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21.05.2013 09:29
into ròu mud kcal brawny car q antworten

> Sixtieth: "Wolf"! [More] Three! ! Still a little shy, you can rush to the nerd's go fourth, following perhaps the fifth,Satchels Coach Cheap, blasting up would definitely burst six more! ! ! ...... Cold at night will soon be past, early in the morning, the dawn shines on the earth. Leaf morning WWw.qUANbEn.CoM and Huang Ya clearing away the things left through the building, go out, they saw the bodies of a left lower body down the hallway from the sub kù style view, it should be is Roger ... he died ...... he is not a bad guy, at least after the zombie, and did not attempt to kill two leaf morning, pull down and buried. A good man, and often do not live long ... they left the building and walked down the street. Huang Ya holding the pistol, God dignified sè of, for her, and now flaps five players, the risk coefficient greatly increased, must more cautious xiǎo in job. Ye Chen followed next to her, holding Roger firearms and blades, walking freely. Go so slow. "Ye Chen looked Huang Ya stop and go, always in front of environmental mō cable continue to walk until they have finished, can not help but shook his head, said:" I carry you in the direction of the large forces which? "Huang Ya startled a little weird looked at Ye Chen a, said:" You carry me? "back a person is very tame. Ye Chen readily backpack and firearms threw her single hand steel Shen waist Zama, apathy and said: "Come on, I do not have time to accompany you slowly stroll stroll? Huang Ya dumb, but see the appearance of leaf morning unlike joke, thought, or went over his hands around the neck of the leaf morning, creeping in on his back, his face a hint of blush passing soon be restored normal, whispered: "xiǎo center point" Ye Chen did not bother waiting for her on the back with one hand to lift up her big tuǐ, one hand holding the knife, galloped away into the distance, the weight of the Huang Ya, For Ye Chen like a xiǎo to grass-like ethereal, carrying effortlessly. Zombie when he ran and speeding the Huang Ya shocked to speak, both sides of the the King sè back to, they ran to the two-kilometer-long street blink of an eye, passes through two prostrate on the ground, but also not leaves morning for potential that zombie's head will "bang" slamming, like watermelon burst open. "Where to?" Leaf morning air is not asthma, voice calmed Road. Huang Ya heart jump, even said: "the left, then turn right to go to the CSR Send the village!" She creeping on a leaf morning back, I just feel the wind blowing, hair blown back journeyman. She secretly looked to the leaf morning shot from the side, but was cold mask obscured, she quickly look back, I feel the heart pounding, redness Qiaolian. Bang! Suddenly, the next one xiǎo Lane, sprang a shadow moving rapidly rushing. Huang Ya surprise, yù remind the leaf Morning attention, opening moment before she leaves morning to hold a knife arm slightly startled, put that shadow beheaded, split into two parts, dropped to the ground peristaltic one looks strange insects. Leaves the morning, do not stop, continue flying figure. After the two xiǎo bolted, Ye morning all the way under the asking, with Huang Ya came to the large forces where many figure I saw in the Guo xiǎo Village at the side of the road, there is a big truck which sounded roared, the machine guns soared shè sound, is apparently a house on fire overturned. "It was wasteland xiǎ Ya saw the big truck, light eyes, said:" finally found, recruited said, he will be developed along this route. Ye Chen nodded her down, they went over and saw that the truck parked at a crossroads, the front of the shelves with a few heavy machine guns, kept her the distant sweep shè, there are many soldiers standing big truck side, holding assault rifles and sniper gun to save shè distant! "east! Come on! Your eyes in which there zombie almost rushing! "A burly man standing kcal car, and yelled, directing the following shè kill leaf morning ears a move, we heard the street is not just a big truck, but there are many, this area is clearly throughout the wasteland team has been surrounded by wasteland general will send a strong, powerful monster inside kill, and then they launched the following soldiers went and killed the zombie worms and other xiǎo monster, so these people dare to roar was so warm, not afraid the provoke to powerful monster. "Who are you? "Big truck side, a lower animal clothing men,Coach Crossbodys Sale, saw leaf morning duo, immediately jǐng the ring at gunpoint over the Huang Ya quickly raised his hand, loudly:" It was one of us. "Then, lift Medal man looked at Ningmu see there is nothing wrong, put down the pistol, two leaf morning and said:" Come together to kill monsters. "Then, turned around at gunpoint distance, continue shè kill leaf morning went to this side of the truck, turned around and looked, I would see dozens of people gathered here, holding a variety of firearms, as well as bombs, grenades and other weapons, on the opposite side, a large group of zombies, red claws, grim, under a hail of bullets, these zombie body quickly beaten broken, some were shot to the head, some