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You have lost value " antworten

> The rest of the day, to Ye Chen system, the wound has healed many, you can get out of bed some simple activities, as long as the modest, does not cause wound dehiscence. www QUanbEN COM "last day." Ye Chen was silent Nianleyiju, then look to the window, looking at the sky. Blue sky, white clouds. Leaves the morning silence for a long time, suddenly the door opened,Jordan UK sale, a the purple sè clothes bamboo leaves slowly came in, looked at one sitting by the window leaves morning a soft eyes, went over and whispered: "In thinking about?" Ye Chen slowly withdrawn from the sky in her eyes, turned around and watched in silence bamboo leaves a quite a while, suddenly sighing loudly, said: "Nothing, Dr. Mo Feng who has mutant ants genes extracted from it? "leaves bamboo nodded, curious said:" You have this gene mutation ant why? "Ye Chen smiled, shook his head and did not speak. Risk of gene soldiers become great, especially in the case of pre Technology inexperienced, almost a narrow escape from death, he will naturally not be such a dangerous thing, tell others, anyway, say there will not be any effect, why let others Worried? Ye Zhuxiu the eyebrow Weicu, glimpses of the leaf Morning mind, see, however, he refused to say, and did not ask other people do not say, natural reason of others, why should they ask? "Go, come with me around." Ye Chen out of bed, put on his shoes, smiled, opened the door and went out. Leaf bamboo had been staring at his back for a while, sighed with resignation, with the past. Out of the room, the outside is a bare, cold corridor, brightly lit, surrounded by quiet no sound, people kind of chilly feeling. "Here is the place of residence of the Institute hall here." Leaf bamboo, pointing to the left side of the corridor, went over, the way a leaf morning about the layout of this Institute. Leaf morning so quietly listening to the wind around her ear oriole clear crisp sound, a calm mind, and even the backlog in vivo killing of the gas subsided. Quiet corridor, the two slowly forward. Ye Chen eyes the subtle hint lonely, in every action, he do the worst, this time, too, for gene Superman soldiers awakening, to this rudimentary equipment of the Institute, the mortality up to 90 percent! Awakening fails, he will die! Awakening is successful, he will ask for the moon, in the last days early, have absolute tyrannical power, can protect the good all around, and does not appear like there is magic wind dogs this level of monster, completely unable to resist. Ye Chen is not a gambler, but the fate of the world, forcing him to gamble. He was 31, whereas the institutional, dark calendar mid-February, the mortality rate is also very high, even if barely make it through the first month, the first three months will fall into a hellish nightmare, the future first four months, five months ... monster strength increase with growing horror! Ye Chen remember former I, dark calendar in mid-February, the world's first gene soldiers was born, followed by the first three months, the national army began to build a base city, then, human beings at the end of in development, gene soldiers more and more. Late in the last days, almost everyone, are gene soldiers. Ye know, in early awakening gene soldiers, far easier than the late morning, because the monster of the late genes, become more brutal and violent, and difficult to tame. "If I die ..." leaves morning made me a trace of sadness, his only care is the sister leaf bamboo. When death standing in front of, you will find that they still have not let go of things. Two along the corridor has been walked. Before long, came to a spacious hall, surrounded by luxury chandeliers, bright light. Leaves bamboo with leaf morning, take the elevator came to the first basement floor. Bite! The elevator doors opened. "Hey, these are the zombies?" How much? "Yue Heng and Malone's voice sounded in the cold basement, Ye Chen looked up, I saw this in the basement,Jordan 10 Shoes, such as a small factory, there are many test tube filled with a nutrient solution, there are many men and women **. Many tubes of bamboo leaves looked around, it seems that some fear: these tubes are the subjects of the Institute, and later in the virus infection, has become a zombie. "Ye Chen nodded his head, the two together went to the inside, after a test tube, the the ** woman in that tube, suddenly opened his eyes, staring at the back of the leaf morning two yīn cold ... in the innermost, White Dragon and Yue Heng two followed Mo Dr. Feng behind, look around, all full of surprises, White Dragon fairly convergence, after all, Tsinghua University students and graduates, a knowledgeable and not too surprised. YUE Heng like a redneck town, looked around, he was just an ordinary person, finish high school and dropped out of school, work into the community only see in the movies of this scene, I feel fresh . "What are you doing?" Leaf bamboo looked curiously at the three men. White Dragon turned his head and saw one leaves behind her morning, surprised: "You can get out of bed?" Ye Chen nodded slightly. White Dragon smiled, said: "We followed the good doctor testing, the madman said to come up with a crack virus antidote've invited me to do a senior consultant, you know, I'm a graduate of National Tsing Hua University, Sounds astronomical knowledge of geography, this kid is having the right people. "said Dr. Mo Feng wink. Dr. Mo