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Ye Chen pain turned antworten

Chapter 70: fusion gene! [More] seeking monthly! ! ! No monthly pass, be able to register an account to give a recommendation votes, one click, nerd satisfied! Thanks ......... "What the two of us? Tiger strange hesitate Road, seen the strength of the human, and his heart was off the mark. Www. qUanBen. COM dragon sneer, said: "Of course not! Come on, we went to contact the rest of the people, with the two of us, can not break that city." Tiger startled a little strange, urn channel: "In this case, not to food to them? "dragon hearts curse loudly moron, first joint break is the first step of the city, such as the time of the attack, there will certainly be other monsters sacrifice, to that of a is the main thing? Its surface, however, did not say it, sneered: "more food, you have to have the capability to take away the job!" The tiger the strange Yaotouhuangnao This dawned. Immediately, one Kau, a tiger entrenched to other powerful monster walked to contact each monster. Cities. Ye Chen Xu Tianguo to black beast Army to find a residence, he left the main hall, around the city to see a bit, see and not flawed, before returning to the residence, did not leave the base city, in the building, sometimes there will be a monster attacking, he must always sits. "Squeak!" Leaves morning to open their own house mén, metal qualitative xiǎo room is very spacious, placed inside a steel tables and chairs, he went to the bedroom, and knocked mén saw that there was no response, they twist move the handle away will find a sister bamboo leaves lying on the nutrition positions in the virtual world struggle. Suddenly, leaf bamboo finger move, nutritional positions slowly opened from the inside, she sat up and opened his eyes, to see Ye Chen on the side, eyes light up, stood up, smiled and said: "You finally came back. "Ye Chen mō mō nose, a slight smile. Although he lightning beast hunting, commonly used in communication and sister, but after all, separated by two, after all, still did not meet in person to the peace of mind. Leaf bamboo eyes a turn, and playful wink said: "Can you guess what happened, I just do Ares tower?" Ye Chen mō chin, slightly sank yín, said: "beat the bully your opponent ? "bamboo leaves shook his head, Qiao Lian flushed some pride:" I passed by the first layer of the Ares Tower! "Ye Chen startled, looked somewhat surprised that a sister to him the strength of today, with pneumatic can only get through the first layer, the case of the second layer is not alright, we can see how difficult Ares Tower, did not think her sister's strength, was able to break through! Since the red soldiers, sister leaf bamboo leaf morning to allow her and a white dragon, who go out hunting the monster, after so long, her physique has reached 90, a distance of one hundred short of first-line, many reach one hundred, with the strength and talent, not necessarily break through. Leaf bamboo see lù leaf morning rare a surprise, hehe smile, said: "I'm from that heritage ball, roll exercises, divided into seven, I recently successful practice, the first layer, cast inside the strongest attack, it will keep the off beat. "Ye Chen nodded mind at ease. Things that heritage ball once completion of all is the light of God to make, this is a strong level of God! Leaf bamboo suddenly put away a smile, looked solemnly at Ye Chen, said: "Brother, this construction base city, the key material, such as wartime siege, if understaffed, I have to play!" Ye Chen could not help frowning . Bamboo leaves before he did not speak, looting and said: "No matter what, I have entered the war, I assure you, I will absolutely protect yourself!, The human race, but also the bright part of the city!" Full of determination sound nothing like the mouth of a nv sub. Leaf morning staring at her, long time, only slightly Yi Tan, said: "Well, but when you're going with me, not luàn ran the event of danger, turn Superman mode ran back to the city. "siege warfare dangerous sister the strength of today, however, is enough inside the shuttle, not encounter too much risk, not to mention, she has superhuman mode, the event of danger, you can immediately open. See Ye Chen promised, leaves Bamboo eyes a bright, jubilant jump for joy, flew into the the Ye Chenhuai in, in his cheek Qinliaoyikou, laughing: "best brother, rest assured, I will take good care of yourself!" Ye Chen scratch her nose, smile: "You stubborn temper, I'm afraid I do not agree, you also secretly hún to into the army, instead of this, might as well have stayed with me." "Hello cunning "Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders. Rest for a moment, had something to eat, Ye Chen suddenly heard outside the restless sound quickly and went out, we saw many soldiers ran down the street, he noticed that these people are well-equipped, running and xiǎo. The to war xiǎo run, hurry Second, the main warm-up, active body muscles, strength can be better play. Leaf morning