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21.05.2013 08:45
not believe Kenshin brother opponent antworten

If the Nangong heart secretly on three elders of the eighteen generations of ancestors greeted a times, if not exercise, he will not be so. This state of strong,Air Jordan UK, although hard, but he is not a vegetarian, if desperate to escape it, he decided to stop myself. Immediately toward Zhuge Tianyuan and flowers with tears is tiny to make a s è, two people immediately knowing, as if to fly to Nangong to spend with tears don't hospital! Nangong if left, Kenshin eyes flashed a urgent, immediately toward the two Princess Island Long diplomatic: "two elders, is it right? Now we can start!" Kenshin fear Nangong if so cure flowers with tears,Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, and even if they are able to win the championship, it did not have the chance to close to the flowers with tears, but draw water with a bamboo basket. "Well, you each packet, look for rival competition! The final winner, will have the opportunity to tie the knot with joan!" White elders immediately waved road. "The elders, we consider not Han and sword door opponent, so the exit test! But the five spirits, we go back, will ask the division, after all, is to treat of disease, we are duty-bound!" Lu Qing and the Zen is not like ugly and Nangong if, at once to see one eye, Baoquan said toward three elders on. On three elders light glanced at the two people's one eye, immediately calm way: "you can exit the competition!" Two people immediately heart in a pleased, immediately have Baoquan thanked! Sima snow was Lo Kenshin one eye, immediately said: "just now with Nangong if than bucket, the disciple was seriously injured, so it is not suitable for participating in the competition,Air Jordan 14, I quit too!" "You can't.!" On three elders sharp eyes, as if to penetrate the heart, he let Sima snow heart with no reason one Zhan, a heart in my heart. Almost all eyes are on the three elders fall on the body, eyes flashing eyes, jump a thinking, analysis on three elders. Kenshin and Han Fang et al is mindful of lightning, but thinking, also do not want to understand the three elders on exactly why promised Lu Qing and the blue sea of Zen, but don't let go of Sima. "This... On the three elders... To disciple dull, please also need three elders answered!" Sima snow was brimming with rage, to embrace a boxing way. On three elders seemed to feel in the speech errors, eye tiny tiny one Zhi, immediately smiled: "the relationship between Y ī n world and the rest of our eight fairy door is not very well, but now R ì, we will not have any unfairness of Y ī n world, so I agree with Lu Qing and the Zen's exit, but Sima snow, you are different, you and I also Gulang island island with four overseas Island, four islands are now overseas have quit, you are the only one representative, if out of the four islands, we wouldn't be laughed at?" Although some farfetched explanation on the three elders, but also barely just passable, let Sima snow face s è is also slightly better some. "Then I quit! In four cases, have kept the door, I'm Kang: not believe Kenshin brother opponent, so I quit, and Y ī n the world only two master, just also province said we bully them! >

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