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21.05.2013 08:51
and taught several sets of J ī ng wonderful antworten

Now the five flag, already not was two years ago five flag can compare, gold Hangqi ten thousand warriors, now already all entered the realm of some cities, the high quality of the strong, and even have reached a day class state. Wood line flag mounts also replaced all the level two and level three monster, this is small from the monster forest drive and, after a period of running, and now can and warrior J ī ng wonderful. Toxic water line flag, after careful study, Rainmaker dragon, now better, and the fire line flag firearms, in the road less crazy assiduously, also produced many more powerful fire. The flag of the stealth technique also reached a peak, fight come and go like a shadow, elusive. Especially for Johnson and Dan Johnson two old guys, and taught several sets of J ī ng wonderful work, makes the individual fighting the whole five flag soar. In the one thousand stage, the realm of the master, into the five line flag team, also be startled at. They are also a master, thought that a dynamic world five flag, although compared to the ordinary soldiers, extremely powerful, but for their master, does not fear. However, until reached five flag team, they Lin, five flag is not their imagination in so simple. Especially the interaction between a team that horrible monster cavalry and those holding the spirit of tough fighters, twenty of a group of people, the siege,Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, Huang level master was Campbell resist down. More than that, there are those who come and go like a shadow of the firearm and the make one's hair stand on end of venom,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, is to let the emperor class master is fear. Those holding the firearm and venom fighter and very cunning, just at the level of master advantage, ready to kill, a poison, or a zhentianlei shock sh è. So they had to flee from the Dodge, shrink with cold, extremely bad, a strength is also play out of less than six, it is gradually suppressed down! Glanced around the battlefield at a glance, soil line flag soldiers is not used, the situation has begun to stabilize, this battle is hit some. "This group of bastard, I worry about them!" Nangong from a smile, for the five row's tough fighting, he was surprised at the same time, is also very happy. Moreover, even five line flag occupied inferior,Purses Coach Online, he also had one final killer no use! Eyes immediately look to five respect level seven rank strong chariots, five flag battle has begun, their fight, but just to. "I did not expect, the army is there such a fighting force, Nangong if, I look down upon you!" The old man eyes flashing, slightly open road. Nangong if sneered: "this young master hero Oh, is it you could hear the mice? Get off my back, we also go, the young master have to get home to hug wife sleeping!" Speech, was the first shot, single holding against gun grips, a violent shaking, the gun tip was unreal, the whole fate of gun burst drone. The gun tip turned out numerous gun shadow, forming a giant lotus flower, lotus with five petals, each flower >

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