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soldiers in the Toth the Waseen antworten

> Chapter 34: open! Of seeking monthly owed shame, have to fight to try to fill the cups ("?"), Just came back today, the car tired, today two revitalized the jīn God, began to fill tomorrow ... "" a pro-guard nod. www QUanbEN, COM Santos Waseen your breath for a moment to look Ye Chen, suddenly a flash of the eyes, the body back out a few steps into the ordinary soldier army Lianmei low mesh At first glance, the humble . Boom flames round tower crashing hit on a hill, the earth burst open, breaking out of a giant scar, hillside shaking, like an earthquake, many soldiers are standing firm, and some screams fell into the seam sandwich, squeezed into ru cake. The murder blood gas, step by step. The magic figure black sè such as, with a wild and chill, his body shrouded faint flames, looked up, and two Han Xing, such as the Daoguang è The dark army to the opposite. We must remember that leaves morning figure of a move, feet kicking the earth burst body, such as shells, like out of the hands of Chi Yan Yuan tower light Ruohong the waving in front of a large black sè torrent fly sweep and clear an open space, many physical low-level soldiers swept round tower, direct firing Asher. Rivers of blood distant secretly a wait-and-see major associations felt suffocation "," Shorty brawny skinned trembling, the two tuǐ slightly trembling, watching alone leaves morning rush in thousands of troops, hearts this domineering shock. "Tyrant" next to the handsome young mouth nt shiver, if it is witnessed, and slew him do not believe that someone will be strong so far off the mark on the battlefield, a wailing is everywhere, Guikulanghao. "......" "Escape ah,Jordan UK sale, do not push me, your head" "Do not stopped the old, get out" Everyone saw flame rolled leaf morning rushing goes cold handsome face death and see all mind chatter, a sudden collapse of the original neat camp, everyone fled in all directions can not run it? Round Tower strokes, die a lot who would dare bar statue kill God? The heavy army surrounded the demon burn NV, the blood of the dragon, see leaf morning all the way straight from the unstoppable, stepping on the foot of the countless dead bodies, such as the living hell out of the Shura help face pale sè, heart initiation his retirement. However, the thought of the president Toth the Waseen will behind, where dare to take a step back? Moreover, they are a commander, even they are to escape the following the army not 1un into a set? So they turned around and looked, almost spurting. Saw where Waseen Santos still has disappeared disappeared,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK, turned out to see the situation is not good, the first step to escape? Ooo, ooo in the sky, and suddenly the wind sound Dasheng few Road yīn shadow crossed many soldiers head to Ye Chen galloped actually several battle "targeting" ready shè 3,2,1 On several fighter the device the missile explosion shè out, straight to the ground rush leaves morning. , Shoop ... seventy-eight, Xiu Xiu missiles, dragging the long tail down H to, position bias does not leave, just hit to the leaf morning along the road, bouncing off each other together, crashing explosions and gun the whole piece on the hill, a mushroom cloud rising , the smoke rushed sky, spread out as B1N. "Hit", "successful" Blue Mountain Association of all the people watching this scene, pleasantly surprised, look at each other, to see that each of the joy in the eyes of this moment, these people totally forget the face of so many people , just an end of the world and their survivors afar many associations have elongated neck attention. Mushroom cloud slowly fades. Da da ... finely footsteps, slowly began to sound from the inside, step by step, to get out to the outside. The original cheers surprise, smile have frozen looked in disbelief unto them smoke. I saw the the light mushroom cloud, slowly to a dark sè figure out, from small to big, from fuzzy becomes clear, subtle sound of footsteps over the silence of the hills, everyone hold your breath. One feet, from the í fog has taken. The sun shines, not a cent of temperature. This figure the body without injury, there are faint traces of burning in vitro scales, breeze, blowing his black, prominent on his forehead, a black sè horns, hell demons along the silence looked at the male, was not injured in the explosion of 78 missiles hearts of some ignorant, I do not know whose hands the weapons fall to the ground, such as calm lake dripping drops of water, break the silence. The Wow audience suddenly thrown into a hún1un. "Escape" does not kill this man is the devil "Nima stepping on the old foot in front of the army, people close to the leaf morning feel the death yīn shadow, without a head, fled in panic, followed by close to demon burning nv et al. soldiers, holding the palm of weapons trembling slightly, you want to turn and run, but due to many elders around, or fight back down. Bang bang bang bang ...... the sky, while several fighters stopped for a moment, immediately the Biao shè under