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Chapter 10: kill mén go! Off net off to a fast nerd rage, a connection will be owed quickly upload. wWw. QUAnBEn. com ...... "get out of the way!" Nothing shopping in Malaysia on the road, on one side to a team bustling crowd poke, outflanking from both sides, the six-member delegation leaves morning quickly surrounded, and since the team him to open a road, out of a young man, eyes cold, temperament yīn Sen Xuedao scabbard, gives the feeling of non-bī as. "Stop!" The young man looked back Ye Chen et al, said the cold, like an emperor commands a beggar. Average person the face of the palace the Association jīng British captain will subconsciously observe, it is because of fear, Ye Chen et al, actually really stopped in her tracks, which makes the young man eyes of lù out a satisfactory, feel looking around the crowd, the prestige improve a lot, he commanded: "You take a trip with me." Ye Chen turned his head,cheap jordan shoes, glanced at the young man, said: "The flies came." Bailong Yue Yue yù trial , said: "I have to clean up!" Yue Heng glare, said: "old are you, this time for me!" "You can do it?" White Dragon undisguised expression of his contempt. YUE Heng rolled his eyes, and said: "The next go virtual battle tower, to see my child die you!" White Dragon Pieliaopiezui the night gave you pair of black sè of eyes, but you used to roll his eyes children, really ruined, "but because of who I went with of your Sanjiaomao effort, I'm not afraid." Yue Heng proudly said: "Just how to say, this time I come!" "I have to!" the Zhuge Where excitement Road. "Xiǎo fart child side." White Dragon horizontal one. The next still pointing xiǎo sound argumentative people, rapidly becoming a silence. These people are crazy what? The face of the outflank the palace the Association jīng British team, actually dare to say that some did not? That young man mouth slightly chōu twitch, fist clenched, in the eyes of anger as if you want to the leaves morning shè of wear, understood that in mind why leaf morning pedestrian stop, they are not afraid of him, but to repair his! Repair? He Nuji anti-laugh, intended to kill Senhan! At this point, after some words of the White Dragon, finally reached an agreement. The mora decision! Mo maple leaf morning standing next to God will air leisure, for these xiǎo myself?, Did not even hands-interest. Ye bamboo face curious, watching the White Dragon, who seems to want to end who can get the hot hand tasks. "One, two, three!" They look unprecedented focus dignified. YUE Heng hand: the stone! "Scissors!" Zhuge where a hand, he burst into tears, the second defeat. A wait-and-see almost did a blood spray, you can more naive point? Best of three games, the White Dragon achieved victory, his face triumphantly, as if in a million awards, did not go to the next black face YUE Heng and Zhuge where the murder eyes. "Goo slightly!" White Dragon bent fingers, active bones, finger issued Cui Xiang, immediately stepped forward, head held high, overlooking the TV drama of young men, proud of the Road: "sub xiǎo, Longye I teach you , what a fight! "young men face livid sè of the next person shouted:"! "surrounded by leaves morning the 30 several jīng British soldiers, the White Dragon glare, growl rushed up, some of them quickly accounted for a good position, hand with H3-type blocking gun alignment the White Dragon sun xùe ​​of position, such as the opportunity to find a hair shè will surprise. White dragon mouth bent a spanking smile, the face of the face of the red man, taken away empty-handed, was a relative latecomer to pinch the other collar boxing to nose played concave down readily toss they like taking out the trash thrown next to the housing, mén windows smashed. The face of the dozens of rì of gang fights, White Dragon as a stroll in the middle of the shuttle, a pull along the palm of your hand, put these battle-hardened soldiers lost out, a stunned passers-by to see a wait-and-see. The Zhuge Where curled his lip, "guys love Xianbao!" Every time he wins! "YUE Heng also entangled in the outcome of mora, quite unwilling. Ye Chen looked at his eyes, shook his head, turned and walked, waving without looking back: "Do you play slowly, we go first." Yue identity is very tacit understanding with turned and left, not the slightest nostalgia, White Dragon fight in the crowd in one hand and a soldier pushed fly, Lianjiao wait and see nobody answered, they caught up. "Where to go!" Said the young man thundered loudly, caught up. White Dragon rolled his eyes, no accomplishment yells: "go to your head! TIPS stuff, watching my child die you!" Then turned around and rushed into the crowd. Ye Chen et al walked slowly to the distant, slow pace. Shoop! Suddenly, Ye Chen brow of a move, the body stopped, palm lightning stretch his two fingers to a folder, caught in a gallop to the bullets beside sister sun xùe ​​of Location original plain eyes passing touch murderous fingers bombs, bullets inverted back, and flourished speed! "Ah!" One screams sounded not far from a building. Ye Chen cold eyes, glanced at that place, see the attack has killed, they look