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even the wind held their antworten

Chapter XXVIII: universal condemnation! [More] seeking monthly, while not yet reached 20, but the nerd a little effort, go code out. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM ...... "King Friends of taking Dragon pill, but dare to escape, most configuration solution yào the grasp, otherwise it would not be so reckless" Ye Chen surface sèyīn Shen, "I do not know to him before The series is true or false, run the temple monks stand next to your lair to see what is not the commander-in-chief of the base in Hohhot City yù lost bird arm, to find that there is a corner of yellow paper, heart of a dynamic, the hand break apart, see inside clutching that the yellow sè wrap, can not help the brow of a challenge, thought for a moment, put the yellow sè wrap pick up into his arms, this thing can answer seven powder toxic, after rì maybe come in handy. At this point - "Boom" an explosion sound crews are moving from the leaf morning to speak, the earth was moving, want to be buried in the hilltop fried yào of burst open, the reigning hearts surprised, hastened to dò ; ng mouth rushed, however, have not ran a few steps, the mountain dòng crashing collapse, mud buried the dòng mouth, would have lit the fire cited, as well as time out of the dòng outside, but leaf morning chase View Friends làng a lot of time, such as found the lamp lit yào cited after burning half, spared and where? "Rumble", collapse soil dòng top, above the soil pressure and trembling, leaf and Morningside hand against, but since the soil water falls from the finger gap between just her inability soft, all of a sudden they put a leaf morning buried alive, the sound of an explosion, the whole Jiulongshan trunk are affected, swing, sand kept falling, compressed, Rao is a leaf morning physical fitness, but also a kind of body is packed crushed illusion. "Are we going to be buried alive?" In this moment of crisis, the hearts of the leaf morning emergence of such a strange idea, can not help but smile, if not move kindness, rescued King Friends, if they are not true. But having said that, if it is killing the heart is too heavy, see bad immediately fled the mountain dòng, there will not be the end. His eyes closed, I feel surrounded by mud, squeezed in together, as if the integration and the earth, you can feel not far away, there are many subtle footsteps came, it was life beating him crawling the bones of the shoulder , struggling to squeeze the soil, just out of touch of the gap to be filled soon, he do not care, squeeze a few times, they feel the squeeze compressed earth together later be inserted in the soil is relatively soft, the palm of his hand the soil solidification live, completely unable to move. Leaf morning I thought: "oxygen in the soil is too thin, if not get out of here, life worrying." For such a thing, he does not intend to start the Superman mode, or to the outside would have no power to compete for the monster corpse. Thought for a moment, Ye Chen transported from the air force in the body along the meridians circulation, gathered in his arms, suddenly blooming outside the arm the soil shook out dàng loose a lot of gaps, see wonders He can not help but surprise, hastened to strength in the body transported from the rapid blooming, will soon be the soil outside the body burst open, the slight movement of the body. His mind a move, thought to himself: "do not know in the soil, can unite the blood-red swords, if this weapon, you can easily go out." Mindful of this, they try holding the idea, brought back the index finger, press move the the silver sè middle finger ring, however, the soil is too dense, that silver sè finger has not been converted into a blood-red swords. Ye Chen slightly disappointed, sighed, gave up these external forces, little by little, moving toes, constantly moving hook, fingers dial nòng the two side of the tuǐ of soil, such as soil release the hard two The arm lift, to speak, surrounded by pushing the soil, skin friction on sharp gravel bar some pain, but that gravel to skin friction fragmentation, visible leaf morning how tough film. Went to great lengths, leaf morning before the arm held up, this time, he has the feeling that consume a lot of oxygen the xiōng bore, want big mouth breathing, but in front of all the mud, and a mouth squeezed in his heart The concept of a dynamic, suddenly grinning teeth, forced breathing, sand soil compacted over, all against the teeth, can not fall in imports, with suction of the xiōng cavity, this sucked a lot of oxygen in the soil. See approach, Ye morning laughing aloud, quickly arm angle, two curved toes stretched it out, and to promote the body rushed up, fingers constantly clawed through the mud. Two xiǎo, leaves morning feeling has increased by ten meters, with the increase in the height of the increasingly high, the soft soil, he picked up speed, his hands kept climbing, not long before, they feel out of some of the soil warm, not cold, and knew that going to the outside, micro teeth, they worked up a red emerged. "Someone out." "Quick look" from the drilled out of the earth. "Many exclaimed sounds, The leaves morning Dousou the body hair, sand, snow, Sasa fall, not long before, he will