reached a grasping, Qi Jin through the body out the condensed into a black sè to the palm of your hand, a young warrior caught, Chen Sheng said: "what happened?" Soldiers have not seen leaf morning, but see him effortlessly, then threw his seize unable to move the hearts of horror, trembling Road: West, Western mouse cháo siege, recruited adults let past support. "Ye Chen Wei Zhou brow, palm pine open, said: "Go." young soldiers looked at him, if the amnesty, quickly ran to the distant horror. Monster siege? "Leaf bamboo heard a voice from the inside out. Ye Chen did not speak, will of Xu Tianguo communication is dialed, Road: west monster siege? "The Xu Tianguo hear in the his mouth wěn of serious chances, even said:" Do not worry, just a xiǎobō mouse cháo, I have sent black armor battalion of soldiers, there are blood Shentang strong passed, and soon will be able to solve. "leaf morning made me relieved, said:" That's good. "Xu Tianguo know his concerns, said: "monster army siege, I'll let you know, these xiǎobō attacking monster, jiāo sufficient to meet the following, it is not, the White Dragon, YUE Heng, and other major elders. "Ye Chen nodded, closed communication. At this point,Coach OP Art Sale, his communication rang, Mo Feng dial. Extract? "Ye Chen turned on, and even asked. "Well!" Mo Feng nose to speak. Ye Chen quickly shut down communications, the sister asked: "the bad luàn run, such as the monster army siege, I come to you." Ah! "Leaf bamboo cute nod. Ye Chen did not stay up to Mo Feng experiments run in the past, not long before came here, directly push mén into the room, Mo Feng cold voice sounded inside: the next knock mén I will open. "Ye Chen turned around and looked, to see distortions door mén push, do not blush, flat Road: get used to it." Mo Feng turned his eyes from the table and pick up a green sè tube and a the Blue sèyào agent thrown leaf morning, said: "inject themselves into." leaf morning free to take over, said: "Which is a gene?" the green sè. "Mo Feng indifference. "The blue sè?" "That is to reconcile agent, to increase the success rate of fusion, although you have a chance of success, but does not mean that the second can do it." Mo Feng indifference. Ye Chen looked suspiciously at him, and went to sit down on the chair next to the Blue sè reconcile agent first injected into the skin, and there is no pain. Ye Chen waited a moment,Air Jordan Outlet, to see anything unusual, he was ready to inject the gene,Totes Coach Online, at this moment, the body is suddenly hot, the skin seems to be flame stained severe burning filled with a sense of the body, bones, blood, seemed to be melting! Ye Chen cold sweat on the forehead oozes from his teeth, struggling to speak and said: "What is this!" Mo Feng dull said: "This reconcile agent is a little fierce, hurry into the gene, or passed, equal to white with." Ye Chen pain turned his eyes, intentional, this Hell is intentional! Not that bad a mén it! He did not say much, quickly gene yào agent is injected into the body, such as a cool water flowing into the dry desert, hot and burning pain of the body are greatly reduced. That rapid gene and the body burning split meridians, bones, skin, blood, gastrointestinal integration into. Accelerate the integration! The Mo maple sat watching with interest leaf morning face painful look, nodded and said: "patience is really good." As if the artist to appreciate such works mouth wěn. Ye Chen pain white at him, bite the bullet, to resist the body's pain in his genes in the body, between integration accelerated many, we can see that reconcile the agent is not without effect. Mo maple leaf looked morning, indifference: "jǐng feel xìng, bad, I have to kill you, simply a breeze!" Ye Chen said: "You would not!" Mo Feng staring at him, then away eyes, lightly: "The next time you bashed my mén, I might." Ye Chen wry smile, said: "build the walls, and perhaps should let you go." "There's a brick, is I personally yards up "Mo Feng indifferent Road. "Which wall?" West. "Ye Chen slowly nodded and said:" That's a relief. "" Why? "Ye Chen not to answer, to fight against the pain in the body, although that reconcile the agent is too fierce, but The effect is very good, no way inferior to the kind of deployment of base city in China to increase% chance to reconcile the agent. But look at Mo Feng, I'm afraid such yào agent huā fee is very high, and can not be mass-produced. This sitting is three days. Ye Chen eyes closed your eyes, cold sweat oozes from anti-body pain lightning beast gene fusion, after three days, about half each fusion, the pain will increase. A lot of people is intolerable, leading to the collapse of the jīng God, thus awakening failure. Suddenly, Ye Chen in the hands of communication sounded rapid beating. Ye Chen frowned and slowly opened his eyes to the pupil of the eye, connected to the communication, the sound sounded immediately of Xu Tianguo anxiety: "Oh, the monster army siege." BKB <

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