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\Chapter II: Explosion! Burst! Burst! [More] hair in Title VII, sweat, eighth, new journey, seeking monthly subscription ...... for White Dragon et al., Ye Chen first intention is to train up for himself after the attack on the powerful relics assistant, before I experience, he knew, otherwise some sites that merely forces can be resolved unless the strength to achieve the degree of invincible. WWw! QUAnBen! Com 500 to level the monster and give the body a such as Xu Tianguo White Dragon people, there is no limit to the number who need to use, you can use, here are his henchmen, treat confidant naturally not mean, the Xu Tianguo must awakening talent, to be able to break out the achievements of the past life, his talent winds over three thousand miles of the top 10, very sturdy! In a large number of resources, the White Dragon, who devoured a few demon bird blood of the princes ròu soon constitution surge broke through the level, awakening their own talent. Which leaves morning surprise is the talent of the White Dragon actually ranked third copy of the River! This talent was a bit tough frenzied, anything can be copied by virtue of his strength, and his strength to strength division, can be condensed into a kind, with this talent, shaping blood ròu life! ! Copy everything! See, hear, and can be copied! See leaf morning a little jealous. Followed by somewhat less is ZHUGE where the talent is the Department of gilded gold blessing, Rank of former defense metamorphosis Once cast, the two-stage Qi Jin broken open his order Qi Jin, showing how cruel! Followed by is faster than YUE Heng soil series vibration talent, but also quite scary, lethal terrorist weakest Mo maple talent, wood line breeding talent,Coach Online Bags, ranking in wood department name, just so that the body pneumatic recovery others three to four times faster does not use, a protracted war. However, in the face of strong move on the second, they have time to give you a stalker? Most Ye Chen concern, is the sister of talent, turned out to be the purification of the optical system, ranking the optical system can purify the miasma,Coach Online Bags, venom, if strong enough, can purify even the whole world! Course, that is only a theoretical inference, as if no one knows what median. Talent of Xu Tianguo and David Wong two, Ye Chen did not ask also know that are winds over cutting talent, Department of gilded gold blessing,Classic Coach Bags, the title of Past and shining armor of God is to rely on the talent to break out, Both are extremely powerful talent. Leaf morning quite a sigh, I did not expect readily rescued White Dragon, Zhuge Where talent is so boring sāo. With the awakening of their talent, they will be aware of a pneumatic transcend ordinary people to understand the scope of things, but leaves morning brought into the word "strength", these people soon understood that, one after another surprise, wanton control body strength flows play put it down. The other afternoon, Ye Chen took sister and wife, came to 36 more than the accumulation of monster venue, with a similar stadium walls surrounded by strong guard. They unobstructed go into, pleasant to the eye at the only monster corpses piled high, as if the mountain as seen from the life of the heart, vague xiǎo the leaf morning God sè calm before her corpse, her sister said : "You go to the other side, to find the right you is a xìng monster intake of the breath of life." leaves bamboo nodded, turned and walked to the next one Kongdao, Ye Chen did not see more, turned and went to a blue-eyed blood before the tiger, out of hand, full-bodied as ink phagocytosis Qijin, such as a mouth grinning devil mouth fiercely smoke, drifting into the sky gold this head monster 1200 Department of the breath of life, then quickly pulled over, along the phagocytic Qi Jin, Chuanjin the leaf morning the body. Soon as this payment system pneumatic contacts morning leaves the body slightly startled, to speak, in the mountains the surging Qijin oppression down like a torrent to squeeze a xiǎo waterways he was scared luàn, God sè calm, quickly transported from the phagocytic Qi Jin, surging gold from the Department of Qi Jin, a little crushed. The first blue-eyed tiger blood Qi Jin has broken through the air Lux, to the extent of pneumatic division order, Qi Jin can come together into a solid, extremely difficult to absorb, like ròu boxing to beat cement, but fortunately leaves the morning of the air force includes the power of swallowing, the decomposition up much more quickly. He slowly sat down, five heart up, blue-eyed tiger blood gas force five xùe the power of swallowing intake, a steady stream perfusion over Ye Chen heart sank as a mirror, do not dye trace free of dust, slowly refining ...... the majestic strength instill, leaf morning the body of the air force continue to surge, increasing all the time, and soon begins the second medium-term, to the late. 10 xiǎo when "Om" slamming, Ye Chen mind seemed to tremble, the skin of the body from the layer of skin jī pimple, the surging Qijin his body can make it to a balloon, the body's bones, blood , intestines, stomach, in this