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> Twenty-three chapters: the disintegration of the virus! [7 more! Celebrate the group Bingbing shoes wedding today, I hope you can dark comrades we presented a congratulatory message, the nerd with head: Congratulations on your wedding and Early was Takako ... Jiejie the ...... leaf bamboo exclaimed aloud, White Dragon "face drastic change sè, this time, Powell reminder in the next said:" Come, Malaysia on the road in case of zombie ... "" Rolling! "White Dragon Bao He soon face distorted, Bao looked grim Seoul, the latter Dailiaoyixia, some dumbfounded. such as the WWW! Quanben! CoM YUE Heng cold people looked at him, Mo Feng took the pistol from the hands of bamboo leaves, said: "I rescued him," White Dragon Chen Sheng said: "xiǎo heart!" although his heart. want to go on, but at this critical moment, but calm down, to know their physical condition continues, I'm afraid will become cumbersome, the only team that did not suffer any injury is Mo maple and bamboo leaves, nature will not let bamboo leaves to take risks. Mo Feng nodded slightly, yù stand up so Bauer, and jīng strong man surprised and said: "Are you crazy?" Mo Feng did not care, at this moment, his body suddenly meal, they stopped down, has always been indifferent eyes lit up, there is a touch of surprise, White Dragon, who hesitated for a second, and quickly looked, they saw leaf morning covered Mizusawa, wearily climbing the ladder to run out. "Are you okay?" The White Dragon up and down looked leaf morning, a bit of a shock. Next to Bauer et al, his face is incredible, I did not expect in the face of terrorist monster, Ye Chen could have escaped intact! "Hurry!" Said Ye Chen no time, he was dragged into the monster in the water, the pistol luàn fight, a knife stabbed luàn will kill the monster, take the Grand Canal, another a slightly xiǎo the monster has been caught up . White Dragon,Coach Madison Sale, who did not ask, looked around, Mo Feng memory in the mind map, quickly pick a direction and take the lead rushed. Soon, everyone came to a tall building at above a bunch of Russian the White Dragon translate Road: "This is the Institute." Everyone eyes light up, quickly rushed into. "Well?" Mo Feng the Institute of Qiaoliaoliangxia glass mén,Poppy Collection Coach UK, but found it was locked, he slowly step back and immediately violently kicked go bang bang, glass mén shook a ring, but did not shatter. "How can not open?" Powell frowned immediately clenched pistol, to prepare shè hit the White Dragon saw this, could not help the anger on the red, then shouted: "I did you a b your mind broken , to kick kick does not break the glass, certainly bullet-proof glass, you shè hit, not làng fees bullets it? case the bullets bounce back, wounding how do we do? "Bauer Dailiaoyixia soon little embarrassed put away the pistol. Mo Feng thought for a moment,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, turned and said: "Go, Institute of General basement, after mén into!" Everyone followed behind Mo Feng, turn around a bit, kill a few head zombie, immediately to the wall a grass, saw a xiǎo windows quickly kicked up out of the window to climb into. Institute basement, a similar plant, there are many cartons of goods the crowd jumped down, looking at the huge basement feel some air of some yīn Sen, Mo Feng seems to be accustomed to, and went to take the lead, they have to keep up with jǐng Ti looked around. Before long, everyone will be seen in a cargo box, the tummy a white coat man, looks like a research intern tummy motionless, had previous experience, everyone the heart thrown jǐng feel. Leaf bamboo in hand the White Dragon whittled spear went, filled with courage, gradually close, white coat man seems to be moving a bit, then slowly stood up, turned around ... zombie! This man wearing an eye, pale skin, face sores, some places broken xiǎodòng, maggots climbing eyeball green sè, looks quite terrible. Leaf bamboo arm tremble, fast barbed spear, throughout this zombie head from between the eyebrows, on the fighting skills to reach the the red soldiers leaf bamboo can beat the White Dragon, Mo Feng, can be said that in addition to Ye Chen , the most powerful man! After a blow these men kill, Mo Feng led the crowd toward the stairs, whispered: "General of the Institute of Virus Research underground, so deep foundation played mostly below there are several layers of then went downstairs to take the lead, take the elevator to prevent a sudden power outage. Dark corridor on backwards several bodies, such as saw that the people with motionless bodies, have opened his eyes, shaking his feet, screaming rushing to Ye Chen et al. Bauer, jīng strong man two and Mo Feng, open in front, the hands holding a fire ax and other weapons, bamboo leaves standing next to Ye Chen et al, taking care of the White Dragon and broken legs YUE Heng. Along the way to kill a lot of zombies, the crowd came to the basement about five leaf morning to mobilize the system plate, viewed