar, I saw the bottom streamer overflowing, Xia Hong Yinghui, various Yan sè the energy band of light such as silk, drifting into the trunk, many crystal light small point, drifting into the treetops leaves, so that the energy The sacred tree more Fei to Gujing Ying, leaves, such as jade carving, glowing light Haoguang. The most prominent is in the treetop, hanging crystal gender through the whole body green fruit, about as big as a football size, smooth appearance jade, like pearls. Energy fruit! "Ye Chen eyes blazing energy inside the fruit contains a wealth of pure energy, you can add mechanical soldiers, refining plants, computer, communications, lighting and other equipment. The Fengyun energy sacred tree in front of up to little knowledge, onion Yu Shuguan, hanging energy fruit dense, the number of clear, completely up and running normally allows a base. Leaf morning approached, cool breath blowing, body fatigue swept away, the people refreshed and bright. He stood energy of God under the tree side, looked up and looked, this energy sacred tree towering days, single is the root of the tree, such as Qiu Long, very thick, like a road mysterious mystery pattern similar tree pattern shrouded the surface of the bark. "With energy sacred tree, after repair spacecraft energy were available." Ye Chen eyes bright, spacecraft above the Rune Rune dilapidated, requires a lot of energy, as well as Rune instrument repair to restore, a lot of energy has been sent Rune instrument repair. "Well?" Leaf morning his eyes swept away, suddenly saw the energy under the sacred tree trunk, a headlong into the void on the roots, there was a black light his brow microfold, the figure of a move, step by step, body chalk within the surging strength shrouded body, dragged the body to the Okanagan to be snatched. From the more recent, leaves morning to see more clearly, I saw this root shall be attached to one black light, the concave embedded above, exudes a faint black light, surrounded by roots energy intake over a great part of the flow into the this black light and black light around the root to be, it seems to be sucking the moisture, somewhat wrinkled. Ye Chen look close two, suddenly the eyes flash, figure back Ji Zhang, raising his hand, a ray of black light thrown from the fingertips, compressed into small Heijian rotation Biao shè the out break open vanity, and a direct hit on the black light. Bang! Black sword cuts through the black light, shè inside seemed to hit the side of the iron wall, were smashed! Ye Chen finger microseismic some numb body chalk strength and body closely linked, once damaged, the body will seriously injured, his brow Wei Zhou, ideas rotation, then collapse into numerous small particles pneumatic slowly condensed into a two-edged knife break open the black light, upside down and back. "Who faze me clear dream!", I heard a muffled voice sounded from the black light, inverted back the black sè knife enveloped by an invisible force, bang bang, crash again, into the one black sè in pneumatic, forcibly pulled into the black light. Ye Chen suddenly they feel Road pneumatic lost contact! His eyes coldness flash, move the finger hook, called out the gas gun, pneumatic infusion into. This gas gun like a bottomless pit, the crazy leaf morning pneumatic violence Bay, such as the burst river poured into the one-third of the air force, to fill up before the gas gun, can send shè the ten pneumatic bullets. Bang! Ye Chen did not hesitate to shoot, the a black sè bullets hurricane fly out the air to draw faint distortions black marks, the shè into that black light, hit the metal quality sound. "You idiot!" Roar sounded from the black light, that black light suddenly thrust collapsed, fleeing into the a black sè of metal balls, with restrained black light, metal ball slowly creeping out from the inside of the two long-legged, stand up, and then the arms, neck, head, protruding from the metal ball on the instant, it turns into a mechanical warrior. This mechanical soldiers about three meters, wearing a black armor back there is a two-edged alloy swords, from the point of view to the outside, not very different from humans, only the skin is too smooth, reflected reflecting metallic. You do not deserve to know he turned his head, eyes staring at Senhan the vacant leaf morning, you killed! "Ye Chen did not think there is a robot, frowned,Air Jordan Spizike Sale, and said:" Who are you? " ! ", the mechanical heijia eyes freezing cold feet tree shall storm swept on the big hands clenched swords, to Pilai head-to leaf morning. Ye Chen eye pupil miniature Helkath robot speed, his vision even follow on, the chest suddenly thrust a pain, body involuntarily back blows, heavy hit the metal wall of the body bones are like shock scattered. Where he originally stood, heijia robot body, such as Teleport as aerial suspension, armed with swords, the condescending overlooking leaf morning, sneered: "combat before thousands of dross, be able to enter the kernel space, operator your luck, and read in the sake of you and I are sterile after the fire of civilization, the king will not kill you, you own a break! "Ye Chen slowly stood up from the ground to speak, a hot chest pain, rib fracture four, including a broken bone