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This man scared flick of the antworten

Chapter 41: Firebrand! [More] It has been a cow fall, not this effort than cattle, but he skillfully deflected the way, the reason why Ye Chen income-based fighting skills. Of WWW QUAnben, com as long as one man play 10:00 combat effectiveness, they allow into the blood Shentang, even if the constitution is a Association would give gene yào agent training, and fighting skills is half past one culture is not up the. In addition to fighting skills, there is the equipment. Martial arts,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, no matter how, shot Liaodao the. The equipment xìng not watch for xiǎo. Leaves morning air Lux second, plus 150 of the constitution, with blood-red swords, kill these second-order flame monster easy. Figure a move, they sprang Rune space, then space closure, looked at that bubbling magma pool, waving swords with blood to provoke ground stone blows. Bang stones from falling into the magma, quickly burned, and so on for a long time, but did not flame monster out leaf morning slightly frowning, looked up, his eyes fell on the door giant mén I do not know, the fan mén standing in how many years, the erosion of the red-hot magma, and did not rot. Bypass the magma pool, he came to the side of the giant mén hot breath blowing magmatic fluid from the mén out, sink into the bottom of the magma pool, leaf morning staring at the two, suddenly see, Fu Zhi giant ménzhōngyāng, close to a Fu Zhi about 100 meters, the towering giant mén and humble, above depicts the many mysterious rune, leaf morning Ningmu, formed the touch in the eyes of surprised , Rune actually have the same purpose and Rune civilization Rune mostly a strong characterization from Rune civilization. Leaves morning readily a painting, Rune open space, the green character, the old man said: "This Rune write What does it mean?" Green symbol old man wafting from the spacecraft, mouth muttering, heard the words of the leaf morning, not help looked up, this eyeball almost convex mouth fell open, phenomenal men can answer the Road: "......" Ye Chen brow wrinkled, said: "What is it?" green character The old man slowly recovered, the eyes of the horror of sè still can not conceal disbelief Road: "This is the highest seal of the character's family, the legendary never utilized, whether the seal here, what kind of people, actually even need to use the strongest Rune "Ye Chen startled a little, too late fine to ask, at this moment, it stands numerous years of giant mén suddenly hum the sound of the cry, and all over the world, seem to have disappeared . This space instantly solidified green character old man mouth slightly open, but also maintained in a manner of speaking, Ye Chen figure motionless, even the eyes can not rotate, the body was wrapped in a mysterious force. Ye Chen hearts surprised, yù open Superman try whether pulls away, suddenly giant mén micro light from the the mén cracks overflow a red light, Jiruo lightning, all of a sudden they shè leaf morning head quickly so that he does not reflect a red light hit the leaf Morning forehead, stick to the above,Nike Air Jordan 10 Sale, gradually of to order a red sè the mark, extremely jīng the the United States, slowly penetrated into the skin, disappear. "Boom" to cry, the blank leaf morning my mind instantly, I do not know how long, trance, he could almost hear a hoarse voice, coming from thousands of miles away: "Go, child ......" voice down, Ye Chen eyes of the world gradually clear down the body I do not know when to resume over, he had a chance to take a closer look, suddenly in front huā, sight vain changing, greeted by a wilderness area, standing on their own fall into the underground world the sand. "What is it?" Ye morning startled,Nike Jordan New School UK Sale, somewhat startled, "Do not just all a dream?" His foot stepped on the foot of the ground, and not falling down, can not help but frowned, Rune open space, green symbol old man said: "out" green symbol old man wafting from the spacecraft, mouth muttering, said: "tell me why?" Ye Chen looked at him and said: "You just said that the strongest Rune is going on? "the green symbol old man surprised a moment, and said:" What is the strongest Rune? "leaf morning startled a little, said:" You just doing? "green symbol old man shrugged his shoulders and said : "I have been in the spacecraft to repair things, you say the strongest Rune?" Ye Chen frowned and said: "Nothing." closed the Rune space, raising his hand a little, one from the body Qi Jin Beng shè out, disco shè the ground, blasted a huge hole. "Qi Jin is a second-order" Ye Chen eyes flash, just the thing not an illusion, but really, the green symbol old man and put it in addition to the memory giant mén what is? "He was silent for a child, suddenly the ears of a move, and did not hear any sound ear, the reigning looked back, the look suddenly Zheng Zhu, saw the back where there are huge, full of sand, and are charred old sand, no trap sign. Breeze. The sun warm, sprinkle a little cold on the body. Rao is a leaf morning concentration, can not help feeling some máo bone erect. Ghost? He shook his head, do not believe