a hail of bullets, these fighters are modified, the configuration of the bullet is not a general level, but the Blue Mountains Association of mechanical civilization pressure firearms, extremely powerful enough shè kill two strong-intensive bomb, vocal Biao shè the down. Ye Chen looked up, eyes cold, the body murderous filled, raising his hand a little,Nike Jordan New School Sale, "dead" Senhan sound such as hurricanes sounded, a black light at your fingertips cohesion, the more condensate more concentrated burst shè out bang black light such as lightning, straight front-line throughout a fighter cabin for spike fighter lost, and by the impact, suddenly unstable, slipping down, crashing impact on the ground and explode. Lovemaking ...... the rest of the fighters on the shells spilled down strike on leaf morning Leather, head, hands, not only does not run through, but bounced Beng shè of open the warheads off everywhere. All while stunned. Ye Chen eyes cold and heartless, fingers, body swallowed air force turned into a black whip, the channeling shè out, which one fighter the tail to Juanzhu down "Ye Chen palm pull. Bang fighter not a cent of the resistance, was pulled down from the sky, crashing Zala on the ground inside the staff flatten body extrusion, broken bones, vomited blood. Ye Chen toward the fighter, and grabbed one end, the outrageous power of the body clenched rolled up, a single hand went up, waved his arm and throw the addition of a battle of the mid-air collision with a bang bang explosion jī fire hu, two fighter jets destroyed in mid-air. Ye Chen turned to look at the demon the distant army surrounded the burning nv et al, cold eyes, the figure of a move to the ground stamp out a pit, storm swept past. Bang bang bang ...... demon burn nv and other people in front of the soldiers, and had a chance to escape, by Ye Chen such as tanks, crushed directly hit the burst of the body, blood, intestines, brains, all spill was a dragon Leather Yes. It's all in the electro-optical fire, Ye Chen came to the front of the demon burn nv, such as angel-like figure standing, systemic rich Xuexing Qi and murderous demon burn nv the face sè pale, even to escape the idea of are not. "No, no matter what I do, do not kill me." Originally indifference God sè of middle-aged male, looking at the front of the leaf morning, two the shaking tuǐ warble. Ye Chen cold eyes, glanced at, they now stood by the blood of the dragon does not move, eyes Senhan, raising his hand one point, a black light, such as a demon mouth, swallowed in the past to the blood of the dragon. "No, do not kill me" blood dragon panic screaming, turned yù escape, he was black light enveloped the screams, they no longer move. After a moment, black light if Ling xìn, loosen the blood of the dragon's body, turned into a black light, reflexive fleeing leaf morning in vivo, in situ, leaving only a withered old corpse. Demon burn nv et al chills silent. Well in advance of the retreat, hún into the ranks of the soldiers in the Toth the Waseen see Thriller scene, eyes could not help again in horror, body overflow sweat, quickly bowed his head, did not dare hope, quietly go back to the army. "Santos Waseen where?" Ye Chen looked demon burn nv, cold Road. If not mistaken, the front of this demon burn the nv named Phil the basketball nvxìn fighting chart top ten ranked first, is China's base city ice clouds, spell the nv God army of soldiers, ready to quietly the Waseen body slip Santos stiff, hearts secretly crying, some wonder how the Chinese people understand their own? Is it the students to Russia? Demon burn nv Little Chinese, roughly understand the morning means leaves, light blue sè the eyes turned around and glanced behind, and now Santos Waseen trace bitter: "The president has taken the first step, to leave here "Ye Chen eyes Hanmang flash, look down the crowd, suddenly now Santos Waseen figure, and the memory of that standing on the peak, enjoy compared to the millions of people look up at the stalwart figure, he also a bit young, a bit less majesty and grace, a little more murderous and frivolous, roughly looks not much variation, but less a scar on his cheek, it is the darkness of three years in Kowloon Lake, beheaded Chishui ? beast left strong marks. "Come Ye Chen is raising his hand grasping body strength storm poured forth, cohesion become a the black sè palm, through the crowd, that face of shock Toth the Waseen pinch, pull over. "He knew how yù Santos Waseen hearts cry no tears. The the demon burning nv looked over Santos intake Waseen some consternation not move the hearts of the next leaf morning strength plus horror. Bang Black sè palm release, turned into a black mans incorporated into the body, Santos Waseen dropped on the ground. Surrender, or dead leaves morning looking down at him, cold Road, the tone there is no room for discussion. The Toth Waseen not yet a firm body, they feel the body is a freezing cold enveloped, such as exposure through the ice, body sweat erected, as if standing in front of is not a person, but a prehistoric Xiongshou "< ;

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