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21.05.2013 09:04
flow photoelectric sh è antworten

The sword in hand, the momentum of Nangong from a time to reach the peak of the state, with large power, an artifact of this sword, enough to raise a times fighting force. The collider, Huang Zun three people at the same time sky spews out a blood, body towards the left after the fly out. Nangong is to exit if the seven or eight feet distance, just catch herself, face s è slightly pale glimmer, is not injured. Huang Zun face s è upheaval, seeing if the Nangong mouth smile once again brought back, the heart suddenly a burst, the dark way isn't good! Just then, a thin black s è figure lightning shuttle over, block in the desolate statue of before the body, did not say, the hands of the deformity strange sword Jici out. A yellowish brown s è ray of light moment Biao sh è, directly towards Nangong from heart attack! If Nangong Zheng Zheng looking at the way the figure, heart burst violently, it is spirit princess, she turned toward myself. A time is unexpectedly forgot to resist, stare at it a shuttle to the sharp sword, toward the chest approximation. "Ding -" side of the Komatsu is face s è a variable, a bomb, a bi s è flow photoelectric sh è out, will the ends sh è out of that sword spirit came down. Residual potential is not bad, continue towards xuanming body gallop and go! "No --" Nangong if s è face big change, build a ghostly lightning out, leaving a trail of ghost, at the same time, the sword disease pick out, the strength spirit accurate pick komatsu. "Ding -" a sound, under the Nangong if this sword, Komatsu Qi was immediately picked off the head, toward the side stimulated sh è past! Nangong is a somersault before if Qi and blood, and shortage of Zun three colliders shocks have not had time to press down, facing the divided fairy realm of Komatsu, nature is to eat some dark deficit. Xuanming is tiny tiny one Zheng, the hidden under the veil of face is flashed a familiar feeling, light tone way: "are you? Why did you save me?" Before she far see shortage statue of three person to get hurt, have not had time to see clearly the true colors of Nangong from Mount Lu, then directly sword out. And the hand of a sudden collapse of Komatsu, not only the way her sword, but the horror and unstoppable attacks continue toward her shock sh è. Originally intended to cut off all means of retreat xuanming, wielding weapons to attack and the road together, but if Nangong is suddenly appear,Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, to help him fend off the blow,Jordan UK sale, but also see Nangong from face. In addition to the heart of a strange familiar feeling, and deeply shocked, when she first saw Nangong if leaves, he is just a boy has not yet reached the level of respect state. But this time, it can resist master and joined the two elders, improve their speed has been able to use terror to describe, but compared with Nangong if not worth mentioning,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, but can only be used to describe the. Faced with the question of Nangong xuan-ming, if a wry smile, I can not save you? In my heart, your X ì ng life is even more important than my own! But he could not say directly, trying to calm the emotion, said: "we are finally know, nature will not stand idly by!" Xuanming that hidden beneath the veil >

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