were hit xiōng mouth fell to the ground, but still crawling over the Holocaust! streets rivers of blood, zombie corpses are piling up, and other zombie red near, the forefront shè strike personnel put back blades, spears removed, rapid zombie kill more and more zombies rushed out from the building was waging rushing, nearly over constantly bī the. "fast shè hit, the two of you doing! ! Burly man in the truck seems to be the captain of this team, saw two leaves morning standing still, could not help but shouted. Huangya Qing woke up, quickly hold the firearms firearms kill, she left a mind, and not continuous shè strike, but sometimes before the hair shè shot, but it looks like a very hard look like leaves morning disagree casually looked at a group of zombies, old fashioned gun shè the past. bang! bullet through a zombie skull, zombie knees soft, threw himself to the ground Ye Chen keep your fingers, continue to pull the trigger. Poof! and a zombie headshots. The leaves morning continuous shè the seven or eight guns, every gun zombie headshots Huang Ya, standing next to him at first thought Ye Chen luck down later found wrong, she turned around and looked at the leaf morning, red chún slightly open, Qiaolian covered shocked at this moment, Ye Chen shot shè go, not to see the result, turned to Huang Ya said: "recruited where? I want to see him. "Huang Ya almost did not spurting, there people xìng ah, so jīng the quasi-shè strike next, there is time to think about these things?" Recruited should be in front of a village, led by Superman strong and many strong to do the pioneer clear where the powerful monster. "Huang Ya saw a leaf morning, said:" You are recruited by friends? "Almost. "Ye Chen Wang a street far away, in front of the village it ..." He turned around and threw the firearms Huang Ya, said: "live well, I take one step ahead. "Immediately, the Huang Ya stupidly, holding swords, and walked to the streets at the head, soon after a large truck side, squat shot single-handedly came up to see the leaves morning, have shouted." What are you doing! Come back! "Do not get excited, that monster is very dangerous! "Do not take things too hard ......" voice hardly ever, Ye Chen suddenly rushed out, figure such as wind, step on the ground cracking open head against that zombie rushed past, body Qi Jin blooming, straight all the way, all close his body three feet of zombies, have in the body of an explosion! bang bang bang ... zombie head as if a bomb shattered a zombie lunged to Ye Chen, Ye Chen mask eyes indifference, a grasp in the palm of your hand, then pinch live zombie shoulder, next door to the yixian! bang! zombie body like a stone and hit next to a building, to hit into ròu cake. big truck while holding a pistol jīshè thousand people, etc., have petrochemical, stay if the wood jī looked stalwart figure after a few seconds, the figure leaves morning rushed to the end of the street and disappeared in the sight of these people, and he had all the way, cross the blood stream, and countless the zombie rush has not stopped his step, head burst are some monster red in the face, are a slap shot fly to play into ròu mud kcal brawny car quite a while, before transferring to too far to go, stare at yellow Heuer, said: "It was your friend? "Huang Ya looked at Ye Chen disappeared back, first surprised quite a while, then Plax nibble red chún to the eyes glowing inexplicable light, heard the questioning of burly men, and she shook her head, said:" Not he was the headquarters sent over support. "That burly man startled for a moment, immediately stared surprise:" the headquarters sent over? Really? Holy crap, really cattle bī, ah, you, with such strength, wasteland not is xiǎo mean! "The rest of the people have jī move,Coach Kristin, that scene is too shocked, Ye Chen each step, there will be a large zombie killed, even how to die, they did not see." What's his name? "Burly man suddenly thought of a key, quickly asked the rest of the people have to see to Huang Ya Huang Ya think first and leaves morning meeting looks like the face of the crowd watched, slowly:" He called 'Wolf '! Soon, the strong "Wolf" message will be the same, such as hurricanes pass into each the wasteland xiǎo team, circulating in the strength of the wolf is exaggerated, exaggeration, said the marvelous, so that the original kill a zombie killing numb the of the xiǎo team to become more jī love ...... leaves the morning came Majiazhuang, along the way to see the many monster corpses in the streets, strange dogs, three cats, mastiff beast zombie monsters are seventy to eighty level, abdomen was cut open, the inside base ròu search to Ye Chen met along the way many xiǎo monster, easily kill, and a special light of these zombie monster body substances extracted, "light armor increasing, reaching palm-sized xiǎo, his run did not take long, suddenly on one side of the street, see a few figure are three men and a NV nv sub a brown sè the Leather body pieces , oval face, eyes with a cold holding a crescent-edged long knife, slowly pulled out of the body from an athletic mastiff beast, blade stained with the blood of black sè <

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