that most of the time is too long, that the trap has been filled. Leaf morning eyes opened, and time is too long? Before I had heard some mysterious space, inside the passage of time is the speed and the outside world, inside a second, outside a decade later many scientists also confirmed the existence of this four-dimensional space ...... Sou leaves morning shadow of a move to go crazy, a hint of panic in the eyes, he did not want strayed into this four-dimensional space, etc. out the outside world are gloomy. The Paopao Pao Ye Chen madly base City ran. Ran did not take long. "Roar" drill a poisonous snake from the sand, blood-red eyes, ferocious attack over the leaves morning. Roll leaf morning eyes violent avoid or avoid head-on hit up, punch snake hideous mouth hit to, all of a sudden fly it in the throat, the Qi Jin blooming, it shattered head. Ye Chen palm toss, no trace of pause, adequate rush, rushed to the orientation of the base city, sprang a body next to a strange monster, like mantis strange, it is not enough time to attack, Ye Chen would have been sped away. This mantis strange suddenly shocked, a little dumbfounded, soon to be jī anger, jumped himself to chase. Ye Chen straight all the way, sometimes a monster rushing attack from the side, as long as there is no highway in the front, these policies, only accelerated the run, several xiǎo when leaf morning they came to the mén Kongtougou area, far you can see the shadow of the base city, he accelerated ran. "Why? Rushing?" A hunting xiǎo team, one of them turned around and looked surprised to see a figure far rushing fast. "Personal?" Another person disapproval Road to. Etc. "All of a sudden, previously man Dengqi the eyes, looked somewhat startled leaf morning behind him, and behind him there are a lot of monsters have surprised the rest of the people, one of them take the binoculars and looked, suddenly they saw Chen leaves behind dust shall, many Monster swiftly, are zombies biological, not shocked, quickly said: "Come on preparation, these monsters are the speed type, ready to attack the rest of the people have pulled out a firearm, quasi-leaf morning behind the monster, one of them waved Ye Chen shouted; "Brother, come here, work together with them to destroy the monster" in his view, in the pursuit of so many monsters have not killed, mostly a little capability. Ye Chen really ran over to this xiǎo team. The man's face lù a smile yù speak, Ye Chen "whoosh" slamming, crossed from him, this man instantly petrochemical, then he heard his teammates yelled: "to enter shè process The, the fast shè strike "this man woke up, quickly clenched hands of firearms, aligned with those monsters fierce shè. At this point - light winds, Ye Chen, God mysteriously returned, standing beside him, this man was shocked, stunned to see Ye Chen, also did not speak, they saw leaves morning stared at him, cold and said: "Now a few months?" This man was startled, some Zhangerhushang mō vain mind Just then, a man wearing a mí color clothes shouted: "fast shè of strike hair froze "This man scared flick of the body, attend to answer leaf morning, quickly clenched firearms at the those monster shè that hit. "Toot toot" next to a man cào control machine guns issued shè, a gold bullet from the muzzle soared shè the out the entire heavy machine guns as if chōu wind as shivering. The roar sounded monsters roared, including dozens of pythons, as well as insects, dogs strange, have stared at the leaf morning roar, he seems to be the way to "ignore" angry light. Tim-to-noise The leaves morning eyes become Senhan to down, turned his head away, a move his fingers, blood red swords condensed, speed was so engrossed shè the hit monster this xiǎo team people do not see. The bombers leaf morning step by step, standing in front of this xiǎo team. The everyone stopped the shè strike, watched in amazement as his back, one of them saw his hands three-meter-long blood-red swords the eyeball are almost convex out what a fight it, need it so much knife it. "brothers, fast back ..." the man hastily previously. "Dead" words Senhan squeezed from the leaves morning mouth, his step by step, the ground burst the arm muscles ròu muster, picked up a sword, severely split to go forward in spite of himself a Daomang soared from the knife body shè out like a half cut, in spite of himself heard, that rushing monster upper body have been cut off, only a few dozen of these monsters, the face of the second-order Qi Jin, only parts that speak the massacre of the men he had done speaking Seeing this, almost biting his tongue. ...... To seeking monthly data: the four-dimensional space, in Germany or which country a couple driving, driving on the front of aerosol, such as the fog dissipated, came to a national of another continent, for them, just the blink of an eye . Example 2: a hot air balloon, a few people up hot air balloon, suddenly felt the body of a hemp, appears 30 years after his family are old, they are still as into a mysterious four-dimensional space, a moment outside for decades. These are the real thing, nerd remember much, probably everyone to go out to the street, maybe through the hey. <

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