back, turned around and looking off and found a few kilometers at the City mén mouth, dozens of soldiers standing handle the level, where xiōng mouth has Medal of the Society of the palace. YUE Heng saw it too, micro angrily: "impatient to live, I have to kill these people." Ye Chen shook his head slightly, admitted to the pace, turned around, eyes became cold, said: "since we to tea, not too impolite! "said" polite "word, the air temperature seems to have reduced a lot. YUE Heng and Zhuge where, as one, not only failed to prevent the meaning, but looked at each other and smiled, feeling quite a bit of gloating. They know that just rocket attack bullet, has brought back a leaf morning Murder, coupled with these annoying annoying flies, enough to the Palace Association sentenced to death! They also want to see this in the brutal end of the world, still teach his son so indulgent, what is the story behind? With Ye Chen, who walked back to the White Dragon fighting has been resolved, leaving only that beat into the pig face jīng British captain, did not look miserable. "Do not kill." Indifferent mouth wěn, with no doubt, Ye Chen went to the White Dragon around. White Dragon startled for a moment, aware of the unusual tone, and there will be no joke,Nike Air Jordan 3 Sale, let go. Leaf morning cold which young men said: "Palace Guild headquarters where?" The young man looked at him, slowly some hesitation, Ye Chen nodded, and said: "do not say." His hand to the young men skull, air force a move, just like a black dòng, crazy engulf the breath of life. The man screams, shrill sound, boggling, his skin to speed of ròu visible quickly black, wrinkled, withered huā flowers. This mysterious scene, it is full of street silence down, as if the devil incarnate, life and strangling all of throat. Ye Chen readily leave the body, raised his head, looked at the street crowd, apathy, said: "Palace Guild where?" Brush! All neatly like a lift pointing to the east, and quickly separated from a road, action consistent unprecedented. Ye Chen did not say much, went over there, the White Dragon, who looked at each other, then looked relaxed, whistling, following them. Everyone is feeling the feeling of a storm coming, can not help but follow Ye Chen et al walked behind, you want to wait and see what happened. Ye Chen palm of a program, Rune open space, a few masks from the inside out, this thing, but the the mén murder to accept the goods essential equipment to hand, threw the White Dragon, who, from entering the base city, He found that these people did not recognize the White Dragon, who, poor communication equipment, base city can be seen far less base in China. Moreover, Hohhot and Hubei Province apart very far, even spies to inquire into the message, also passed on top of those who hold power, so the streets ordinary people did not know, and that dandy Palace Joe, naturally not going to care about These "big issue". So, so far, no one knows their identity. Power above the people knew them, but not the identity announcement, just send spies to pay more attention, and did not involve the following ordinary people, just like China is not filled with stickers U.S. veterans photo is the same reason. White Dragon et al. Put on the mask, Ye Chen changes appearance,Air Jordan 12 UK, becomes a deity to kill God leaf morning appearance, cold cheeks and strong strength on both sides of many nv child eyes light up. Follow the crowd behind see Rune space, with a surprised and bewildered, not knowing what it is, but it did not too shocked xiǎo the strange, vast universe there are too many magical things, and even instant global coverage virus has , even the prehistoric civilization remains are present, what is impossible? To be seen Ye Chen changed appearance, many people were very surprised, I did not even think of the shape of the cheek can be adjusted, this way, as long as it does not detect the iris, is it can easily kill crime? Ye Chen know, such as sudden, afterwards, White Dragon will soon be exposed, After some investigation will know their identity to the identity of the deity and their bright base City high-rise will definitely reminiscent The Wolf Emperor "and" kill God "these two identities are the same person. However, in the siege of wartime, "Wolf Emperor" open two Superman mode in the China base city and even senior Hohhot, are well known, this "fact", saw this street in front of the White Dragon, who looks "the nonsense luàn language" people say, want to win the trust of the little big. Even if it is believed that to Ye Chen strength of today, and not fear, had fabricated a "wolf Emperor" identity, just because then the wind off two base in China kill God City bō too, in this capacity building base City , will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble. Base city has built successful, even if the identity the storm lù also not afraid. Moreover, it may not be able violence lù the most only suspected, but this bright base city, when people know to kill God and wolves Emperor "friendly relations", the fear of the bright base of the city of a little more. bkb <

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