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> Chapter 21: "death" was born! [1] Recommendation votes to catch up, and then seek the 1000 votes, 5500 vote in 22:00, the outbreak of the fourth, in order to compensate for late, it's still a three-shift ...... Ye Chen proximity to the front, blood-red swords a bevel cut , they put a two Werewolves man kill down in a pool of blood, the last young werewolf, frightened face, running helter-skelter, did not pay attention to the ground at the foot gravel, all of a sudden trip to the ground, fell and covered with mud to speak, incredibly hard, and feel as if death blow in the ear. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM "finished" the desperate eyes of this young werewolf. Ye morning armed with a knife walked in front of him, tall figure shrouded devil sky rain falls on the shoulders, the body exudes rich Xuexing Qi, condescending down at him, apathy and said: "Tell your president, and now on earth monster wanton, if more Hu luàn killing the compatriots, I would replace the death personally remove his head "the werewolf youth looked Ye Chen stepped barefoot in the mud, and heard the cold tone of this without the slightest emotion, body involuntarily trembling slightly, to speak, the rain falls on the body, cool in the bottom of my heart, trembling and said: "Just as long as you do not kill me, I must tell." leaf morning indifference and said: "Tell him that we are 'Death Organization ', the behavior of any crimes against humanity, will be sanctioned by the death of "Werewolf young heart jump, trembling nodded, immediately looked up and peek a leaf morning saw his face méng the black cloth only lù to a pair of cold merciless eyes, coupled with the hand-held blood-red swords are like real death roar over his head, the clouds rolling, a bolt of lightning piercing the sky and heaven and earth shone bright a bright gift to a little can terror. Whirling clouds, thunder fried days. Werewolf youth in leaf morning release, limping awkwardly ran the distance. Ye Chen coldly looked at his back, the rain curtain hanging, horizontal resistance rain is blowing in the wind in the middle, tilt, after a long time, he withdrew eyes, turned around and walked to the few people hiding in the side walls of the White Dragon of and the Rune space open, not far from sitting on the wall, the body is silver robot wet his feet, walked into the Rune space. The White Dragon saw a young werewolf direction of escape, somewhat puzzled, and said: "Why would he let go?" Ye Chen indifference: "The future land monster, also need to clean up these people, Fan vain anger for the moment, to massacre these people clean, but weaken the power of the human. "mouth wěn momentum with a bit of pointing country, like a remote itself is imperial emperor to be considered not in front of the food of life and death, but the future of the overall situation of Mo Feng suddenly said: "I just hear you say 'death organization' What does this mean?" Ye Chen came from the heavy rain into the side of the wall to avoid looking at the outside of the clouds on the horizon, ring cover the earth sky, his eyes glowing mysterious light, said: "our strength, can assassination of the leaders and of no force, why not set up a force overawed these people, let them wrestle with the monster, a little effort infighting less huā fees" so This organization is to maintain peace? "Yue Heng surprised. White Dragon mused: precisely, is to maintain the peace of mankind, the human forces are concentrated in the fight against the monsters, otherwise single monster on land combined, would be sufficient to human massacre, not to mention the vast waters, also hides many heinous monster Ye Chen nodded and said: "Yes." something different dark creatures in the world, he did not speak out, so add another concern. To Zhuge who listened for a moment, Shen yín, suddenly eyes light up, surprise and said: "In this way, the leader of the major forces, not have to look our face sè act?" White Dragon shake shook his head and said: "not so simple, serious injury to their own interests, will probably organize another organization, and we play against," YUE Heng domineering face, sneered: "the war on the war, the combat effectiveness of their leaves morning to a killing one, a group of carcasses group leaves morning is pretty blunt, and quite naturally nodded and said: "do not have to worry about, but at the moment we still low-key point, try not to violence lù the identity, such as the establishment of the base city, that is, Qing kill the monster when, before the first respective enhance the strength to fight for the early breakthrough one hundred "did not reach one hundred, he also there are some weaknesses, such as the reached one hundred,Jordan 11 Shoes, awakening the talent, they can really fear Superman Zhuge who smiled and said: "Do not worry, few of us often hunted together a monster, Mo Feng and White Dragon escape the onslaught of powerful monsters, no concerns directly open the Superman mode bombers kill." leaves Chen nodded, he is fighting alone, did not open the Superman mode, is worried after Superman mode, there is no life insurance operators of this channel is not the same, but the White Dragon, they are often fighting together, as long as the left two people do not open the