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21.05.2013 09:21
been unable to compete with the bloodthirsty antworten

"It is very simple, we three forces combined, cut the emperor held conference, jointly execute bloodthirsty beast!" Nangong from tiny openings way. Murder a person with a borrowed knife. This is now the Nangong if only can do, only the Hongmen power, have been unable to compete with the bloodthirsty beast. Similarly,nike air jordan, the four although tough, but with the bloodthirsty beast than up, is still far away, only three combined, can hope to defeat the bloodthirsty beast. Nangong if words let old Xu and Feng Hua both eyes over the hesitation, Nangong from the powerful strength, indeed is a good ally. However, their heart some not so believe Nangong from, do not believe that he is not a purpose, want with both pure. "You have what conditions?" Feng Hua eyes flashing, finally unbearable openings asks a way. Nangong from a smile, look at the four body glance, he looked again the following Minamimiya Aki R ì, slowly openings way: "the emperor before Congress cut, the first set all the chaotic mind genius was a life and death struggle, leaving only a winner, the rest of them, to death!" "Call -" four at the same time face s è big change, unbelievable at Nangong if, in the eyes of the shocked s è shows, let Nangong if more believe the old strange and Dan Johnson speculation. "You know this thing?" Originally old Xu and Feng Hua both have seen the so-called chaotic mind genius of the inherent maoni. So each find object is the most promising, but relatively speaking, those they meet by chance chaos in genius, of course, including the Dragon empire as cold as containing et al, at this time have been ruined in the hands of the old Xu et al. However, if the Nangong didn't know it, otherwise, this R ì will not so active and four talk about conditions! See four very surprised, Nangong from mouth evoke a smile, he said: "if people do not know, except for Mo has been. You think, paper to wrap fire?" Xu old beard fluttering, apparently the mood fluctuation is very intense, eyes tiny Mi Dao: "if Nangong, have to say, but we look down upon you, but remember,nike jordan outlet, chaos genius, we don't want you to intervene, otherwise, even if the loss, we will put you away!" Nangong if hey hey a smile, face full of disdain: "you want to kill me? With?" Looking at the four livid face s è, Nangong if continue to the arrogance of the said: "I've just said, if the four of you to attack, even if it is to kill me, and I will pull you in two with me,Coach Totes Outlet, but it is only when I decided to wage a life-and-death struggle with you, if I want to left, the four of you, no one can stop me! Moreover, I Hongmen are a chaotic mind genius, now he is already immortal state fix for, you want to leave the last a chaotic mind genius, must have a secret!" "But, I Hongmen strength you have seen, depends on your four old guys, I haven't the strength of our Chinese people, so, this is my condition, I beg you not to hold the fight, of course, if you don't want, I also no matter, anyway you kill >

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