face sand brushed the eyes looked suddenly I would see around a barren, rivers of blood on the ground, over and over stumps off the bones of the body, was blown charred billows of smoke, and not far away, lying down two huge shadow, one is 20 meters tall, the golden body the sèmáo of dense, covered with scars and blown up in the dorsal charred King Lion. An even more terrible, about a hundred meters, the body to clouds black and yellow sèhuā of grain, huge head, the lower part of the body from the disk, it was actually a boa snake snakes of snakes, pythons, boas,Coach Bags Store, Jiao, Long, which is a transformation of the evolutionary process. Head anaconda upper and lower body, but also has many claw wounds, skin open ròu blossoms and deep-fried in the tail area, was blown off, a charred, King yù children the husband fù I do not know the number of burial The blasted yào, trying to shift half a hill "Hello" At this point, one thundered sound, Ye Chen turned around and looked, speak tall, sturdy frame, face cukuang, eyes Xiongheng, This row all out, snapped: "You are who? explosion just is not you nòng" Ye Chen brow wrinkled, sweep around and see many come from behind people rushed to the scene, standing on the hillside around in front of them is a wreckage of charred ground, piled countless corpses. All under the watchful eye, leaves morning tǐng, straight waist pole, apathy, said: "I want to kill, but also without fried yào the" he has to know, soft to interpret the words, only the danger of misunderstanding. "Well," the big fellow sneer, "a good arrogant tone, the world did not dare so to speak, What kind of thing, do not think that Superman mode cross up, I had had a Superman mode, than you Diao next to another body pieces nv, glanced at Ye Chen a cold, and arrogant said: "so gathered the major associations Pioneer jīng Britain, you killed them, you want to own two monster corpses would be too stupid." "everyone to get everything to kill this person" shouted someone in the crowd. "Yes, kill him" brother my brother died the hún eggs ** Palestinian child, I want you for life "came a Han rushed behind and saw the wreckage over and over, braved the smoke charred corpses, not recognize which one is his brother, eyes suddenly blood red, an angry beast, screaming toward the leaf morning. Ye Chen hearts of anger Jumping see that Han rushing, bent over the probe to go in just out of the pit, finger movement, it turns into a blood-red ring swords do not see real people around, see Ye Chen holding a two-edged The extremely sturdy domineering sword, thought it had hidden there, no more want. "Roar" that Han growled, open blood, actually a werewolf Superman, the body length quite strong máo hair, holding a two-edged black swords Pilai head-to leaf morning. "Give me a brother for life" the Tahan nearly crazy roar. Ye Chen murderous eyes flash,Coach Satchels Online, the left three wolf's eyes move to the operation, these Han figure to capture a hint of, finger blood red swords quickly waved past. In spite of himself carnage flash Surrounded by a silent, leaving only the lonely wind is blowing. That Han's body horde in the breeze, the neck slowly paddling, falling to the floor, his hands swords have been divided into two parts, neatly cut. The audience was dead, even the wind held their breath. Is a superhuman soldiers, even beheaded them most aghast,Coach Kristin USA, leaves morning there is not even open the superhuman mode leaves morning in the eyes of thrown a trace of hostility, glancing at the presence of everyone, repression by the state of mind to kill read surging flow into the mind yù look, let him have a trace of bloodthirsty "Do not be afraid," someone in the crowd shouted: "he was a man, so many of us, afraid of what" is. "Others go along. Call your mother head kind of their own on the ah, the instigation of others doing "a Han Nusheng the Road. Two called upon the people of the stay for some dumb. Presence is experienced life and death, if not relatives or friends died in the explosion and will not be rushed to the unthinking. "I think of it, this person is base in China City, Major General Ye Chen" have seen leaf morning and cloud contest the general exclaimed. His remark, the audience raged. "What? Even that Mangfu leaves morning," he actually has been so strong, unarmed fight Superman strong, "" horrible, no wonder Lian less Kyoto kill everyone leaves morning were the first and just the style of the knife to subdue. "This is what happens? Base in China City Design Could it be that these people killed?" He certainly listened to the instigation of the above. "" Too cruel, China base city is certainly in order to weaken the power of the major associations, before this plan "for a time, all the base city of China angry. "Not necessarily." Some analysts said: "base in China several commander-level figures of those who died in this, now is the occasion of the employer, the base city will never make such a stupid things certainly Mangfu dry "everyone on, and killed him." Some people roar up. All look to the leaf morning, cold eyes, disgust, ridicule nòng, sneer, Yueyue yù try, ready to rush. Just then, a crisp the nv sounds: "Stop cited explosive yào the murderers" <

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