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Feel the sharp breath behind, xuanming that hidden beneath the veil's face was slightly changed, the Guqin is spirit is with the other six spirit fusion device. To withdraw, because there is no sword the sword, has arrived in the common components for optical array on seven spirit, two strong meet, contradict each other while. And if Nangong and the Huo Tianhong two people rescue,Air Jordan 9 UK, obviously there has been too late, the twinkling of an eye, white flawless sword distance less than three Zhang xuanming vest. "No --" Nangong from Yazi y ù crack, binocular connection a crimson. If say, seven women, who worked with Nangong if the deepest feelings, it is undoubtedly the xuanming. Two of them grew up,Nike Air Jordan 6 Sale, although at the time of rain Ling Fei but still a little girl, but in Nangong from childhood left many unforgettable memories. Rain Ling Fei is shortage respect away, and on the lotus Gu eliminated memory, this is to make Nangong a temple if have slay of heart. Can say, rain Ling Fei is a Ni Lin Nangong if the hearts of the most hard, but also to Nangong if she also had a deep guilt, so will be particularly fond of. But this time, white flawless was directed at the rain Ling Fei, this let Nangong from going crazy. He already knew that white flawless not really follow their own, but not to act rashly and alert the enemy, the heart has been secretly against, but did not think of, she will at this time suddenly and violently attack. It is the fault of their own! Madness, Nangong from mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood, body pushed to the extreme, is unexpectedly broke through the limit. All happened in electro-optical flint, furious at Nangong if, injuring their body meridians, when white flawless sword just to hit xuanming, found out behind her. "Peng --" flawless white sword, instantly in Nangong if chest, but it is not as imagined through chest height, but the issue of a tinkling sound. The huge effort if Nangong and xuanming body directly knocked flying out, at the same time, the spirit of light is composed by the array is also broken. The remaining six female also thrown out, the corners of the mouth are oozing trace of blood, but they don't see the body injury, have been frantically toward Nangong and ends if speeding past! White flawless face s è as white as a sheet, let Huo Tianhong that sword spirit through chest height, still unaware, and looked at Nangong if thrown direction. (the first.) "why... Why. Said white flawless murmuring, chest blood a little bit bigger. White flawless this sword, just in Nangong if the chest Tai Ji Yu, so that he was suffering from chest, but even so, new and old traumatic injury to attack, let him God s è fatigue. Xuanming backhand took him in my arms, tears like a broken line pearls falling slowly, mouth muttered: "why? Why do you have to be so silly..." Nangong from the pale face flashed a smile, said: "you are my sister, that's because I don't protect you, let you become this appearance, will in any case,Air Jordan UK, I won't let anyone hurt you!" "But.. >

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