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unless he turn Superman antworten

> Chapter 3: Big Bang! Seeking monthly, recommendations votes, Click, you infantry, heavy cavalry, archers, soared shè the bar. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm ...... silver robot finished supplement energy leaves morning ride large forces rushed to the Baoshan District, not long gone, they saw far a highway, in the following, piled dense mass The zombie worms cháo, are caught in a deep sleep, and occasionally insects wake will be crawling around. Ye Chen looked at, then frowned, this the zombie worms inside cháo the number around 300,000, almost near a gathering place for all zombie worms per head only two or three-pole power, but kill them, but also the need to consume very much time, but also into a sea worm, one after another in a large number of insects, exhaustion. Ye Chen Shen yín, then figure a move, jump to near a building, looked down, the insects cháo force fundus jinshu income, I saw insects gather in the middle part of the most dense, there are about fourteen hundred and fifty thousand, piled together, people to see scalp tingling, if xiǎo the heart into into it, even if it is leaf morning constitution, it is difficult to get out, unless you turn Superman state, be possible to escape. Ye Chen eyes flash, Rune open space, a metal plate from the inside out, it is from the ruins of the nuclear light Ray, his underground passage in mind: "Do not know a nuclear light-Ray, killed number of strange insects nuclear light mine explosion time is set to three seconds, and to a more recent places from the highway, such as a gecko climbing on the walls of the building. "In my arm strength, the distance of 700 meters, three seconds should be lost in the past." Leaf morning made me Ancun, then climb up the side of a window, smash the windows. "Roar ...... one wearing the white sè professional service, the systemic blood-stained nv, grim faces, hair disheveled, his mouth and hands stained with blood, rushed over. Ye Chen did not expect that there is also a zombie, heart little xiǎo surprised, but his state of mind, soon calm down readily to move a piece of glass fragments, to head zombie nv sub shuffled around. Call out debris like a knife, cut inside from the bridge of the nose, cut crack these nv sub-head, it is the body of a stiff, they stopped, soft body fell down. Ye Chen gaze swept away, see a messy room, ground residual blood bones of the body, he slightly frowned, immediately sitting on the window sill, spotted direction, eyes narrowed, the power of the body in the arm on, press the button, and suddenly a throw. Call nuclear light-Ray soared shè down, the speed is fast like a bullet, all of a sudden they fall into the zombie worms cháo, head of stacked body of the zombie worms throughout, deep inside. Cold morning eyes, "explosion" H a very loud explosion, thunder and earth, strong white ball nuclear light Ray was a round, away to the edges, such as bulldozers, countless woke up zombie worms have a chance to resist, he was white ball wrapped inside flings. Rumbling ~ ~ ~ the white ball such as Lit rì, as diffusion, countless insects screaming white devoid of, and even above the highway, begins to break, the ball of light of the rapid expansion of the scope to several kilometers in diameter large attracted the ground roaring loud noise, like a ten earthquake, even the leaf morning sitting Building walls are trembling slightly, on the wall of glass windows burst open in the wind of. Ye Chen eat surprised, I did not expect such a big power of the nuclear light Ray, I saw next to the ball of light, roll up the whistling winds, the the zombie insect stump off the bones of the body blows, and flew around, one of only insects sharp xiǎotuǐ such as cone rushing through the glass, behind the cement wall punched a big hole, we can see how violent the roll-up side of the ball of light winds. A sharp whiz the insects tuǐ hit, Ye Chen quickly grabbed, this sharp insects tuǐ the speed than the ordinary pistol bullets twice as fast, even if it is 20 of the constitution, meteorite life. Ye Chen palm catch insects tuǐ, pneumatic form of a spiral, the insects tuǐ the breath of life intake over. Lose the breath of life, the smooth carapace insects tuǐ quickly became bleak and rough. At this time, the countless stump broken bones of the body such as the thousand arrows volley to this building nearest building shè to, building this side of the glass windows were all broken, the wreckage through the wall, extremely lethal terror, in some rooms If the zombie bad luck, will be the breakdown of the body. After a moment, the energy of the ball of light gradually weakened, Ye Chen looked down, eye pupil slightly reduced, I saw emerge in the that nuclear light mine explosion, a diameter of a few kilometers of the pit, in that range The insects, exclusively as fly ash, even around the many insects, also suffered heavy losses, from a nuclear explosion the wind blowing scattered luàn open to. "Well?" Ye Chen frowned,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, he saw the injured insects, the body begins a rapid variation, some strange insects broke a tuǐ in that tuǐ part suddenly grow a more stout strange tuǐ of this accelerate