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not to Zhuge who pick up antworten

> This is just a test remains not write hundreds of thousands of prison so long, so rest assured, because not too long, destined This is a condensed all reasonable ...... Www. quANBEn. Com system channel: "The task is to save the human, now called" Suo Feier, on the outskirts of the city. Back hinder King story, the city a month ago, the outbreak of the virus crisis hinder machine. Swept through the city. All C virus infection, become a zombie squad you have to go to the center of the city, find the s-virus solution harm the body, will become a zombie human rescue, four. That is considered to complete the task! . "The completion of the main quest,Coach Online Outlet, incentives to help integration. Leaf morning startled, immediately frown slightly, if a task only 500 office, then at least to complete a to accumulate 5 Points, reach can leave the extent of the reincarnation of the world, but to get the remains to identify the main, at least to complete 200ge task! thought of this, he could not help but the mouth chōu harm twitch, and now the task can be a problem, but also to complete. How long does it take time? Suddenly, his mind a move, in accordance with the memories, past life remains in the black hinder dark calendar eight parts count, then the Russians occupied ...... flow of time! Ye Chen suddenly eyes light up, go, certainly outside the reincarnation of the world flow of time is not the same, maybe a hundred years of struggle inside, outside only been a few days. expect leaf morning will find that Russians ask, can be inferred, his mind when the system said: "In addition to these, there are other ways to earn points? System channel: "In addition to the main quest. There are hidden xìng quests. Can get extra reward points. This have to rely on your own to explore! Ye Chen nodded As a result, a task not only 500 points he looked up. Watching the White Dragon et al. They are slightly drooping eyes. Mostly in the communication and the hearts of the system, He walked next to the White Dragon, after a while children, the youth looked up, his face sad smile: a task, even were only 500 points, to get 100,000 points, that years! "Ye Chen, he said:" you have to ask, a few Russians when to enter here. . , Where he will Russian, or even the communication will not work. White Dragon hesitated, eyes light up immediately, and said: "How do I did not expect, and so on." Said. Toward the two Russians, communication for a while, they came over. Quirky God sè. Ye Chen and other humanitarian: "The two men come here is black nuisance dark calendar May strayed come, he says, they are the reincarnation of the world to be seven or eight months." Mo Feng, who have earthquake The harm to panic and think the key, Ye Chen nodded and said: "The flow of time is really not the same. At this time, the two Russians came the young man on the white dragon smiled and said a few words, White Dragon translated Road: "he said,Air Jordan Take Flight, he called korovin Bauer. Another called Ute Hop Tony. . Russians early last name, then only the harm family have special hinder the right to use the last name. Civilians are not eligible. The Russians extremely mí harm letter, last name evolved from animals, skin sè, over korovin cattle. Ute refers to the child. Ye Chen nodded. White Dragon with the Russian people in the past, and that two of the leaves morning smile and nod, Powell smiled and said: "You are the chalk students study in Russia?" (Hereinafter dialogue, by white Long translation of "almost. Ye Chen said the details. At this time, in the room the other side of the ground, stood up and said a man and a NV also two Russians, the whole room with leaf morning six people, a total of 10 people." are ... ... "Suddenly, the room burst into a ding-dong sound. Bauer smile close. severe Road:" began. leaves morning, a cold heart, the reincarnation of the world, in addition to a combat experience other advantages are not have immediately not neglect, called Tony's men seem Zhezhi team captain he saw a leaf morning, dull eyes, this vision leaves morning too familiar ...... to see the vision of the dead! " 500 points world tasks, the difficulty is moderate, we should not neglect! "Tony said, immediately waist hand nuisance gun pull harm schematically a look that Powell knowing, go mén side, through the cat's eye looked outside, and saw that there was no abnormal open mén én outside a corridor no monster, Tony looked at the man nv Russians, said: "Do you have a telescope, take the lead in ! "man nv seems to be the love relationship, hesitated a moment, immediately take the lead out of mén, the two quite jǐng sleep, walking softly, each of which has two small hands hinder gun violence leaves six people , as a slight smile, each search in the room, but nothing was found, Ye Chen raised his chair, smashed the desk, each holding a piece of wood, better than nothing, they followed the four Russians out of the room out of the room the moment, safe environment away from the crowd. Tony et al tube leaves morning six "new" hit to take the lead, which is, office buildings, many