pierced the chest of the intestines,Coach Online Sale, causing internal bleeding, but powerful physique, the wound quickly condense and rapid healing. He erased the mouth with blood, looked unto the midair heijia robot, just the blow if there is a black feather armor blocking body I'm afraid to have that sword to split in half, his eyes murderous Senhan, palm lift, the body chalk pneumatic floats into flames, from the palm. Yan, God, Hammer! ", The temperature of the entire trough! Suddenly rise, a the giant crimson round tower palm leaf morning cohesion, clear stripes, suffused with horror the destruction of the atmosphere. "Dead!", Ye Chen figure skimming sky, Yan in the hands of God hammer handle crashing wave, MIT heijia robot boom hit in the past, hot arrogance air burned slightly distorted. "Well, only the first layer, but also dare presumptuous!", Heijia robot saw Yan Hammer of God, not surprised, but sneer, said: "Here battle, the king let go of the hands and feet, in case the energy of God tree damage, you die a thousand times can not afford to lose! "Then, a painting of the palm of your hand, a black hole to surface, his shadow a move, and rushed inside. Ye Chen eyes Senhan but no rash Ningmu the black hole carefully read the two determined no ambush and dangerous, storm swept into. This black hole like Rune space, but inside the area is vast several times, is a very vast continent the gray sè the sky, no clouds, ground four wilderness, rivers and biological, just bare one. The fall of the king of the world, you can be proud. "Heijia robot suspended in mid-air, cold eyes, armed with swords, systemic fluctuations extremely tyrannical energy. Ye Chen, apart from anything else, waving directly in the hands the Yan of God hammer handle crashing punched. Boom! The mechanical heijia figure skimming back away from this powerful blow. Yan God hammer handle crashing hit the bottom of a mountain, blasting xìng power vent out, the whole top of the hill smashed split quarters, violent shaking of the mountain, crash collapse. Ye Chen eyes Senhan the body of a punch on the hammer handle swept the sky, Yan God, throw in a sea of ​​fire, roaring rushed to the heijia robots. Well ......! , Heijia robot Lengheng soon lift the palm of your hand, five fingers again the five strange runes, slowly rotating condensed into a shield, whole body suffused with a faint hot flame shield surface zhōngyāng of a mysterious mark, and fire printed exactly the same. "quiet flame shield! , Ye Chen eye pupil a shrink immediately transported from the systemic forces teeth, pushed Yan God the hammer handle Zala down. Bang! The Cheonan like shaking the size of the hill Yan God hammer handle Zala down, be quiet flame Shield block the violent energy exploded around the lower mountains and rivers of the earth shake shook the mountain Akira split a Road black sè crack leaf Morning arm numb, lost consciousness, the body upside down a few hundred meters, stopped down. "ant kind of things! The ", heijia robot figure slightly flash, they dangling firm, looked indifferent Ye Chen, pure black eye pupil device jīng to detector, and the leaf morning energy fluctuations, bone strength, flesh and blood, are scanned into, analysis in the next value of a battle: 240000! Yan Hammer of God, reached the 29,348-point fighting, nearly 30 million! However, that fighting capacity for mechanical heijia people, simply slag! "the king With Tempo probe into the void of energy God roots shall, got into roots,Jordan 4 Sale, to escape the boundaries here, entrenched five million years! Seeing another few million years, they can get the tree to identify the main the Fengyun energy of God, you get an ant kind of things, but also dare to destroy the king plans! ", Heijia Robot in the eyes filled with murderous," If the king in the center of the Yan domain Mami, temporarily unable to escape, or come down with one of their fingers will be able to run over you! , With just the bombardment, he would know currently with sub-chalk body force, is quite difficult to be an instant spike leaves morning, reigning the hearts Anhen, dignified generation of the king, they're still fighting and an ant, this is simply insult! like an emperor suddenly found shared a room and beggars. "go die! , Heijia mechanical grip swords, watching the leaves morning the body of the black feather armor, angry heart, if it is a tough coat, just a knife will be able to kill each other! Whoosh! Him armed with swords, such as Shura devil leaves morning rush over the air, Ye Chen eyes Senhan to to watching the rushing of heijia mechanical people suddenly palm pendulum, Yan God the hammer shank revenue body chalk, immediately gloves, wrist , black feather armor, Baoyan boots take off one by one. heijia mechanical saw the odd behavior of the leaf morning, frowned, immediately grinning out to accelerate rushed up: "the impatience live, court death! , Ye Chen will be equipped with unloaded palm of a painting, open Rune space, lost inside, to prevent damage in the ensuing battle, the upper body **, shapely muscles exposed to the air, wearing only a black sè pants ants Superman, Open! "Ye Chen clenched fist, step by step, the sky whom shocked! <

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