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Two clean sweep carved antworten

> Ye Chen figure of a move, they rushed to the side of the mutant ants in the hands of the fire ax a tricky track pixia, Kanxiang the head variation ants rest a few claws. www. quANBen. COM Zheng! "the Fengrui ax in leaf morning terror vigorously under the split on that a few slender black claw, but as cut in reinforced friction burst of sparks. The ax, should have failed to cut off the claws of this variation ants, just cut a shallow traces. Ye Chen heart exclaimed loudly, is indeed the last days late super-powerful monster, the defense is really tough! Ye Chen did not stop the ax continuous split to go, as long as that a black sè shell crushed fresh pink meat inside is no defense, you can easily cut off. The head variation ants close-up suffered a gas explosion of the altar, the body fragments of the altar of gas cut black and blue, the mind is in a state of vertigo, just instinctively struggling on the ground. Ye Chen series split a dozen ax ax ax handle to withstand fracture, then only your hands to drop about a minute, this variation ants several legs cut off. Subsequently, Ye Chen variation of the ant's head is fixed on the ground, took a few minutes, smashed its mouth and a pair of pliers, this assured down, grabbed it, turned and left the room. Out of the door leaf morning with a variation of ants back to the room, it was on the ground, and then find a gas altar, into a deserted room, shining jars gas, the last thing opened jar mouth for the variant installed inside the ant. Ordinary wooden box, this variation ants gently earn, it will tear the wood in front of it as fragile as White ... "the head variation ants can not kill, or in vivo gene rigid, can not be extracted. Ye Chen heart pondered, "Now the only thing to do is to find a research institute, the use of tools inside the ant in vivo gene extracted and then injected into my body!" Ye Chen went to the room, this hotel since with the computer turned on, view network state of no connection, since the end of the world, a global communications have lost the connection, not only the network can not be connected, and even telephone. However, Ye Chen prepared as early as the beginning of the end of the world, he expected this case, so the purchase of a map of China, as well as detailed maps of all regions. A few dollars cheap maps, play a role in the last days, as much as pistols and other high-powered weapons! Ye Chen opened a map of the city, the view for a while, and finally found here a distance of seven kilometers, a sign of an Institute. Ye Chen could not help frowned. Seven kilometers ...... a short time, say long not long in the past, take a bus passed, but now, outside monster run amok, and countless zombie, seven kilometers on the road, do not know how many dangerous ambush, even if it is him to go alone, nor 30% of the grasp of the safe arrival of the tall Institute. Go or not ... For a time, Ye Chen came up with the trace of hesitation. If he is a man, he will definitely desperate to go to that Institute, because at this time, when the weakest monsters and zombies, next month, three months, monsters and zombies will be more ...... if we did not go to the Institute of the future did not even chance. But now at his side, as well as sister bamboo leaves, if he was killed, sister helpless ...... kind of alone the tragic rì child, Ye Chen comprehend, so he would not sister leaf bamboo also experienced once. In his thinking, close to noon, the door is opened, bamboo leaves and a white dragon were to go back,jordan online sale, saw one leaves morning on the living room sofa, to see him without a hint of joy to the eyes of bamboo leaves, quickly go In the past, hee hee laughs: "In thinking about?" Ye Chen looked up. I saw the familiar cheek map in the front ... so playful smile ... a strong and gentle, rising from leaf morning heart, he removed a space, let her sit down, silent child, looked at her, slowly: "I am going to go to a very dangerous place!" leaf bamboo suddenly hesitated, a smile on his face gradually disappeared, eyebrows Weicu, she knew has always been calm, allowing leaf morning so dignified, that place must be really dangerous! She was silent for a moment, only whispered: "Where?" Leaf morning staring at her look, after a moment, slowly: "to leave the hotel, go to a research institute, the Institute is seven kilometers away from here." leaf bamboo white teeth nibble lips quite a while, astringent channel: "can not go?" Ye Chen shook his