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21.05.2013 09:10
these so-called fairy is insufficient antworten

Day 5 days Xuan Xuan code inverse inverse code free full text 591st chapters from the beginning of Hunyuan hall hall, is located in the very centre six fairy king temple! Surrounded by six Xian Dian, overlook from the sky down like a giant petals, mixed Yuanbao temple is the flower, and the six Immortal King Temple, is the six petals! The whole life hall is greater than six Xian Wang Dianjia up twice, the Hun yuan hall, be inferior to saying is an open-air garden, and upon the distribution of the ladder garden! From the outside, we can only see six different color s è light fog, can not see the real situation inside,Nike Jordan 9 Sale, more is to increase the mystery of life hall. You see the latest chapter and whole life hall although no walls surrounded, but by a layer of gold s è mask subtle shadow, from the outside can not enter the. At this time, Hun yuan hall outside the layer of gold s è mask edge, more than ten figure was standing there, eyes a blink don't blink of watching the mask! Led by a man, impressively is immortal sword door Zhangjiao no sword, when he stood on the mask, with a hint of a confident smile on the face, do not know the benefits here, would make him look like this! Two the door half Wonderland strong stand side by side in his side, in three people behind, Xiao Qingfeng,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK, Jima Sho, and other nine people shangguanfei. Can be said that, so far, three forces in the strength of the preservation of the integrity of the is no Sword Fairy party. Ten master, in addition to the LORD before fairy king temple, outside a Gulang Island Banxian master fall, is almost complete lineup. If a party in Nangong, it is the loss of Qing Yuan Zong two demigod realm of the elders, huang temple a faction is more miserable, for three place is Nangong Xian elder if kill. Especially green source cases, two elders in trickster realm is all being killed, this loss, will make the green source were reduced to ten rank the door at the end of. Although in the different place, each faction has many benefits, but more than three male fairy elder loss, these so-called fairy is insufficient to make up for. Especially the shortage Temple Temple, although shortage large, strength even more than ten immortal door first in the world,Air Jordan 2, but two names immortal master loss, enough to make them strong. While the other side, Dai Fei Rong, blue Chi and fairy elder Jasper divided boots that Chongming Island is the distance and the door all the more distant. No sword means they can, if there is no defensive to them, I'm afraid once the channel is open, the door they would suddenly, will they all kill! But on the other side, the world of the elders and Y ī n community elders two face s è pale standing on the other side, they from the strength of the most powerful party directly into the weakest one, the difference is really unacceptable to some. No sword four Lo one eye, eyes to see the two opposing forces that some Dodge, heart a sneer, but straightway by a Y ī n cold replaced. Several master Nangong island and also if not completely arrived, if the force once the duly arrived, so their advantage will all elimination! After all, if Nangong itself is worthy of the score Wonderland >

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