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21.05.2013 09:38
is not that easy to kill antworten

Xu Hui was a ram Xiao Bingleng eyes and instantly with one's hair standing on end, a kind of feeling, all the hairs are inverted. What does he want? Not good!" Xu Hui heart secretly cried, but the body has already been ram Xiao consciousness locking, want to escape is impossible. Xu Hui seems to fall into the icehouse, fear at ram Shaw, the half step statue,Coach Store, soon to enter the statue of level of state of strong, as long as a thought, they will be ashes to ashes. Xu Hui was scared, but in snow bell of the Du autumn, is also afraid, Xu Hui as snow Shenzong's disciple, is always snow Shenzong pride. Even the genius disciple compared to the fairy door, also can than a ratio, can say, position of Xu Hui in the snow Shenzong in even more than their elders, the higher. If Xu Huizhen's out of the things, he will get more than one bargained for, snow Shenzong palm taught absolutely will not let him! Thought of here, Du autumn immediately sneer: "RAM Shaw, somehow you are going into a statue of the master, so humiliate a junior, you can do it?" "Hum!" Buck Shaw sneer: "before a few R ì, you did not to our dragon Empire junior hands, if not our hard life, I don't know how many people die in your hand!" "I just return present for present just, you hide in the tortoise shell, I will not believe, this little device can accommodate two people?" Speech, RAM Xiao body instantaneous flicker out, directly toward the head of Xu Hui the past! "Hurry up and stopped him --" Xu Hui screamed, and Qi Peng ran broke, struggling to a sword stab, soaring towards the light, RAM Xiao Chonglai towards the past! Xu Hui is the saint class five order realm of the master, and as the snow Shenzong first genius, is naturally has his own one's own knack in, is not that easy to kill! Ram Xiao see Xu Hui in this state can still a sword fight back, but in the heart is also called, a play, a light induced sh è out! Xu Hui's sharp sword long grass, were ram Xiao this casual blow directly break away! Ram Xiao body did not stop, the sword out of the blue to, straight from Xu Hui's throat, the blink of an eye over to Xu Hui before the body is less than ten feet distance! "Master to save me!" Xu Hui fear big growl, sword shattered, his arm also toward both sides rippling off, open the gate, just watched the ram Xiao sword is more and more near. In be in grave, icy breath suddenly came,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, at the same time, it will be when Du Qiuzhao in the snow bell was in RAM before Xiao Changjian hit Xu Hui. Direct landed down, just stopped in front of Xu Hui! "When the --" RAM Shaw that sword, just the bombardment on snow bell, issued a muffled,Jordan 1 Sale, snow bell surface brilliance is a disorderly Zhan, but immediately to restore the natural. Pressure suddenly disappeared, Xu Hui a tinge of sweat on his forehead, his flash back out, look to have a lingering fear ram shaw. Buck Shaw's face, is filled with a faint smile, like the Y ī n seeks to succeed general! Then, the top spirit sword Viper Sting out >

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