Feng glanced at him, did not bother. Next to the Yue Hengqi said: "not you beg Mossberg, to let you know what his studio what?" White Dragon ramp at him and said: "Do not you speak to will die?" Will not die, but would not be comfortable . "" Go to hell! "" how do you not? "" I handsome than you. "" ...... "Ye Chen looked at two clown, shook his head and went to the front of Dr. Mo Feng, looked at only see his table is very large, placed a number of genes, cells, viruses and other test tube. At this time, Dr. Mo Feng took A Note shè, to draw liquid in a red sè test tube, and went to the next platform. This platform has a single bed size, locked above a zombie skin? Whitened the eyeball light green sè, extremely long nails, hands and feet and mind are tied tightly. "What are you doing?" White Dragon curious. Dr. Mo Feng deadpan, did not care for him. Ye Chen went over, picked up the the test tube looked at the red sè see below a label: Blood bacteria. Action glanced at Dr. Mo Feng, Ye Chen frowned, shook his head: "useless, zombie is a dark biological the blood bacteria does not procure it from in vivo gene changes, re-change chéngrén class, but its energy to make it more violent. "Dr. Mo Feng looked up, eyes a little surprised, surprised to see the this systemic scars man, immediately frowned the the blood bacteria bow Note shè into the head zombie vivo. Roar! The blood fungus just Note shè the go, the other end of the sleeping zombie suddenly opened his eyes, eyes full of bloodthirsty, struggling frantically looked greedily Dr. Mo Feng to him screaming roar, making the bundled chains are "rushing" sound. Leaves Chen shook his head and said nothing. Dr. Mo Feng frowned, and turned from the platform took the another note shè inside Blue sè liquid injected into the zombie's body, suddenly, this violent zombie head died down, and then fell into a coma. The Dr. Mo Feng readily Note that shè the blood bacteria Note shè of trash, turned around and looked at Ye Chen a frown: "how do you know?" "There are many scientists such experiment, a failed. "Ye Chen sighed, this experiment first I, will be conducted for each base city, just which base city success. Dr. Mo Feng is no longer what to say, this is a few words, deadpan come to the table edge, from the inside to find out the a black sè in a test tube and handed it to Ye Chen, said: "This is your to variation ant gene. "Ye Chen took looked at, to confirm the right, was assured accept. Go eat! "White Dragon patted his stomach, the crowd laughed. Ye Chen nodded, easily took the shè closing imported bags, turned around, walked a few steps, suddenly remembered what turned and looked at the young Dr. Mo Feng, said in a note: "These loaded zombie test tube, it is best to kill the zombie inside, such as today, these zombie forces will be enhanced to hard with these tubes,Air Jordan Shoes, can not stop the zombie inside a reduction of "Dr. Mo Feng eye pupil deeply watching the leaves morning one immediately nodded. Ye Chen did not say anything, and sister leaf bamboo, White Dragon and the others walked out of the basement, go to the kitchen. In the basement, Dr. Mo Feng watching the direction of leaf morning to leave for a long time, the eyes of a trace pondered, after a moment, went around the test tube, looking at all the sleeping zombie, cold channel: "You have lost value "roar!" cries! "** men and women in the test tube, one after another opened his eyes, the original handsome handsome cheek, suddenly become grim up, staring out Dr. Mo Feng, full bloodthirsty and greed. Dr. Mo Feng For God so sè the cold, off to the side, according to the a red sè switch, suddenly, that in the test tube green sè of nutrient solution are drowned it flows along the pipeline to an undisclosed location, followed by yellow sè ; the outflow of fluid from another pipe is filled in a test tube. These zombies are a touch, suddenly screams in the yellow sè liquid, a violent struggle, do nothing can not burst the tube, the last one fell down and nothing happened ...... in the evening, eat dinner, Ye Chen returned alone to the room, staring at the meniscus of a window, saw a month-hui through the window, the crisp clear cold in the room, pulled out his long shadow. After a long time, Ye Chen pocket variability ant genes and Note shè taken out the gene is sucked into the injection shè in, subsequent to find a blood vessel in the arm, tie it down. Black sè gene, slowly Note shè into the body. This process is like a century long, leaf morning but their heart is very calm in the cross of death and survival, etc. Note After shè, they dropped a note shè, sat down on the bed. Thump! Thump! Terribly quiet room, only the heartbeat sounded in my mind. Ye Chen silent for a long time, and gradually felt the body begins to change, burning hot from the abdomen into the sky, the body sweat dripping down, he quietly went to the room in his backpack, and took a photo, this is his family portrait, which the middle-aged men and women side, stood two children, a man and a woman, laughing very happy ...... "Mom, Dad." Ye Chen holding photos, meditation cry. ...... Today a more tidy thoughts and second content the second jīng color, very frightening, very bloody ... just signed yesterday, today saw many of my friends to force a reward, it is moved, the want to break out, but in order to consider the overall situation, or forbearance forbearance, wait recommended outbreak update. <

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