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Chapter 10: Are you satisfied? [More] fast Mid-Autumn Festival, full moon rì, mind inevitably somewhat melancholy blessing drifting wandering in advance, can be happy, healthy, and does not seek to earn much money, people in this life is nothing more than Happy, happy, this is enough. Www. quANBEn. Com ...... Subsequently, under the leadership of the Cui brothers,Jordan SC 1 Sale, his trio came leased commercial real bright Association. The house is not spacious, whole body gray sè of iron and steel, covered an area of ​​about 600 square meters, bright Association meeting hall. Ground habitat is remote, does not alone commercial street, building street in front of only a few scattered people around. Ye Chen frowned, immediately went inside to take the lead. Mén mouth in the council, standing four keep mén soldiers, may be due to the usual no one arrival, they seemed to be somewhat undisciplined each other casually chatting, smoking his mouth, which is quite pleasant. Cui brother saw four people, surface sè sank due to leaf morning in the next, Qing Ke cry, suddenly, a few people have been self-serving chat, have heard the movement, hastened to the mouth the smoke away, thrown into the feet slam, then stood up, stand up straight body, saw Ye Chen and Cui brother, his face piled up a smile. "Cui brother to welcome the to carry guests return. Four opt bow, subconsciously looked Ye Chen a, eyes stayed on him the beast gown, soon they quickly looked away. Cui Cheng looked a little embarrassed leaves one morning, said: "There is usually no one,Coach Classic USA, they are all loose, I'll take lessons, Xu boss they are waiting in the hall you do not need these xiǎo People care about." Leaf Chen nodded, God sè and no bō move went in, followed by his leadership. After they went in, four guards tight body lax, marvel, in turn relying on large mén side, chatting with each other. Into a large mén, the three ladder, a straight, direct access to the hall, in which both sides of the hall, two vice Hall entertain guests, the three buildings were encircle like a xiǎo open space in the middle. This building cities all metal, every part can change, such as flat raise a metal wall, or a few more steps are easy, do not need human. The three walked all the way to the hall, Cui Foti walked over, pushed mén Ye Chen made a gesture, please. Ye Chen move into, I saw bright light in the hall, a rectangular metal table in the middle, around seven or eight figure at the table, which has two nv child, a homely the ordinary, hair braids, wearing a pieces of sackcloth, xiōng mouth, back, shoulders and other parts, inlaid shell of strange insects, can play some defense. Another body demon burn, a red tights sè, fair-skinned, the Soft Leather He wears a black hair sèmáo, the black pants sè short kù cling round Alice tún rely on in the chair, slender ** tilt, is quite eye-catching. But people big sigh Unfortunately, she jīng to cause a beautiful oval face side, there is a shocking scratches can imagine nv child once how close contact with the rest of the men, or build robust and death, looks rough mad or handsome, cool, moist, such as yù just in the eyes of occasionally brushed yīn the cold betrayed mouth smile. In the rectangular metal table forefront, sitting between two figure are Xu Tianguo, David Wong. With the leaf morning came, everyone stopped talking about, turned his head and set his sights on him, curious, cold, dull, the most the Xu Tianguo above, eyes light up, quickly got up, Kuaibu Xiang Ye Chen walked over jī move: "You finally came back" Ye Chen nodded and said: "delayed a little time in the field." the Xu Tianguo laughed: "come back safely enough, we are waiting for you, to Theravada. "So saying, she took leaves morning came two of the top edge of the seat, responsible for the waiting the herald xiǎo servant commanded Road next to:" over a chair from the "young xiǎo servant nodded, went to the next moved over a metal chair, eyes sort of looked curiously at Ye Chen,Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, he had never seen Xutian Guo others so affectionate. Ye Chen disagree openly sitting. "Xu boss, this is who you are talking about VIP?" Looks handsome, leaning on a chair, tilted Jiro tuǐ of young men, Xie Xiaozhao see the leaves morning. Xu Tianguo the surface sè sank, looked at the young one, the hearts of some frustration, If it is really peaceful era, those executives will never make a move so rude, at least, will be waiting for him introductions before opening speech. But now, sitting in this hall so-called high-level, but powerful Bale etiquette way jiāo stream handshake posture, pay attention to touch the glass, completely do not know, is tantamount to a group effort the ordinary people Xutian Guo Qing Ke sound, the presence of the crowd and said: "this is the leaf morning, we light the founder of the Society, but also China Base City generals welcomed" Then, his own to take the lead and clapped their hands. However, all of the