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the urge to see people antworten

> Chapter 14: gene transplantation transformation! "In this case, too stuck on the www, qUanbEN com" White Dragon could not help but said: "like these men, garbage the same thing, but because Superman mode, you can kill us such strong Mo Feng suddenly opening said: "Do you want is not comprehensive, is divided into two kinds of people in this world, alone, separate groups have a separate way of life, for example, came to the base city, low-key trafficking skin máo will leave the base city, if someone provocation, such people can kill each other, and then take advantage of Superman mode is not released, ran out of the base city. "barefoot shoes are not afraid." separate people ran out of the base, rì ; after posing hún into come in, so the proliferation of Superman mode, such a person does not hurt. "Mo Feng indifferent said:" groups of people, it is necessary to a family with kids, surrounded by men need care, directs consume each other's hand down Superman mode,Coach Online Store, and then kill each other just like these three individuals, turns on stage, playing the wheels of war and their superhuman mode is released, we need to rely on the people around protection, separate will find a place where no one to escape life-saving way. "Ye Chen point nod, he said this should not be soft, bald man kill, they put three men to kill even if he was able to solve a Superman mode, people do not know that he has not turned on, is not easily provoked. 2 minutes and 30 seconds Superman state, Ye Chen can use 2 minutes, the Superman soldiers massacre a few blocks, and then 30 seconds on foot. Of course, this is only bī not only do the same. "I, tyrannical clouds less characters like Beijing, did not dare acts recklessly, after all, Superman is vulnerable time. Including 10 Superman soldiers have their own forces that Raytheon is because of brotherhood, the Superman gene is turned on, the xìng life jiāo to the protection of the hands of brothers, murderous Fanzao leaf morning made me think in silence, a man of the world and all the souls, such a thing could not exist in the real world. Unless ...... he efficacy of the blood of God the successful integration of the blood of God is the integration of a variety of genes, when turned on ants Superman status, you can also open another superhuman state, even if it suffered the wheels of war, bombers kill in the end "Unfortunately ... ... "Ye Chen frowned," The constitution itself is too weak, only 95 reached 100, and talent awakening transformation in life, perhaps will be able to accelerate the integration, which can fusion gene of the second Superman " 100 This is a mén threshold cross-over, the awakening of talent, and has the strength, power surge combines the blood of God, my genes have been changed, do not know what is the natural skills of this life, if it can seven upper talent enough. "Ye Chen underground passage in mind. "Huh? Leaf morning?" At this time, the distance sounded a surprised voice, tinged with surprise. All have hesitated, turned around and looked, they saw the metal side of the street, the breeze, a nv child wearing a black and white beast sweatshirt, bring out the pieces Plumper **, a smooth flat xiǎo belly is a pair of slender white **, leaning against the wind to Chu Chen, beautiful and holy. "Yo" lover of the boss. "" Gee, "have yin White Dragon and her constant smile, Chuaizhuo of Zhuge where and it is unknown Mo Feng, said:" Go away, do a light bulb. "Ye Chen snappily glanced at him, At this time, Murong snow to go over, watching the White Dragon, who waved to her in the distance, could not help but "Puchi" smile as huā thrown up on both sides of the cheeks pink, extremely beautiful. She laughed for a moment, then looked up at Ye Chen, micro-Chen Dao: "You just come back to it?" Ye Chen nodded. Murong snow snappily said: "I thought you were in ruins accident, not so long, you also improper when my friend?" Ye Chen slight smile, said: "I forgot, uh,Nike Jordan Spizike UK Sale, and so will children, I have something first to leave, the next time you look for. "Then he turned to leave, walked into the distance. Murong snow startled for a moment, looking at the back of the leaf morning, white teeth nibble Red chún, after a long sigh of relief and turned to leave. ...... Ye Chenshun to the barracks after mén came to a metal building, if I remember right, the first life here is genetically modified plant, I saw in the mén port There are two jīng soldiers guard God sè reached over and pulled out a leaf morning; serious, waist hanging firearms, saw leaf morning, immediately shot to reach out to stop, one of them whispered: "Please leave,Coach Outlet Sale, here is the GM plant, only permission to enter inside." The General's Command, said: "I have something to do," two soldiers looked at God sè immediately become different line, a military salute, and said: "See General Ye Chen nodded and said:" mé ; n open. "generals belonging to senior figures of the base city in China, is not a top-level commander level, ministries mén Minister comparable, but the right is great. The two soldiers nodded, mén pushed. Ye Chen walked inside, I saw the inside is quite spacious, there are 10 similar gene positions in the metal