offices, in the corridor, tummy a the shower blood hinder hinder shower corpse, the body is scratched that take the lead male nv see this body, a slight frown, are yù around this body, walked to the side, all of a sudden, that the body moving a moment, then getting up slowly from the ground, his face grim, covered with blood, a light green sè's eyes gazed at that male nv screaming rushed to embrace this man nv shocked , the young man hastened to take a step back, and pulled the trigger, bang bang, a bullet zombie skull breakdown zombie fell to the ground. everyone relieved, the man rubbed his forehead cold sweat, do not stop, followed by around nv Friends together to take the lead around Mo Feng suddenly Ye Chen said: "You have not found this man's physique is not strong?" Ye Chen looked at the man shook the hand impede gun momentum, slightly hinder flutter arm, nodded and said: "Yes." Mo machine whispered: "These people looked a little experience, is certainly experienced several times, but did not enhance strength points physique does not use, so that, determines the strength of will to rely on the equipment, combat skills! "Ye Chen nodded Mo machine was silent for a moment, said:" Stands to reason that the more people, the more rich blood gas, the zombies will be attracted Why do these people not to kill us? ", Ye Chenping. Jing said:" most can not kill, otherwise the reincarnation world new people come in, it is entirely die loses the need to continue into the new. "Let the hearts of the leaf morning doubt, this remains to arrange such a trial space, what is the purpose? honed fighting alone? was not long before Ye Chen, who will be followed by four Russians came to the building below, in the street outside , there are many vehicles in the open street, there are many zombies, walking back and forth, and some tummy Tony look back én the port side, the surface sè dignified, said: "We have to find a map. to go to the city center, the C virus solution harm the body. "Powell smile:" where to find? "leaf morning meditation, next ZHUGE Fan Ye Chen whispered:" Ye big brother, I just peek inside an office., which seems to have a start state. leaves morning startled a little, eyes lit up, his heart felt strange, why wake up, and not somewhere else, but why in this Building Building, the original was ... he would not move the sound sè, saw one that Tony, who, at this moment, Tony, who also look to the leaf morning a few people, eyes become somewhat strange "to see Tony one, immediately means in Youngest the Zhuge Fan, said: "across the street seems to have a weapon shop, you go to see. Zhuge where startled a little. immediately turned around and looked, they found that indeed across the street There is a hardware store, but the mén mouth there are more than a dozen zombie, to rì, a slap in the face can be shot dead,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, but now die, but only copies the moment frowned and said: "too dangerous. Tony indifference nòng he said: "No weapons, you follow we will only drag." leaf morning cold channel: "want to go, you get a gun, I went to!", his glance looked out not to Zhuge who pick up the weapons, but he went to distract the monster, and then they took the opportunity to leave the building. Tony glanced at him, sneered: "how important mechanical gun harm, you can be reasonably play it? Enough talk, old hinder child not ten times wordy and you in the end going! "said the gun at Ye Chen forehead, apathy, said:" kill team, will be deducted Four Points, but do not listen to commands. old hinder child and you will rather die than live! "black leaf morning watching the forehead harm muzzle dòng harm dòng. looming in the eyes of the beholder. next Zhuge where suddenly silent, said: "Well, leaves Big Brother, I go!" Ye morning staring at Tony, suddenly the eye pupil contraction, the widened eye pupil said: "What!" Tony looked behind. Bauer M NV have surprised, turned around and looked, Tony seen anything like this refers to the tricks of the East beat the West, but self-sustaining in the hands of gun and leaves morning physical harm ordinary people, and also subconsciously looked back at the past. whoosh! soon as he had turned around, leaves morning body harm the body suddenly a move, a stride out of the body harm the child side let Tony recovered Jingnu pulled the trigger, almost in hairbreadth moment,-morning palm leaves pile Tony's palm up, the gun hit the ceiling, Ye Chen elbow suddenly a push, hit in the chest of Tony Tony body startled, the heart seems to have been crushed, furious hand impede gun Ye Chen refers to, however, in the past behind him, hand impede the gun role is minimal, especially in case of leaves this morning melee fighting at home, the palm of his hand like a knife, cut in Tony's wrist pain feeling Tony entire arm are big nuisance Ma Ye Chen palm of your hand over the pages under the on the palm of his hand withhold a twist along the harm they put a hand gun wins over the face of this single-handedly play the dozens of point fighting madman, Tony-fighting skills is simply slag (To be continued BKB <

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