the transformation of their viral speed the nuclear spoke shè of nuclear light Ray, have carried the mutation. Ye Chen eyes flash, he does not worry too much, looked at a number of bugs remaining, there are still about 20 million, even a nuclear light-Ray bombers kill nearly 100,Nike Jordan 7 Shoes,000 zombie insect leaf morning shadow of a move to not far from a building to jump to a few ups and downs, they came to the xiǎo black and silver robot stops to keep the place, he turned on the blood-toothed tiger's back, quickly said: "offensive" "" silver mechanical lift pace, take the lead in the red, I saw on a street lined with Building. Opposite the large cháo sea worm, from the end of the street under the freeway rushes over, regardless of the way the car or sleeping in the street zombie, have been The sea worm trampling on the foot, the car was crushed, sleeping zombie stepped head burst. "Creak" sound boggling, such as sea làng, whistling over, because the the nuclear light Ray sake, resulting in these insects are caught in a riot, a pupil of the eye Zhaoyan instinct to The four-week run. "Kill" leaf morning indifference Road. The Silver Robot wrists open, sticking out of the barrel of a bucket, light gathering, the shaped time as long as the second, they made shè out, an Argent beam, H into the sea of ​​insects, these mutated insects constitution from three pole, up to seven or eight, but in the eyes of the silver robot, and there is no difference, a move spike "on an order of a state of war" growled silver mechanical population, the ground under the feet cracking down,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK, he will pick up metal sword behind, ten meters long metal sword looks extremely shocking, the sword strokes rolled up the Kuangmeng wind, strange insects are blown away rewind. The silver robot mouth xiōng shell open, there is a row of bullets, as he flew forward, these bullets soared shè the, swept into the sea of ​​worms, the countless insects were spike. "You have on." Ye Chen commanded: "the rest of the monster eradication." Black xiǎo Resentment said: "It is so sturdy, one is enough, we control the monster mostly 10-20 , not much stronger than these insects. "Ye Chen frowned. black xiǎo shocked to know that this time not take a joke, sad, and said: "I know, you Zhou Papi" Then, they hurried the rest of the black snail insects, along with the silver behind the robot rushed past. Ye Chen figure jumped from the blood-toothed tiger jumped back, looking at the silver and sea worm war mechanical hearts of those who of some ròu pain, this war trouble, do not know how much energy consumption, but for these variations insects , and only put up with. Strong silver robot, every move can cause enormous destructive power, these insects can not close, they kill into the slag, even if the energy depletion unable to move, trapped in a sea of ​​insects, strange insects constitution, can not break open the defense of the silver robot, its damage. Ye Chenjing static wait-and-see, and did not rush to war, actually he did not change much, unless he turn Superman mode. Not long after, xiǎo black, will lead the rest of the black snail insect has come back, I saw the body toothed tiger blood xiǎo the black cào controlled, scarred, many streaked with blood, hair bleak máo, all folds in with the rest of the monsters have also so very miserable. Ye Chen skip to blood-toothed tiger body sitting, patted it on the back, did not say anything, began to move quietly wait and see, At this time, the silver mechanical soldiers had rushed into the insects cháo, mass killings, 15 meters large body casually move, there will be hundreds of head of strange insects spike into the slag. "I hope it is before the insect eradication, energy is not exhausted." And Ye Chen silently Road. 10 minutes later, the silver mechanical soldiers retreat back on the streets at the moment, have piled up as a mountain of dead insects strange, black sè blood flow all over the floor, such as human Shura field, hundreds of thousands of insects strange, actually died in the the silver mechanical soldiers strangling per second will kill two hundred strange insects, like straw harvest quickly. "How much energy?" Ye Chen looked back to the silver mechanical soldiers asked quickly. The silver mechanical soldiers said: "there are 32.4" Ye Chen smile soon, just ten minutes, even consumed nearly 70,000 libraries energy, this is just to open the first order of a state of war, this thing is simply burn, but this can be considered value for money. He got jumped out of the blood-toothed tiger back, rushed to the group of insects accumulation of body, eating barefoot, stepped on the blood on the ground slimy, quite creamy. Come to these insects before the strange corpse, Ye Chen quickly began the intake of the breath of life, the uplifting of his mind, so many dead insects, do not know can be pneumatic increased the number of order with the palm of your hand stretched out, pneumatic formed in the palm a spiral, from those on the body to float the breath of life, have gathered to his palm over the intake into the body. Ye Chen eyes light up, feeling the body of the air force suddenly swelling up, to be promoted. <

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