Qi Jin compression, exercise, washing up ...... shoop! The surging strength suddenly seemed discouraged, become more rich concise, to the third-order, this strength alone, Ye Chen Taking killed 300 monsters, use surprise out level monster The eyes can poke. The promotion of the air force, Ye Chen bones, physical, have experienced a washing has improved from 170 to 200! Suddenly thrust between his left suddenly light up, become pure black lake, in which is slowly emerging from a red dot, the greater the original, until ... call! A flames from the eyes of leaf morning Beng shè the out strike in front of the blue-eyed tiger skin máo blood, due to the lack of temperature only slightly scorched, and does not ignite, but still leaves morning to eat was surprised, not that because of the magic of the left eye, but felt this flame temperature sufficient to burn 200-300 monster skin máo! , Went for the left eye, leaves morning shocked strange xiǎo, this has been expected him his left eye had replaced TEW Eye of the talent, the nature of this eye needed to reach 200, in order to awakening, some spray shè light, some ice, some flame! If science professor in this, a careful study will be shocked to discover the structure of the eye is very strange, intake air, fire, carbon and other elements, and an intake into the eyes will be compressed stored in one place, become a volatile oil, just like ordinary people mouth gasoline spray to the pillar of fire, to form the pillar of fire. This new level of evolution, to ròu body brought endless possibilities, like a time of peace, and some fish oral cavity can store water, then spray water sword. Feel special of the left eye, leaves morning made me smile, then harder absorb blue-eyed tiger blood body of the air force, after so long intake, he only swallowed a xiǎo part. With the the Qi Jin breakthrough to the third-order concise, Ye Chen swallowed faster speed, time passes quietly ... unknowingly, the dead of night, the sky hung a bright moonlight. Hui cold months, spilled down, the Shennongjia many peaks such as bamboo shoots, bathed in moonlight, everyone in the building, early to bed and early to rise, the walls, the three shifts guarding the the mén guard patrol back and forth. These people face jīng God as lively as ever, thought of the dead monster distributed down, they could not help but burst of fiery heart, like a home hidden in a beauty children patrol more powerful, plus a camera installed in the walls, so no one doze off. Wild, looked only whispered earnestly sound of insects, cry, twice, ringing in the grass, for this night sè, add a little crisis and hide a hideous! The time quietly in the past. Most of the night, only people the Xu Tianguo, White Dragon, into the monster dead field, each looking for the appropriate genus xìng monster intake air force, they can not devour the talent, not what the monster of the air force can intake. Whew! Ye Chen Qingtu an aggregate of refreshing, slowly stood up, I feel the whole body floating body strength sufficient to support his short-term "Royal Air! In front of him, the other end of the body of the blue-eyed tiger blood has become withered, The the red fiery máo hair becomes slightly whitened, has lost its luster, skin atrophy, touch collapse! Ye Chen waved the Qi Jin drifted out, turned into a diameter of three meters black sè the palm of your hand, defeat this monster corpses, stir together, shape into a big black ball, lost in a corner next to this black ball became dead slag, the horrible smell very unpleasant. Swallowed a blue-eyed tiger blood, Ye Chen of the air force has reached a degree of fifth-order gas wrestlers, the constitution also pneumatic promotion, 300! Strength with the constitution, Ye Chen does not open the Superman mode, combat effectiveness equivalent to the extent of 800, if faced with a 800, have not yet, the monster of the air force, can massacre! He saw there a sister to see her seriously intake of the monster the breath of life, nodded slightly, then walked straight up to the front of a monster, just pick the of a white máo great apes monster corpse, watched pneumatic belong to xìng see the wood line, will no longer be polite, direct swallowed up. With the promotion of strength, speed, Ye Chen swallowed gradually speed up, this time siege warfare revenue, especially two three the devil bird princes and purple scales dragon corpse, contains air force of the air force division third-order, if swallow, absolute power surge! Suddenly, over the past seven days ...... "bang!" Lost a pneumatic dead monster, picked 10 meters big black sè of palm, ball róu, in the corner, Ye Chen stood up, eyes The pupil of the eye becomes black, Beng the two cold body momentum shè more vigorous than before and, like a difference of monk xiǎo and the old abbot, a discerning eye will be able to see. After phagocytosis of the seven days, the body of 36 monster, sister leaf bamboo swallowed six the light is xìng monster, the strength of eight bands, the constitution also reached about 400, the rest of the 30 monsters, Ye Chen swallowed 28, leaving purple scaly dragon and the devil bird chief. bkb <

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