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and then all the way to the antworten

Chapter 51: marked mén! Monthly pass gap is getting closer, nerd sank seeking monthly! ! Seeking **! ! ! ...... In the hundreds of thousands of people, there are more than a dozen Superman strong, saw leaf morning after Yueyue yù trial, but after hearing he had a knife slash at smb ants Superman things, have shocked and no one dared approached. Www QUAnben Com Ye Chen came to the Dragon Association mén mouth. Crosses, stand up! Behind the hundreds of thousands of people like breath, have stopped, standing afar. Looked up, Dragon Association headquarters in the city of Atlantis a xiǎo Shrine, named Camino Shrine, majestic and solemn, stately, towering front of the hall, there is a beautiful little nv stone, white in a hand pigeons, gazing into the distance, represents the meaning of the yearning for peace. Under this stone, there are more than a dozen guards keep mén, an air of indifference, stood motionless, the sharp eyes of the four weeks after the people are subconsciously bypassing, these soldiers saw Ye Chen, face sè instant drastic change, some staggering, to be seen the morning leaves behind to follow over a large dense mass crowd is stunned. "Quick! Go and report it to the president!" Recovered a captain of the guard, urgent reminders Road. The quickly ran a tuǐ soldiers inside. Leaf morning staring at that captain of the guard, apathy and said: "Let the dragon Zhixiang out!" This captain of the guard in front of so many people face, yù say scene, but the spectacle of leaves morning cold eyes, and she shuddered, even said: "You, you wait!" He's just a keep mén, naturally not in order the Association to provoke strong leaf morning. Not long after ... rushing! A large group of people from out of the stone carving, headed by wearing a golden Leather, majestic, hair neatly handsome, fair-skinned, extremely handsome, the fundus a hint of Lengao of, as if in front of everyone ants, this is the dragon Zhixiang . Behind him stood a dozen figure, male nv each, mostly guild elders, senior staff recruited these people behind, there are dozens of individuals, cold eyes, eyes like a knife, individuals with Jie greedy unruly gas, coldly staring at leaves morning, as if looking at a dying prey. These people is Dragon Association Superman strong! "The usurper leaves morning!" Long Zhixiang stood a young man, form the most watched Ye Chen, sneered: "I did not expect you brave xiǎo even dare to come here." Ye Chen glanced at him, indifferent said: "Go to hell." below this youth did not say it, then suddenly a wall, snapped, immediately flew into a rage, but due to the strength of the leaf morning, was forced to hold back, cold channel: "under you're dead good-looking! "he wanted to show himself in front of the Long Zhixiang,Satchels Coach, no one thought Ye Chen word choke back. Long Zhixiang air of haughty indifference at Ye Chen, said: "is indeed kill less cloud Beijing man, really ambitious!, However, is too stupid you're looking to die today, I will replace you, the people pesticides! "Then, his voice meal, immediately smiled and said:" However, as long as you pay out two dead monster, I do not make things difficult for you. "Hundreds monster hunting extremely difficult, that ability play-off, but do not have the ability to kill, is this level monsters are too cunning, beat and run, so the two dead monsters will be so attractive. The dying man, what nonsense! "Ye Chen coldly looked at him, suddenly presence of a move, he put a knife rushed up. The people around have shocked, I did not expect a significant disadvantage in the case of leaf morning and say that hands-on hands! Long Zhixiang eyes a cold, sarcastically at Ye Chen, said: "Do you think I Jiulongshan World War I? Deal with you, I could not even Superman status without having to open!" Then, hand in the forehead In touch skin Ceremonial Dress slowly split a slit, one eye lù the out! Eye of the talent! Long Zhixiang surprisingly reached one hundred physique! People around to see the talent Eye on the Long Zhixiang forehead, have exclaimed cry, Ye Chen eyes slightly move, but there is not much change, "it is no wonder that the Dragon in the previous base in China City Association, Long Chi Cheung did a bit of skill, before the the five sixty constitution, which just two weeks, even reached one hundred! "Long Zhixiang step by step, the whole body a vigorous momentum, Xiexiao looked Ye Chen, said: "you think of it? As human evolution month constitution will be automatically transformed to enhance, plus Jiulongshan, the First World War, along the way I came back, eating a the scarlet sè the fruit, leading physique instantly. increase, breaking the one hundred! "think of that adventure, he could not help but want to laugh. Virus, the birth of many rare treasures, this is his opportunity, the saying goes, to pay more efforts, not as an opportunity! But light, no effort is absolutely impossible. "You know one hundred mean?" Long Zhixiang sneer at Ye Chen, said: "This is a transformation in life to the extreme level, I'll let you see what a magic power!" Voice of a fall, HUO Di gold sè behind big sword pull out the sword sparkling golden light, such as the youthful edge, with the grace of the king of the air, he