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21.05.2013 08:57
and before the rain is deadly attacks antworten

> "call -" have not had time to relax, and dozens of rhizome winding up, let Nangong if a burst of angry, abnormal depressed: "also to?" This giant pine tough demon, totally more than a giant scorpion and gigantic whale beast, although can rely on day dagger blade sharp, cut off the winding over rhizome. But these roots once broken, will quickly recover,Coach New Arrivals Bags, and so on, even if they are consuming dead, also decidedly cannot find Jusong demon a flaw. "Call -" if Nangong will once again a melee rhizome bud, and one side of the body, abruptly from the two roots of flicker out. Dare not stay, only toward the big pine tree trunks rushed past, just because of his left big pine, so he will suddenly attack. In addition to the roots of pine needle puncture and before the rain is deadly attacks, Jusong demon did not continue to play to kill to recruit, but make every attempt to use the roots themselves. "This guy is trying to catch them alive, should have their own thinking, than the scorpion and the whale is strong many, this is easy!" Nangong if eyes flashing road. At the same time, the body is light falling on the thick branches. "Call -" dozens of rhizome again towards Nangong from most of the winding up, look at the posture and angle, actually want their bondage in the trunk. "Stop -" seeing those roots to melee, if Nangong secretly bitten to grind teeth, suddenly shouted, tongue blossoming ch ū n ray, the break drink is Hun yuan Qi inspired, momentum. "Call -" the rapid winding over dozens of rhizome, actually seems to understand Nangong if it is general, really stopped in his eyes is not a distance. Hey. A smile on the face of the Nangong if, I wiped the sweat from his forehead, will soon day blade dagger inserted into the leg on the scabbard. "I said tree eldest brother, we sit down and talk about how to? There is no bear a deep grudge against sb., so you cut me to see you, too hurt feelings!" If said Nangong smile, then was cross-legged sit down. See the immediate roots not withdraw meaning, if Nangong had to crustily skin of head to say: "the tree elder brother, you are here too lonely, very not easy to a so talkative me, maybe we can become the friendship between old and young people? Hey, don't be shy!" Speech, hand to the slowly toward his outstretched roots touch. "Pa!" The giant pine demon had made an exception x ì ng action, one arm thick thin rhizomes lightning Lun, hard pumping in Nangong from the back of the hand. Damn it. Nangong if suddenly was spanked, although a burning pain, heart is joy bloom, there's a chance! At the same time the hearts, not the giant pine demon is a female, why like beauty shy in general? The painful side rubbing the back of the hand,Jordan Spizike Shoes, a smile: "the tree elder sister,cheap jordan shoes, you see you fight the fight, was also frightened, winding are wrapped around, sh... Uh... SH è sh è, that should >

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