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to each other laugh and ridicule antworten

> Chapter 35: was hijacked sè! [More] side of the xiǎo black one tears a nose for mercy, side to Rune space receded, for fear that Rune spacecraft barrel start, the power of this thing but it has seen and heard, dare Yingkang? Black retreated into the Rune space, etc. xiǎo, Ye Chen quickly Rune space closed unbearable support body, a little flash will "thump" sound, fell to the ground, face pale sè after just beat up, although the body the expansion of a sense of dredge a lot, did not the pneumatic blasting to death húnluàn, but it makes the meridians damage stronger sense of pain. Of WWW QUANbEn, com leaf morning quickly meditation, "Pei-Yuan the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra", the ecstasy, my state, who all karma forget the no pain, no Xibei God sè gradually calmed down. However, the body of the pain is still there, just Ye Chen Wu ** through the concept of pain to have "forgotten" his body involuntarily trembling slightly, pale face sè, the amount of cold sweat oozes from, I just feel the forehead between the eyebrows seem to have anything to split, which is the precursor awakening talent. At this point - "ha ha, there appears to no one, we quickly came in a rough voice sounded, temple dilapidated mén opened, three men dressed in rags came in, pistol in hand back leaning on a two-edged beak knife, looks like it's three survivors. "It's getting dark, for the time being to avoid here." That the first man went to the temple to see not spacious inside, the walls around the old, the middle of an open space, there are about two parishes, in front of the temple, they go softly into the eyes cautious, alert around. However, the zombies in this temple, Ye Chen came to be slain, and on the ground only a few corpses stink to high heaven. That the first man walked into the temple, suddenly they saw down on the side of the column next to the leaf morning, to see him xiǎo wheat sè the skin, no scars on the arm, can not help but feel suspicious, the back of the long knives will hold the alert went over and shouts: "Hey ......" Ye Chen is entering the wonderful state fully grown body strength, heard footsteps, just a slight frown, but did not answer, pneumatic put vent out, once the opening, fall short. This man see Ye Chen does not smell, they poked with the tip of his body, would like to pick turn to see if zombie, but the tool tip of a challenge, suddenly they found sharp swords, are not able to pierce Ye Chen skin, and seem to pry a heavy rock, with his arm strength, he was not able to leaf morning body turned over. "This man was shocked, scared a reduction palm, behind him two seeing, have shocked, aghast and said:" How can this be so heavy? "One of the dwarf the young xiǎo eyes a turn, whispered:" this looks very simple, I do not know why actually lay motionless, I do not know is not asleep, if we kill him, ate his ròu, but also full control, but also can enhance physical fitness "that lead men and another robust Dahan, have eyes light up, looked a little greedy in the eyes of the leaf morning, robust Han brighten eyes and said: "In the toughness of his film, which made of steel, I'm afraid the knife can not cut open with a pistol, a direct hit his head. "I they have agreed to pull out their firearms, walked next to the leaf morning, pointed at his head, three of them as one, shot at the same time. The bang bang bang ... three bullets hit the leaf morning head bang slamming, but did not hit his head burst, but his body body care pneumatic rebound earthquake off, a bullet along the original way back, that the dwarf young xiǎo palm breakdown, stealing jī have rallied to eclipse the rice. "Ah ......" dwarf xiǎo youth holding the palm of your hand, and the pain rolling on the floor, out loud pain Howling, he was robust man holding his mouth, that he might attract the monster over. "How to do?" Robust man looked at the eyes of the leaf morning somewhat frightened, "This man invulnerability, and even bullets can not hurt, too terrible if he regained consciousness, we will be killed." Leading man extreme pressure under the eyes of the shocked, gritted his teeth and said: "wealth insurance requirements, I do not believe can not kill him, cut his neck, where relatively soft." Then, raised his sword to go to Ye Chen neck split. Bang in the morning leaves the body of the air force, was completely a full, smooth body, this knife Pilai the hinge morning mind, his body filled the air force suddenly rebound, going through the body shock that swords just touch the body, collapse, officials opened, bang bang, nose fracture, the enormous power of which man in the palm of your hand numb, tiger's mouth rupture. This man was clutching his wrist collapse, officials Ma, cold sweat dripping from his forehead, but stiff upper lip trembling slightly, obstinately silent, he watched in horror leaves morning, as if hell. At this time, that would be on the ground dwarf xiǎo of men suddenly face sè a change, even said: "Oh, someone to listen to footsteps, it seems that many of the" leading man hesitated for a second, immediately quickly said: quickly put away the weapons out of here. "as