positions, nv sub appearance of a human robot standing in the next xiǎo robot, first saw the leaves morning, came quickly nodded: see adults "Ye morning startled for a moment and said:" Do you know me? "exactly the same outside and human eyes the mechanical light blue sè nv sweet smile:" I machine of C-245, all the robots in the city, Aier Wei received a command to obey adults unconditionally "Ye Chen suddenly, nodded and said:" gang fusion transformation of the body, I want to fusion of a eyes said "good." mechanical nv child and not surprised, smiling. Ye Chen hand over the pages, put Rune space took out three wolf eyes, I saw this black and white jiāo, plus the eye smooth and glossy, such as pearl, he gave jiāo mechanical nv child. "Please come with me." Machinery nv child with leaf morning came to a metal bench, he laid himself down, and he was immediately head fixed, and the light shines in the morning leaves left eye, smiled and said: "Please wait. "Ye Chenjing static wait. Genetic modification, which is a very magical best technology, the monster's body and transplanted into the human body, in a peaceful era prostheses, mechanical arm, and so on, are regarded as extremely rough and shallow genetically modified, or even simply relates to the level of the gene. Atlantean civilization genetically modified, you can create a mermaid, unicorn monster, genes, cells, from a fundamental level fusion, completely own body this time, the mechanical nv child to take a little yà o agent, stick in the eye socket side of the leaf morning, penetration into the leaf morning suddenly think this is a local paralysis, there is no perception. Immediately, several mechanical xiǎo people, opened his eyelids, his eye from the eyes sucked out with a straw-like things, this scene looks quite scary, but leaves morning mortal mind has reached eight bands, plus has been psychologically prepared, so not too surprised. With the eye to pick up, leaf morning feeling left eye sight suddenly see the light, and conversion perspective with the other side of the rotation, behind the left eye with the right eye can see, there are many blood vessels and other filaments implicated. At this moment the mechanical nv sub take a Note shè, the inside light green sè liquid injection shè the into the eye, bloodshot eyes, of those implicated in the smooth eye eyedropper fall off down. Ye Chen suddenly feel lost the sight in his left eye, completely invisible line of sight becomes a bit uncomfortable. At this point, the mechanical nv sub put processed three wolf eye handed over, add the many yào agent on the eyes, bloodshot eyes suddenly falling down from the eye, such as the xiǎo snake automatic float, dip in the back of this eye. Ye Chen feeling mind piece of vertigo, a huge killing, grim, greedy, bloodthirsty thoughts, such as the Yellow River burst its banks, surging into the mind, so he kind of scolded discredited by a few, you want the sky and roared, Ye Chen know that this is a three wolf eye and his body gene fusion, resulting suited to the feeling, he did not panic, keep the heart such as a bottle, in a macro vision, to watch their own, the urge to see people killed, Watch the heavens and the earth, is feeling somewhat esoteric. Unknowingly passing. I do not know how long, leaf morning feeling kill the idea in the minds of the idea and bloodthirsty, have been suppressed down to mortal eight bands, his heart, such as the lighthouse, towering does not move, any of the millions of people reviled, can not shake his determination this time, the leaf morning feeling visual acuity, he opened his eyes pupil of the eye, they feel the eyes of the world and not the same, is becoming clearer, even fine dust in the air, can be clearly seen clearly Chu to speak, the world has never been so clear and close. Moving eyes, leaves morning and did not feel any discomfort, sat up, looked at from the metal bench next to the mechanical nv sub, asked: "good?" Machinery nv child nodded, smiled and said: "Because successful integration 100% degree of integration Ye Chen nodded, eyes shining, and now, his left eye and TEW vision, the eye of the 85 three wolf eyes, and now he has reached 95 , less than 10 times the constitution of their own vision, but because of the special structure of three wolf eye, making 85 of the eye, you can see the movement speed of the 110 strong. Tantamount to saying that he had a 110 eyes leaves morning looking at the next stage of an eye, picked up God sè calm, close up. Today, his left eye is three wolf eyes, it can be said that their own eyes, in the high-tech Atlantis, three wolf eye genes, cells, and their own perfect implicated not repel. And will be enhanced with the enhancement of the body and completely would be tantamount to their own part of the body "Next time, maybe should be nòng to a pair of wings." Ye Chen underground passage in mind, this is the case, he will have a power of flight. Transformation of science and technology in the Atlantean civilization gene transfer, the human body is completely tantamount to a robot, you can freely with the change of each part of the body as part repair, however, the brain cells in the brain, memory cells, but not at liberty with the change, with the change, it is another person. <

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