Superman state, the rest of the people can rest assured that bold use to fight Superman mode. If the ordinary person, even if the composition of the team will not do, fear of betrayal. The White Dragon through fire and water, and trust each other, especially the White Dragon,Nike Jordan 6 Shoes, when Atlantis suffered a crisis of life and death, you can tǐngxiōng out, he would have to see life very light, holding the mentality of not force , and therefore he was always able to laugh. "Yes." Yue Heng suddenly looked at the leaf morning and asked: "'Death organization', a total of only a few people?" Ye Chen nodded: "temporarily." At this moment, the world-famous Death team captain was born: Ye Chen remaining members: White Dragon, Mo Feng, YUE Heng, Zhuge Where ...... Dragon Association headquarters in the city of Atlantis. Long Zhi-xiang,Purses Coach, president of the Society of Dragon sitting chief bit, looking at the front of bedraggled young man, this young man standing on the floor of the metal drops of water dripping from the tips of the hair down, body trembling slightly, did not look up to speak, The Chamber cast around the eyes as if Wanjun mountains, pressure on the body to breathe. "In addition to you, there are four mosquito beast soldiers of the camp, the rest of the people are dead?" Long Zhixiang surface sèyīn the sink water, finger tapping on the seat surface and do not have any anger, but all from his voice was rich murderous. Young man body trembling bow xiǎo channel: "Yes, the other had two Superman soldiers, then suddenly out of five, so I was taken by surprise." Careful to say. "Long Zhixiang strong pressure hearts the monstrous anger, deep, said. Youth hastened to the scene of the encounter lay told Long Zhixiang, sitting in the conference hall the twelve figure, which has three nv sub, everyone listen carefully, quiet only youth microstrip trembling about sound. With talked about behind Ye Chen et al, everyone frowned. This young man left an eye-see LONG Zhixiang mood anger, hearts myself: "If that respect Shashen to me to tell the words out, I'm afraid is fueled, in case the president huff, I kill, they can pour a large mold. "So they talk about the course of the fighting, in order to prove that is not negative things, they exaggerate, Ye Chen et al wantonly about how powerful, say like they are washed out from hell the devil, and the killing means that extremely bloody, and the presence of a lot of people have frowned. After listening to the anger in the minds of Long Zhixiang offset a little frown, pondered awhile, suddenly looked up and stared at the young man snapped: "Do you have anything to hide?" The young man heart jump heart think: "He will know how I do not have that the Fiends tell the words come out." under the stern eye of the dragon Zhixiang, the hearts of the idea of ​​turning decides to go refuses to acknowledge, shook his head: "No, under the sentence true, no concealment, "the eyes of the dragon Zhixiang murderous thrown up, said:" dare to fool I ask you, why do you alone fled? "young men suddenly the heart called bad, did not expect ignored it looked a little embarrassment, in Long Zhixiang eyes, felt the cold murderous wrapped around the body, "splash" kneeling on the ground, burst into tears, crying Road: "President, under admitted the mistake, would have had the issue under did not say, because that man is too rude, verbal disrespect "Long Zhixiang stared at him, said:" truthfully say "young man quickly leaves morning to him to convey the words of out, but in order and before the words , put the words right extremely rude, airs mud Buddha listened also furious. Long Zhixiang hear face covered with yīn cloud men next to him on the young man shouted: "Get out of here is not" the young men see the bypass xìng life, overjoyed, scratching and scrambling to leave the Chamber. "Death Organization dragon Zhixiang eyes light Swept do not see what they thought. The next bit is a man, "Teng" stood up, Nu Sheng said: "Boss, let me go to tear the group son of a bitch I'm angry, I also arrogant" wrong "and another youth frowned, said: "each other's meaning is clear, as long as it is not in violation of human affairs, it will not be this arrogant mouth wěn of tell, mostly exaggeration man nothing more." in this young man next to an oval face nv sub a scar in the corner of the eye, which is quite horrible, she nodded and said: "good to the bright Guild this xiǎo forces, also the president Xu Tianguo and another King Tong heaven-sent to the brothers, Superman mode, the rest are idiot. subsequent emergence of the 'death organization', or bright Society of hidden forces, or is really organization established by a group of hearts softened "" can not be bright Association. "another man mused:" Otherwise this fighting, the Association has long rise, not the willing only a xiǎo Association massacre werewolf warrior "this person said, there was a man in the death organizations unlock the Superman state, still do not know is true or fake. "" This is certainly false, even if it is Murong Germany can not kill a werewolf warrior "in the ordinary state" that it may not be, if there is no matter, this man, how will making things luàn the build a so credible? "many people expressed their views. <

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