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21.05.2013 09:27
heard black nightmare Beastmaster antworten

---------------------- Huo Tianhong this last minute surprise, he seemed like a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum quickly disappeared, but in Nangong, if only the heart, left an indelible scene. After Huo Tianhong seem to all have no the slightest of memory, even if Nangong did not feel, but did not continue to ask, this matter, will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Stay for a whole month's home in Nangong, this month, if Nangong and daughters always accompany their parents, enjoy the happiness of a family union, very warm. "Dad, Niang, we gotta go!" Looking at the J ī ng God coruscate strong Nangong and Huo Ting,Jordan 11 Sale, Nangong from said at last. The Nangong fierce and Huo Ting looked at each other,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK, have from each other's eyes see a glimmer of the elusive smile! If Nangong is some apprehension, this month, a month is the most relaxed before him, even he felt a kind of do not want to leave. Only he knows, he must leave, because he not only revived spirit princess, and the nether world, days will need to complete their own inverse, and even Mars to own request. "If!" Finally, or strong Nangong sighed, slightly said: "I and your mother know, dragon, is no longer a place, you grow because here, have no what you need, go, you can stay with us for a month, the two of us have very gratified. However, after a person outside, to safety first, if possible, if you get tired, just come back!" Home, is the most warm harbor. At this moment, Nangong from the moist eyes, he dared not go to see my parents eyes, because of that, his heart will be painful. Almost escaped from the house, but always leave two drops of tears, fall in! Komatsu and if Lin He left dragon, here not only has his relatives, and many friends, and his brother. Xian yuan Dan all stayed, and obtained from the beginning of the fairy fairy palace, he was also in the Hong door, have two people at Hongmen Komatsu, can be said to be as strong as iron. So if Nangong also assured, settled everything,Jordan 1 Sale, then with Kitakura Shizuroku female, and the Fire Kirin, Huo Tianhong, crescent three people, a total of ten, rush toward the direction of chasing yunshan! Now the peak did not fully evolved, just top fairy level, so Nangong if not sure, rely on the peak days away force can be safe and sound, with all the celestial foot! But the other R ì he came to chase Yunshan, is heard black nightmare Beastmaster said that a took the large array, if can usually large array, with the peak power assistance from a large array of, he has nine into the hold. "Black nightmare Beastmaster, out!" Nangong if standing in the black nightmare over the swamp, wave billow, toward below cried. At this time, Kita Kurashizu and Huo Tianhong, such as per capita income to his chaotic space, because he did not want to let black nightmare Beastmaster know, bring your own people up. Instinct told him, black nightmare Beastmaster some inappropriate place, which makes him the heart can not help a bit more feeling, a bit more j its ng. "Call -" black nightmare marshes, a >

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