the style of s disintegration of the virus, by virtue of this Search in the Laboratory. Office tummy 78 white shirt male nv are the staff, Ye Chen et al comes, have screamed and rushed over. Powell and Mo Feng, who picked up a chair next to the fire ax, the vocal smashed in the past, will soon be clumsy zombies to kill, the crowd spread out, looking around in the office. Out of sight of the crowd, a camera is a slight rotation ...... "No!" No! "Everyone look around, are not found, White Dragon playing a computer inside the query, immediately frowned and said: computer records reserve places. "Suddenly, the aim of the corner of his eye, saw his left foot a screen, point to open looked at, a hint of surprise in the eyes again, Mo Feng been attracted over, saw two face sè slightly changed, to Ye Chen shouted: "You take a look at the leaf morning startled, immediately came over, I saw this screen is a room, there are many who wear glasses, PhD, Professor, The hand a the Blue sè test tube debugging each other jiāo to flow for a while, and finally Blue sè test tube into the storage room at room temperature. S virus disintegration! "Ye Chen eyes light up, then Ningmu looked suddenly thrust, a turn in front of the screen, all eyes of the wise old professor, Ph.D., suddenly screams, fell to his knees in pain full roll on the ground and then raised his head, face, nails scratching, bloody, hideous. Everyone looked at this strange scene, I feel some trepidation, suddenly, the screen appeared a man dressed in black, like a ghost, feet off the ground, drifting into the storerooms, palms outstretched, directly through the storeroom the mén penetration into the outstretched hands holding that s the disintegration of the virus. Bang! Virus disintegration of the black man crush. Leaves Chen and Mo Feng were amazed, as one, are shocked to see each other in the eyes of the original, Mo Feng Ye Chen gave a doomsday guidelines, theory is a study of virus old Dr. distributed to Mo Feng, which will records, the outbreak of the virus, blocking the storerooms of the virus, intrusion by a black man, resulting in a sudden burst, or virus stocks tight, absolutely not suddenly explode ...... "disintegration did not?" White Dragon consternation . Black man in that picture not see the face, crush the virus, the figure of a move, they disappear. "Huh?" Zhuge who suddenly surprised and said: "Look." Saw that the disintegration of the virus slowly flows with condensation become a Blue sèxiǎo of block, Mo Feng wise eyes glowing light, said: "This virus disintegration left the test tube, exposed to air, will automatically condensation, there is hope! "That's good as long as we find these Blue sèxiǎo block, in accordance with the deployment of the virus disintegration attributes to restore it on the line." "White Dragon relieved. Ye Chen looked at the room én side saw a sign, said: "12 layers in the ground, and then down a seven-story, they reached." Go! "They immediately put away things continue down. With drill down on each floor will encounter zombie seventy-eight, eventually yield in the the crowd yín Wei, has been to 12 layers. In spite of himself! A zombie skull smashed to burst open. They clean up the outside of the zombie, then walked into the possession of the virus storerooms, and soon they found on the floor Blue sèxiǎo block. Ye Chen quickly said: "quick look, how changed his solid liquid." Mo Feng nodded, and White Dragon Search, not long before they found a document, the above is the translation of the Russian White Dragon over all scientific name, terminology, Mo Feng listened in silence, and after listening to all, he walked next to a computer at the start, then quickly search them. "Well?" Bamboo leaves suddenly frowning, said: "seems to be something over." Da, da ...... Ye Chen face sè of slightly changed, Mo Feng said: "Come on, monsters come." Mo Feng grim God sè, the rapid jog, fingers on the keyboard only occasionally asked the White Dragon, not long before, a window appears, he points to determine, then immediately stood up, will get the next Blue sèxiǎo block a study on the stage, into the the butterfly disk of a xiǎo Road yellow sè, halo shine. Da, da, da ... This layer stairs mén pushed open a dense mass of a large group of zombie claws shaking the way, head provocative, about dozens of people. YUE Heng the face sè a change, angrily: "how are there so many zombies." Ye Chen Bao He said: "ready to attack!" Everyone picked up in the hands of firearms, bullet-proof glass of the storerooms mén open the windows, aligned group of zombie shè of strike, Powell scared shaking the palm of your hand, often deflect YUE Heng a slap chōu the the past, rage: "I am a first draft of your uncle, Nima To bullets làng of fee several Caigan Xin! "said robbed his gun over, angrily:" bullets out! "... there is some thing just learned that tomorrow Huitang home, alas, tonight overnight yards out sleepy estimated to be kept for the car tomorrow. bkb <

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