at the end of the world to survive for a few months, he knew, in the field once xìng met a lot of people, or are very weak rookie, who are close at hand, so the weakest team, best to grab. And the other is a group of strong and organized, dare in the wild in droves for safety reasons, this man would rather believe the second, the moment quickly put away the weapons, looked around, they see temple after a xiǎodòng, grass-grown, leading to the outside, can not help but overjoyed, hastened to take the lead in drill, while the other two have to keep up with the three walk xiǎo the heart wing, for fear disturb half points sound. Ye Chen heard of these people, can not help but frowned, he is now unable to move hands and feet, to a group of weak, he can rely on the pneumatic body care, so that the other party will not be able to hurt him, if strong, it would be a lot of trouble. After just a few attacks, the force of his body expansion of the gas has been compressed a lot of refining a third, and all refining, they can qualify for. Just then, a burst of crushing the footsteps of sounds coming from outside the mén, Ye Chen and hearken to go, I would see a crisp nv channel: "the search for the next four weeks, the the sister xiǎo sleep, not allowed to be disturbed multi-crisp sound replied. Ye Chen can not help but startled, he is not even hear a male voice from the voice, Is this group is a nv group compiled team? At this point, footsteps bī nearly over, a charming sound scared Hey soon, surprised and said: "Second xiǎo sister, there is also the people." Nv that to claiming the xiǎo sister the child said: "go and see." Followed , a few subtle footsteps came next to the leaf morning, faint spearmint hit, drift into the leaf morning tip of the nose, followed by leaf morning will feel a cold xiǎo hand, grabbed his arm, like his body flip over, xiǎo hands free to pull unexpectedly leaves morning the body is quite heavy,Coach Bags Sale, this is what actually did not pull up, not shocked, and quickly let go, drew his sword and the cross-body. Wait a moment, all the nv fleet leaves nothing happened in the morning, more surprising, one nv child whispered: "This person may be a trick play, we must not close to." Another charming voice sneered: "So many of us, Could it be afraid of him a fail, I do not believe this evil, look at me. "Then, they have come to seize the arm of the leaf morning going all out to flip over his body. Ye Chen the yù transported from the pneumatic, her palm Zhenduan the, but see each other no malice, they have not shot wounding, but at full speed refining body strength. "Why? Did not expect, was actually a guy." One nv child see the leaves morning cheek, I saw him xiǎo wheat skin sè, the nose high tǐng, Black-browed like a knife, very upright and handsome features, could not help somewhat surprised. "Really yeah, hey, how can he not move, see pale his face sè good, seems to be seriously injured." "I never thought casually picked up a guy, and sisters, do you want to play? Such a good goods sè of missed gone. "" Bah, you sāo * child, so go back ten brawny greeted you beg for mercy. "nv sub lightly clever language to each other laugh and ridicule, verbal free, completely not shy subtle , full discharge dàng, this idea is not born, but rather the end of the world environment,UK Nike Air Jordan, someone around to take the lead in creating a precedent, naturally there is a second, third. One of the nv sub laughing and said: "So young men, should to let two xiǎo sister taste, so she tried, we come too late,Nike Air Jordan Womens, as long as he imprisoned after rì afraid not fun what?" Ye Chen heard the The nv put dàng words, can not help but frowned, not ignore yù forget, threw himself into the grown up on the strength of the state, if he attacked immediately is strength fanzhen. In the temple, standing four or five charming scene nv child clothes violence lù skin white light Xi the condensate if lù fat, the rest the posture sè and poor strength nv child, we monastery outside patrol guard posts to prevent the invasion of monsters. Nv child who is called two-xiǎo sister, black hair Chuijian, pretty handsome cheek, eye bō watery saw Yechen Ying Chun looks not by chūn heart dàng, nv sub spit Road: less nonsense. "two xiǎo sister shy giggle." nv child have laughed, one of the nv sub smiled and said: "Come on, two xiǎo sister after finishing, let's play." said waved, as if flowing powder. Ye Chen suddenly smell a burst of singular taste, bad Anjiao, quickly hold your breath, but it was too late to speak, the body begins to smell that smell hot, nameless the fire from xiǎo belly stretch his body Hot. At this point, mén gates of the "creak" sound is turned on. Solemn and sacred temple, the Buddha the pinching blue huā means, smiling face of all beings, surrounded by silence, Ye Chen heard a slight sound of breathing, standing not far away, he can not help but frowned, thinking nv sub- If close to over, is not it pneumatically she Zhensi to. ... Seeking recommendations ticket, monthly pass, ...... (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to (cast Recommended votes, pass, your support is my greatest motivation.) <

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