head slowly, this simple action a bit heavy. Only gene soldiers, considered in the last days have the ability to protect themselves, or at any time suffered extinction. Bamboo leaves clenched his fists, suddenly looked up and looked directly at him, and said: "I want to go with you!" "No!" Ye Chen flatly refused. Bamboo leaves staring in his eyes, said: "If you have a life-threatening, I will never live alone, even if you will stay in a hotel, I would do it secretly behind you." Ye Chen could not help smile, This result is almost he had expected, only two of the road in front of him. First, go to the Institute! Second, with the sister leaf bamboo to go! Ye Chen know, sister bamboo leaves stubborn, once a decision is made, it is difficult to change. Moreover, Ye Chen also know that if he was dead, then the development of the next end of the world, I will not speak of volcanic era, even the ice age, if not the guidance of his sister alone is very difficult to live. "Well!" After a long time, Ye Chen Qingtu tone, said: "Then go together." Leaf bamboo staring him a moment to see him not flicker, before performances smile, said: "That's right, later go, do not leave me, to give birth together students, die die together! "leaf morning warm the hearts and rubbed her little head. "You have to go?" At this time, next to the White Dragon aimed at the timing, interrupted asked. Ye Chen turned around and looked at him, nodded, and said: "You can not go, you now force, where you can live well, if it has such opportunities, such as the case of the army, you can leave with them the Bailong frowned and said: "Where are you going?" the Ye Chenping static: "a very dangerous place to go, my strength, only 30% of the grasp can survive!" White Dragon silence it. Three percent sure. This probability is too low, basically tantamount die. ...... Dinnertime when everyone silently thinking about their own thing, night without it. The next day. Early in the morning, the curtains were opened, and the sunshine into the room. Ye Chen useful things to pack up their weapons fire ax, another melon Zhenduan half, as the dagger inserted in camouflage pant leg side, then take a small bag of candy, packed in a backpack. He is not with gasoline bottles, because the size of the mineral water bottles of gasoline, although killing zombies, but for 30, whereas the monster, but not much effect, but because of the explosion, disturb nearby monsters, attracting more much trouble. Everything is ready, the sister leaf bamboo do a hearty breakfast meal, so left the hotel, it is no longer difficult to eat so tasty and fresh food. Two clean sweep carved up. "White Dragon?" Leaf bamboo looked around, did not see the shadow of the White Dragon. Leaf Chen indifference: "it is estimated that it was still asleep, you are ready to depart the bamboo leaves looked Malone's bedroom, thrown a trace of disappointment in the eyes, and turned to go pick up a bit. Have to say, women and men, in bamboo leaves backpack, carrying mostly a change of clothes ...... Ye Chen see some silent, and finally help her to reduce the number of put a little candy inside, a candy calories, almost comparable to a bowl of rice. "Come on!" Ye Chen opened the door. Looked back at the house, suddenly felt empty sort of cold. Two yù out, suddenly the bedroom door open, White Dragon a camouflage underwear, holding the hands of Liangbing melon back, laden with to a black sè burden, smiled and said: "Come on!" Leaf bamboo hesitated, "What are you?" White Dragon laugh and looked at her, and said: "Like I have so much sense of justice, how can make you a weak woman, followed by a cold-blooded ruthless plus three perverted people around it? natural to keep up with to protect you! "Poor excuse!" leaf bamboo hearts so I thought, could not help laughing. Ye Chen indifference said: "You said what?" Amnesia, what did you just say? "Monster on the road, when the dead do not blame I did not warn." Rest assured, as I so generous and selfless dedication, promising young love,Coach Handbags, do not blame you. "" Well, after the important task to carry the blame on to you. "" Fuck you scare me! "casual,Nike Air Jordan 5, or do not go." "Kotake you see no, this cold-blooded ruthless metamorphosis good!" you content with it, he just did not want you to kill yourself now go in vain, "he would be so kind?" ...... book during Recommended votes, collectibles, click is extremely important! ! Keep books children's shoes, the machine have to refuel drop! ! ! <

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