following are not working action, just hold hands xiōng looked dull. Xu Tianguo God sè, somewhat embarrassed, Ye Chen explains: "Because of the tight time promoting, no arrangements to welcome the team, I'm really sorry." Ye Chen shook his head and said: "OK, this time you've worked hard." the Samsam Xu Tianguo nodded and sat down. At this time, the young man had spoken earlier, smile looked rich leaf morning, said: "I did not expect, the founder of our association, turned out to be a general base, Nice to meet you" "Oh ..." Another quite handsome youth, imposing appearance, reclining in a chair, lazily watching the leaves morning, said: "I would like to ask, founder of adults, you are generals, or will it? Do not tell me, you're just a Major General, oh, Oh Ye Chen nodded slightly, and said: "You guessed it." all slightly Yizheng Ye Chen did not expect the face of such provocation, even tolerant, also conversation composure, could not help frowned slightly. Xu Tianguo face shame, Ye Chen said: "I'm sorry, this is all my fault, they outspoken." Nothing. "Ye Chen patted his shoulder and said:" You did good, just ten days, put the Association set up, also involved in the commercial market, beyond my expectations. "the Xu Tianguo smile cry. The following people see to Ye Chen did not get angry, one gone interest, with some contempt looked at him, they each looked down at his palm, or nail scraping or Shuangshoubaotou leans on a chair , tilted Erlang tuǐ, comfortable squint your eyes. Ye Chen as if everything did not see, migraine Xutian Guo said: "At present, members of the council, how many?" Face the Xu Tianguo looking at leaf morning not a cent of anger, I do not know why, mind trembling, quickly said: "At present, ordinary members a total of 6042, most of them are ordinary people, reached a warrior, 1280, five soldiers, 82. reached 10, only 16. "leaves little bit of morning head, asked: "members of the post is how to allocate?" Xu Tianguo truthfully said: "I did not reach one, divided into ordinary members, the next level is a three-line members of the five second-tier members, 10 are first-line members, and the presence of, are more than 15, are recruited by class. "Ye Chen thought for a moment, said:" recruit people conditions to improve yet?, "Xu Tianguo smile:" No, I'm thinking about and They discuss it. "Ye Chen waved and said:" I did not need to time làng fee in it, as I say, one man play 10 fighting people enrolled come back I will enhance the welfare up to increase the reward. "the Xu Tianguo surprised:" you have money. "Ye Chen nodded. "Oh ...... next, it leans on the chair, extremely handsome young man suddenly laughed. The Xu Tianguo frowned and said: "Week High, are you laughing?", Called week high man smiled, the ridicule nòng looked Ye Chen, said: "I laugh at you too arrogant, thinking that he is what? single-handedly play 10:00 combat effectiveness, this condition who can reach you okay? simply talking nonsense, "Xu Tianguo snapped, soon Pass speechless, he did not reach his combat experience, only one man, play the combat effectiveness of 7:00, which is already very high. At this time, the leaf morning migraine suddenly looked at the man called Week High, said: "Who are you laughing?" Week High startled for a moment, immediately sneer, said: "Do I even laugh qualified it? you are merely the lackeys of the base city in China, a Major General level generals, you have what qualifications management we? "the rest of the people have nodded, ridicule nòng to look at the leaves morning. Reached this level, our own strength is extremely powerful, where it would be convinced by someone else control. "Qualification" Ye Chen chewed for a moment, immediately stood up, heels on the table, stepped on a rectangular metal desk, all under the watchful eye of a step-by-step to the weeks went high. he came to the front desk week high, condescending, apathy and said: "Are you satisfied?" week high sitting in a chair, watching the leaves morning standing on the table in front of him, a smile slowly sank, cold voice said: "Do not think you are the founder of the Society, it is necessary to listen to your commands" That being the case, I should you use? "Ye Chen eyes gradually become cold, floating said something, then the soles of the feet Yiduo turn over one foot kick to the head to week high. Week high surprise, did not expect leaf morning even dare to get involved, But soon, his mind will be a lot of attention sneer, Lun physique, he reached the 20, plus a wealth of operational experience, the base city of many Major General not his opponent, his head back and Yang, avoid this kick, toes a little ground, leaning back slip Ji Zhang, just one stood still, yù counterattack. Leaf morning suddenly ghostly standing in front of him, pinch to reach out to his throat, fast chips such as lightning, he has not had time to respond, they grabbed the throat, the body was put up. ...... Eat first == regarded as lunch, do not eat not. Under 9:00 - <

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