clenched his sword, Ye Chen rushed to his head-splitting out! Ye morning without even looking, readily toss swords, hit in the past! In spite of himself! Half-edged blade cast fly up the Long Zhixiang Zhebing most proud of weapons, such as tofu, easily cut, it does not work even a trace of fire huā! "How could!" Long Zhixiang eyes wide, rounded, "my sword, but hunting a 300 Ao dog beast, it hardest bones and gongs, chrome and other metal materials made of, how may be cut off! "he had seen the blood-red leaf morning swords, just feel very sharp, but did not think could be so terrible! Whoosh! The swords cut big sword blade to split his skull. Long Zhixiang hurried to avoid some awkward figure, the rapid take a few steps back, looked Jingnu leaf morning, had a chance to gasp for breath, they saw Ye Chen rushed over, the moment refused to take anything else, quickly open the Superman mode ! Whew! Dragon the Zhixiang body armor and agitation, the forehead slowly grow a slap in the face bifurcation white corner, was actually a Beetle Superman, gene and variability Superman, member of the platinum Beetle Superman than ordinary horn The cents Superman is more powerful! Go die! "Long Zhixiang hideous staring at Ye Chen," The last time you played out, I'll let you know what is the real power! "Breakthrough one hundred, he did not even Murong De not look eyes, not to mention the fear leaves morning. Ye Chen God sè, apathy, and quickly moved up, there is no rush to go head-on. Beetle Superman, the first order, an increase of 30 times the strength! 30 times the strength of the body! Is a series of Superman and ants are attacking the speed and vision is the biggest drawback! As long as there is a drawback, it can be overcome! Ye Chen figure back for a refund and out of more than ten feet. Long Zhixiang, staring at him, a dynamic figure, set off a violent gust of wind, step increase in 3000 after the power metal ground trembling slightly in terrorist strange force, his speed has also increased a lot, a soaring, they rushed to the leaf morning before directly picked up a fist fiercely who spent! Ye Chen readily toss, leaving blood-red swords, body hardness of Long Zhixiang now reached 3000, swords has caused him no harm. Leaves morning palm shoot head, the Qi Jin sprang, the formation of an invisible paw print, go to Long Zhixiang forehead shot! Long Zhixiang eyes a shrink, I saw a black sè handprint drifted away from the leaf morning in the palm of your hand, quickly rushed, you could not help but get a big surprise, he clearly knows, make the air force in vitro is how difficult it is! Seeing handprint arrival, he quickly recovered and quickly transported from the body strength, to welcome my hand go! Bang! Black sè handprint printed on his arm, fleeing into the body, and began frantically devour Dragon Zhixiang the body of the air force! My strength, that I worked so hard to accumulate strength!!!! How are gone!! "Long Zhixiang was shocked loss sè the forehead talent eyes light up slightly in the strength of his body glow gold The light, to condense into xiǎo sword sè leaves morning black sè Qi Jin oppression in the past. However, in front of Qi Jin, pneumatic like the clouds, a collision will be defeated, and rapid uptake, phagocytosis, and then all the way to the dart, came to Long Zhixiang brain! "Condensate" leaf morning cold eyes. LONG Zhixiang black body sè of Qi Jin instant condensed into edged Heijian, although they can not cut long Zhixiang the offal of 3000, but they were fleeing the of his mind jīng God ocean, to the natural eye! shè! Heijian who spawned numerous air xiǎo sword and soared shè around the head of the Long Zhixiang, rapidly came to the front of a mén saw Heijian vicious hit in the past, bang bang, they put mén to broke! Subsequently, Heijian for a large aerosol, such as the mouth of the devil, fleeing into the door mén ... ah!!! "Long Zhixiang mouth sounds miserable, people hear skin chills, I saw the third eye on his forehead,Coach Store, and instantly become bleak, endless black gas enveloped slowly closed. Long Zhi-xiang clinging to the head, as if to crash, Henhendixiang metal ground collision, mouth miserable barking, his the jīng God ocean, memory cells, Qi Jin in which the parcel, phagocytosis, squeezing. Ye Chen took the opportunity to figure rapid retreat, away from the dragon Zhixiang, stopped after a certain range, to fleeing dragon cào control the Qi Jin Zhi-xiang mind, wanton destruction! The dragon the Zhixiang only think head as if to tear, as if countless ants channeling in the brain luàn, the skin of the body shivering with fear,Air Jordan 9 Sale, severe pain, he forget everything and only wanted hurry to get rid of the pain. The presence of the original wait-and-see, have consternation, looked at each other, silence. Who would have thought that this Dragon president of the Association, the right to hold the blue sky, Gao Chong status, opened a superhuman state, even suddenly crazy! A lot of people look to the leaf morning, have seen most of the morning so that leaves the hands and feet, and then saw on the ground dragon Zhixiang, have appalled those who have not given up, you want to take the opportunity to attack Ye Chen Superman mode after people, have sank. <

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